22nd September 2004 Archive

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  • 250 'jobs-from-India' earmarked for Belfast

    'Reverses the trend'

    Management 22 09:00

  • Bulldog blames 'admin error' for poor service

    Suspends sign-ups

    Broadband 22 09:02

  • FalconStor wants to WORM your disk arrays

    Those pesky worms get everywhere...

    Storage 22 09:10

  • Uncle Sam demands all air travel records

    'CAPPS Lite' to be tested. Volunteers not needed

    Security 22 09:13

  • Click here to become infected

    Opt-out button in spam used to run exploit

    Security 22 09:15

  • Mexican Catholics smite mobiles

    Jamming for Jesus

    Mobile 22 09:17

  • Namesco buys Simply.com

    Web host mergers

    Broadband 22 09:57

  • PeopleSoft goes a bundle on IBM

    'Most Significant Enterprise Applications Alliance in History,' it sez here...

    Applications 22 10:02

  • Germans develop bad breath-detecting mobe

    Mouth like a camel's armpit? Siemens can help

    Mobile 22 10:08

  • Voda plays Santa with 3G bonanza

    Handsets a-go-go for Xmas

    Mobile 22 11:36

  • NASA pumps $400m into nuclear space probe

    Fission-fuelled trip to Jupiter

    Science 22 11:59

  • AMD and IBM spread the love

    No divorce for happy fabbers

    Channel 22 12:07

  • Ofcom must answer broadband price hike charges - MP

    Communications regulator mute

    Broadband 22 12:22

  • Ireland bars South Pacific in rogue dialler crackdown

    I'm gonna wash that scam right out of my hair

    Media 22 12:37

  • Nintendo aims high with low-cost console

    Catching US Xmas shoppers

    Consoles 22 12:39

  • London boozers offer beer via SMS

    Get your round in - remotely

    Mobile 22 12:43

  • Google Germany wins Adwords trademark fight

    Paid-for-ads are legal

    Financial News 22 13:39

  • Women, and the future of IT

    Professor Wendy Hall talks to The Reg

    Science 22 13:43

  • UK stumps up £1.1m for cash-strapped nuke watchdog

    IT system facing meltdown

    Policy 22 13:50

  • Get a PALight Workman for just £9

    Budget LED torch with no compromise on quality

    Site News 22 14:27

  • Fly.be rapped for 'harass Swiss ref' email ad

    Budget airline's 'offensive' marketing campaign

    Security 22 14:43

  • BT cuts LLU costs

    And unbundles LLU czar

    Broadband 22 15:17

  • JVC launches digital media camera

    Stills and movies, but no Mac support

    Personal 22 15:18

  • Public sector snaps up IT pros

    Jobs galore

    Management 22 15:18

  • P-cube goes hunting for zombie PCs

    Night of the living spam

    Security 22 15:19

  • Former Freeserve duo dial in to VoIP

    Forget 'free', it's Callserve

    Broadband 22 15:58

  • Broken oxygen generator threatens space station

    No air, no spacemen

    Science 22 16:01

  • McSoftware pirate jailed for nine months

    Counterfeit Adobe and MS software

    Channel 22 19:52

  • Former CA chief Kumar indicted as firm coughs up $225m

    Could face 100 years behind bars

    Software 22 21:05

  • Former CA boss Kumar charged with fraud, obstructing justice

    CA pays $225m to shareholders

    Financial News 22 21:12