24th September 2004 Archive

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  • Autumn offers at the Reg Mobile Shop

    Including the Nokia 6310i and HP iPAQ h5550

    Site News 24 08:54

  • Thus shares nosedive over gloomy forecast

    Tough trading conditions, predatory pricing blamed

    Financial News 24 09:39

  • IT bosses are storage addicts who can't stop themselves

    Storage buyers need help, not capacity

    Storage 24 09:40

  • EU software patents directive delayed - again

    Less action, more talk

    Developer 24 10:26

  • Busy month for JBoss

    Application server frenzy

    Developer 24 10:47

  • Ofcom intervenes in telephone 'slamming' row

    BT customer migration punch-up continues

    Broadband 24 10:48

  • Iomega waves goodbye to 145 staff

    Son of Clik costs dear

    Storage 24 11:27

  • Yachties get all-in-one DSL- wi-fi service

    Ahoy there

    Broadband 24 11:30

  • Invasion of the identity snatchers

    They're coming. Don't fall asleep

    Security 24 11:32

  • MS fires armour-piercing suit at 'bullet-proof' spam host

    We're comin' at ya!

    Security 24 11:47

  • Readers love mobiles in church; hate mobiles on planes

    More from the Reg postbag

    Letters 24 11:51

  • BOFH: What to do when the Boss gets touchy-feely

    Inappropriate behaviour

    BOFH 24 11:58

  • Missing galaxies puzzle scientists

    Where'd all the plasma come from?

    Science 24 13:46

  • Centrica buys Telco Global for £43m

    Gains 250k punters

    Broadband 24 13:59

  • Now we are 8 (and this token proves it)

    False sense of security for sprouts

    Security 24 14:02

  • MS tweaks volume licensing

    Some changes, and a new website

    Applications 24 15:05

  • Boffin hits it big with breast-enlarging ringtone

    Dial M for mammaries

    Bootnotes 24 15:06

  • EU to approve Oracle takeover - reports

    Nothing decided yet, says EU

    Applications 24 15:35

  • Jowell waves through BBC Technology sale

    'No legitimate reason' to block deal

    Management 24 16:21

  • Galaxies rent asunder in huge cosmic collision

    There goes the no-claims bonus

    Science 24 16:23

  • JPEG exploit toolkit spotted online

    DIY buffer overflow assault

    Security 24 16:32

  • Fiorina: HP's SAP disaster under control

    All's well that ends

    Servers 24 16:56

  • So what is it about Win2k security MS won't enhance?

    Expect clarification soonest

    Operating Systems 24 16:59

  • HP knifes Itanium, cans IA-64 workstations

    The boat that refuses to float loses star passenger

    Servers 24 19:22

  • Red Hat opens losing propaganda offensive against Sun

    Tiemann's diaper must be changed

    Software 24 21:39