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Claranet buys VIA NET.WORKS UK

Claranet has snapped up the UK business of VIA NET.WORKS, Inc. for £7.3m ($13.2m), in yet another round of consolidation in the UK ISP sector. The deal comes a year or so after Claranet snaffled up Netscalibur UK.
Tim Richardson, 28 Sep 2004

Nuke watchdog issues cybergeddon alert

The United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency warned Friday of growing concern about cyber attacks against nuclear facilities.
Kevin Poulsen, 28 Sep 2004

PalmOne to launch 'big RAM' Tungsten next week

PalmOne is set to cut the prices of its current PDA line-up next month as it gears up for the Holiday sales period and the release of its latest Tungsten handheld, The Register has learned.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004

Progress pockets Persistence

It is not often that I get a genuine scoop, but I got a briefing today on Progress Software's acquisition of Persistence, even before the guys on Wall Street.
Philip Howard, 28 Sep 2004
DVD it in many colours

The end of the internet is nigh

BT's Graham Whitehead has told the Irish Internet Association's Congress that the internet is dying, but that the future for broadband and networked technology is bright.
ElectricNews.net, 28 Sep 2004

Freescale to launch 90nm PowerPC G4 today

Motorola's erstwhile chip division, Freescale, is expected to launch its latest G4-class processor, the MPC7448, today at its Smart Networks Developer Forum, being held this week in Frankfurt.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004

EC 'supports special interests of rivals' - Microsoft

Microsoft will argue that the market for media players is much more varied than the European Commission claims when the two meet in court at the end of the week. It says that "much of the evidence that the Commission presents on this issue [of media players]" in its anti-trust ruling against the company is wrong, the FT reports.
John Oates, 28 Sep 2004

Ofcom provokes unbundling battle

The unbundling wars started in earnest in the UK this week, after months of pressure from regulator Ofcom to encourage companies to invest in unbundling the local loop.
Faultline, 28 Sep 2004

Pregnant mobile user arrested for talking too loudly

A pregnant woman was knocked to the ground, handcuffed and arrested at a Washington DC metro station for the crime of talking too loudly on her mobile phone.
John Oates, 28 Sep 2004
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IDC ups '04 PC sales forecast

World+dog will buy 176.5m PCs this year, market watcher IDC said yesterday, in the process raising its forecast for this year's annual growth figure from 13.5 per cent to 14.2 per cent.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004

Homechoice wakes up and smells the coffee

Tucked away in London, Homechoice can be considered the grandfather of television over a telco’s telephone line. Back in the early 1990s it created ideas like time shifted viewing, which it called “replay TV” long before anyone had ever heard the word TiVo. Even though after 8 years of offering VoD and IP TV services the company has managed to attract only just over 3,000 customers, by next year it believes it will blossom into a full triple play and begin the long journey out of its London roots to the rest of the UK, and probably a public quotation.
Faultline, 28 Sep 2004

Microsoft ends free Hotmail access from Outlook

Hotmail users who use Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express clients will now have to pay for the privilege. Users must sign up to either a Hotmail Plus account for $19.95 a year or an MSN Premium account, at $99.95 a year to continue accessing the service from their desktop client.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Sep 2004

Stinky socks get nanotech makeover

Consumers will soon see the benefits of nanotech research, as a Pennsylvania-based company plans to use the technology to create socks that resist l'odour du fromage.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2004

Labour fingered for cyber 'dirty tricks campaign'

The Labour Party has been accused of being behind a "desperate dirty tricks campaign" after it registered three domains bearing the name of Tory leader Michael Howard.
Tim Richardson, 28 Sep 2004

Michael Stipe demands ringtones for electric cars

REM frontman Michael Stipe has taken a refreshing break from the time-honoured rock star pastime of pontificating on world hunger and political injustice to address a far more pressing matter - how to avoid getting run over by electric cars.
Lester Haines, 28 Sep 2004

Infinium Phantom delayed

Infinium Labs has put back the release of its PC-based games console and accompanying broadband content delivery service.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004

NTL takes control of Virgin.net

Virgin.net is now fully under the control of NTL after the cableco snapped up the remaining 51 per cent of its joint venture ISP. Financial details were not disclosed.
Tim Richardson, 28 Sep 2004

Reg Readers hail NTL abusive message

LettersAn old skool-style hack caught all our attention this week: poor old NTL woke up on Monday to the news that someone had recorded over their standard customer service message with a less polite alternative. The message asked callers to "f**k off and leave us alone".
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2004

Terrorists grow fat on email scams

Organisations such as al-Qaeda, ETA en PKK are copying Nigerian scams to fund terrorism, two Dutch experts told Dutch daily De Telegraaf this week.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Sep 2004

ATI readies 'Radeon Xpress' Athlon 64 chipset

ATI will ship its first PCI Express chipsets next month, initially targeting AMD processors, followed by Intel-oriented versions in November.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004

