23rd September 2004 Archive

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  • Senator calls for Patriot Act scale-back

    Terms of surveillance

    Security 23 08:45

  • Nominet wins UK domain scammers case in Australia

    Dodgy invoices

    Media 23 08:51

  • Six more months for Mars rovers

    Spirit and Opportunity ride again

    Science 23 09:53

  • Union lobbies Jowell over BBC Technology sell-off

    Decision imminent

    Management 23 10:11

  • UK gov awards £1m to bio-terror detector firm

    Nanotech firm develops synthetic antibodies

    Science 23 10:40

  • Music boss can't wait to sue British file sharers

    The thoughts of Chairman John

    Media 23 10:50

  • Internet junkies in chilling cold turkey experiment

    Two net-free weeks end in trauma

    Media 23 11:10

  • US credit card firm fights DDoS attack


    Security 23 11:13

  • Virus-obsessed firms ignore insider risk

    Security begins at home

    Security 23 11:18

  • Nokia touts content filter for mobiles

    Saving the world, one handset at a time

    Mobile 23 13:03

  • 14 knifed in Chinese cybercafe attack

    Men run amok

    Media 23 13:09

  • Sony to support MP3 - shock

    Bell tolls for ATRAC codec

    Personal 23 14:27

  • How the music biz can live forever, get even richer, and be loved

    A modest proposal

    Media 23 14:37

  • Em@iler drives Amstrad to increased profit

    Amserve turns the corner

    Financial News 23 14:47

  • Senegal seeks bridge across digital divide

    Technology to fight poverty

    Media 23 14:48

  • Virgin.net unveils 'Plan Two' broadband offer

    Return of the Plan

    Broadband 23 15:23

  • IBM and others blamed in E-rate scandal hearing

    Think of the children!

    Policy 23 18:01

  • CA's Kumar pleads not guilty to fraud

    House covers $5m bond

    Software 23 20:06

  • Nokia guns for PDA, home surveillance rivals

    Spooky accessory for the well-heeled Mum

    Mobile 23 20:10

  • Welsh billionaire backs broadband futures

    Sir Terry Matthews slams network hype

    Broadband 23 20:14

  • Sun carves off a few more UK, US workers

    Little here, little there

    Management 23 23:55