29th September 2004 Archive

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  • Job Opportunity: Sales Executive

    Join the team...

    The Company 29 Sep 07:32

  • Job Opportunity: Account Manager

    Work for El Reg...

    The Company 29 Sep 07:40

  • Tories mock PM for broadband pledge

    Don't ya just love politics

    Broadband 29 Sep 09:12

  • EC wrong on Worldcom / Sprint deal

    Court spanks Monti

    Financial News 29 Sep 09:17

  • RIP the online exchange

    Long live the trading grid

    Financial News 29 Sep 09:32

  • Cendant offers $1bn for Orbitz

    Travel mergers takeoff...

    Financial News 29 Sep 10:16

  • Brit IT pros pessimistic on spending

    But optimists are more optimistic...

    CIO 29 Sep 10:35

  • BT doubles DSL speeds for business

    Residential upgrade looms

    Small Biz 29 Sep 10:36

  • Linux, the pirate's friend, says Gartner

    Or has it changed its mind about that?

    Operating Systems 29 Sep 10:37

  • PalmSource unveils Cobalt OS

    Phone-friendly for fast Wi-Fi data

    Mobile 29 Sep 10:42

  • Ha, ha you're infected

    New Bagle worm poses as 'joke' message

    Security 29 Sep 11:01

  • BlueGene sneaks past Earth Simulator

    Supercomputer chart officially out of date

    Servers 29 Sep 11:50

  • UK policeman arrested over phone tap claims

    Watching the Detectives

    Security 29 Sep 12:32

  • BCS offers members proof of professionalism

    Training tool

    CIO 29 Sep 12:41

  • Yahoo! now! sucks! - official

    Feeds at speed

    Developer 29 Sep 13:21

  • UK gov pilots passenger tracking in fight against terror

    Project Semaphore

    Media 29 Sep 13:29

  • SpaceShipOne bids for X-Prize

    First competition flight a success despite 'anomalies'

    Science 29 Sep 13:30

  • Toshiba to punch out 0.85in HDDs by year-end

    iPod Micro, anyone?

    Storage 29 Sep 13:53

  • Intel ships 3.33GHz Mobile P4

    Halfway to 6.66GHz...

    System Builder 29 Sep 14:06

  • S3 ramps GammaChrome 3D production

    In retail cards in Q4, company claims

    System Builder 29 Sep 14:21

  • Blair's Britain vies with US in ID snoop wars

    The CAPPS fits, Blunkett's wearing it

    Media 29 Sep 14:32

  • Seagate seeks system builder support for 100GB notebook drive

    Ideal for barebone laptops, apparently

    System Builder 29 Sep 14:38

  • IT professionals urged to swot up on new Sexual Offences rules

    Conditional defence

    CIO 29 Sep 14:47

  • ABIT intros video card overclock tool

    Plus ATI X300, X600-based boards

    System Builder 29 Sep 15:06

  • CA to shed 800 workers

    $70m a year savings

    Software 29 Sep 15:10

  • 3G chiefs choose AAC for mobile music delivery

    High Efficiency codec recommended to network, content providers

    Mobile 29 Sep 15:54

  • Chinese IT student jailed for running XXX site

    Porn crackdown continues

    Media 29 Sep 16:48

  • US phishing losses hit $500m

    The ones that didn't get away

    Media 29 Sep 16:51

  • Sun does Opteron can-can for French bank

    Oh la la

    Servers 29 Sep 16:52

  • Biometric gear to be deployed in hospitals and GPs' surgeries

    Early sighting of ID scheme budget-laundering

    Media 29 Sep 17:11