Boffins boost DVD capacity tenfold

Scientists working at London's Imperial College have come up with a way of radically increasing the storage capacity of optical discs.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004

Orange network wobbles after planned upgrade

Orange has blamed a "minor fault" during a "planned upgrade to [its] network" last night for punters being unable to use the service this morning.
Tim Richardson, 28 Sep 2004

Xonix 256MB MP3 Watch

ReviewWhile an MP3 watch may seem like an obvious development in the wearable device market, examples to reach the UK's shores have been few, and far, between, writes Dan Leonard.
Pocket Lint, 28 Sep 2004

Microsoft offers cut-price cut-down Windows to Russians

Microsoft will start selling its cut-price, cut-down version of Windows in Russia from early next year. Windows XP Starter Edition goes on sale in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand next month.
John Oates, 28 Sep 2004

UK firm fined £30K for dodgy software

The Business Software Alliance has extracted £30,000 from Nationwide Accident Repairs Services Plc in an out of court settlement over the firm's lack of correct software licenses.
John Oates, 28 Sep 2004

10.48pm is best time to pull women: official

The whole of the UK has apparently been abuzz this week about AQA - the "any question answered" SMS service which delivers solutions to complex queries straight to your mobe.
Lester Haines, 28 Sep 2004

Amazon, Microsoft set legal dogs on phishers, spammers

Amazon and Microsoft have launched a new anti-spam offensive - filing several lawsuits against organisations they allege have spoofed the Amazon.com domain name in spamming and phishing operations.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2004

Sony Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1L digital music player

Reg reviewYou have to hand it to Sony. Having allowed Apple's iPod to take the lead in the hard drive-based portable digital music player market, the Japanese consumer electronics giant is battling hard to win it back. It's not pinning its hopes to one product but several. August saw the release of the NW-HD1 Network Walkman, and in October Sony will ship the Vaio-branded 20GB VGF-AP1. The Register took a look at a pre-production 40GB model, the VGF-AP1L.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2004
hands waving dollar bills in the air

GE Access changes name

General Electric's marketing bods have left no stone unturned in their search for "a new branding architecture". The upshot so far as GE Access, its Sun Micro distribution business, is concerned is a tweaked name.
Team Register, 28 Sep 2004
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Cost cuts bear fruit for Northamber

Northamber has turned in a healthy profit on the back of two years of cost trimming. The pan-UK distie expresses confidence for this year too, pointing to increased market share for its franchises, as well as better market conditions.
Drew Cullen, 28 Sep 2004

Get ready for biometrics at work

IT directors across Europe are bracing themselves for the introduction of biometric technology in the office. An Hitachi Data Systems' survey found that 65 per cent expect to see iris scanning and fingerprint recognition systems introduced in the near future. Nearly half, 44 per cent anticipating the technology being implemented within two years, and a very excitable five per cent expect deployment in the next six months.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2004

Lexar device puts passwords at your fingertips

The days of being forced to remember tens of password for various web sites and accounts may soon be behind us thanks to a new USB flash drive from Lexar Media that comes equipped with a biometric fingerprint sensor.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Sep 2004

Dell jumps on UK recycling bandwagon

Dell UK is helping business to recycle their IT equipment. The service is a response to the new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation, which is to be introduced in 2005.
Startups.co.uk, 28 Sep 2004

The CD is king

Sales of downloaded digital music in Europe will continue to grow steadily in the next five years, but will not replace the CD anytime soon.
ElectricNews.net, 28 Sep 2004

RIAA hunts for Leader of the Pack

Tens of thousands of performers have failed to claim their digital dues from the Recording Industry Ass. Of America's royalties agency, SoundExchange. If they don't get in touch by the end of the year, SoundExchange will keep the royalties that were owed to them between 1996 and 2000.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Sep 2004

Memo to Carly - HP customers need help!

LettersLast week, HP's Carly Fiorina moved to calm customer fears about product shipments. She promised a crowd of investors that HP's broken supply chain was all fixed. At the time, we asked the dear Register flock if this was indeed the case. The overwhelming response? Hell, no! (Identities withheld to protect the innocent.)
Ashlee Vance, 28 Sep 2004

Motorola sends 1,000 drones packing

Motorola plans to axe 1,000 workers across a number of business units, hoping to reduce costs as it refocuses on its wireless business.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Sep 2004

Red Hat hates money, which makes it better than Sun

LettersThe reaction to our story on the failings of Red Hat's Michael Tiemann's blog attack against Sun's President Jonathan Schwartz was as to be expected. In one corner, Linux zealots called us out for being Sun shills and the evil oppressors of all that is good - namely Richard Stallman. Across the ring, a new flock of Red Hat skeptics charged that Tiemann is foolishly assuming to speak for the open source community at large when he is actuallyl but a lone voice.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Sep 2004

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