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Enterprise surge boosts Red Hat's Q2

Red Hat's enterprise operating system business carried it to a banner second quarter, as revenue surged.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2004

Radiant Networks flogged

The administrators of Radiant Networks Plc, the small UK mesh wireless networking pioneer which went bust last December, have sold the business. The new owner is LamTech Limited, a Cambridgeshire-based technology business and the R&D arm of Project SkyMinder Ltd. Financial details were not released.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Tape drives are fast enough, says Quantum

Quantum is to stop chasing extra performance for its tape drives and concentrate on capacity instead. Its latest roadmap proposes a native 10TB per cartridge by 2009, but could see it move away from the DLT platform too.
Bryan Betts, 21 Sep 2004

HP summarizes blade strategy with new marketing term

Looking to revitalize its blade server line, HP has rolled out new services and software to complement the compact systems.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2004

ISPA rejects calls to strip Bulldog of award

Bulldog will not be stripped of its "Best Consumer Broadband ISP 2004" title, regardless of how many people sign an online petition complaining about the provider.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2004

Adobe beats the Street

Adobe posted good results for the third quarter ended 3 September 2004, beating expectations, and predicts an even better fourth quarter.
John Oates, 21 Sep 2004

ATI unveils mid-range Radeon X700

ATI today launched its much-anticipated RV410 chip, to be sold as the Radeon X700, the company's mainstream part pitched against arch-rival Nvidia's GeForce 6600 series.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2004

PalmOne pockets a profit

PalmOne has pleased Wall Street with a set of results for the first quarter of fiscal 2005 ended 27 August 2004.
John Oates, 21 Sep 2004

NTL joins unbundling bandwagon

NTL, the UK cable operator, is to spend up to £65m on installing its kit in BT exchanges to provide telecoms services direct to customers. It has its eye on up to 300 BT exchnages in a move that would mean it could provide its services to around 10m homes in the UK. The "last mile" investment is expected to take two years to complete, although 50 exchanges could be up and running by the end of March 2005.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2004

EFF asks US court to ditch vague patents

Anti-software patent campaigners in the US have taken their fight to the courts. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Public Knowledge and the Consumers Union have joined forces to file a "friend of the court" brief with the US Court of Appeals asking for ambiguous patents to be declared invalid.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Sep 2004

Google builds a browser

Google is spending some of the cash it raised from its IPO on headhunting staff to build a web browser. Staff have already been poached from Microsoft and Sun.
John Oates, 21 Sep 2004

Adobe beta tests Acrobat Reader 7.0

Adobe has released a new beta version of its Acrobat Reader, the program to view the universal file format PDF. Acrobat Reader 7.0 - not publicly available yet - is likely to appear with a major update of the Acrobat document management software, dubbed "Acrobat X", by the end of the year.
Jan Libbenga, 21 Sep 2004

Home Office stacking the decks in ID scheme pilot?

Call us suspicious-minded, but we feel sure that at some point in the very near future the UK Home Office will announce that the biometric identity system pilot scheme currently running has been a success, and that the response from participants has been positive. This might seem a remarkable achievement, under the circumstances, considering that there have been numerous reports of technical glitches and an underwhelming response to the pilot, but The Register has received indications that the Home Office has taken the precaution of loading the dice.
John Lettice, 21 Sep 2004

Guardian takes a bath on Workthing

Guardian Media Group has sold its recruitment website Workthing for £6m to the hotgroup PLC.
John Oates, 21 Sep 2004

Hospital suspends ten staff for 'net abuse'

Ten members of staff at a UK hospital have been suspended amid allegations that they used the net for shopping and holidays instead of working.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2004

WLANs go feral in corporate undergrowth

Frustrated employees are taking IT into their own hands by installing DIY Wi-Fi access points (APs) in their offices while their IT departments don’t even notice, according to Gartner. A rogue access point can leave an organisation’s network wide open and once on the network, an unauthorised user could go undetected.
Stephen West, 21 Sep 2004

Methane on Mars: aliens - or farts in a jacuzzi?

New analyses of the Martian atmosphere hints at the possibility of life, deep below the planet's surface, according to the European Space Agency (ESA).
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Sep 2004

Boeing and IBM team up for defence

Big Blue is teaming up with Boeing to go after the defence and security market in the US. The two will work together on winning military and intelligence contracts.
John Oates, 21 Sep 2004

Merger creates world's biggest IT security services firm

IT security firms TruSecure and Betrusted are to merge in order to create the "biggest security services company in the world". Ubizen, Betrusted's mostly owned subsidiary, is also folding into the new company, which is to be called Cybertrust. Subject to regulatory approval the agreement is expected to finalise within the next 30 days.
John Leyden, 21 Sep 2004

Windows is the 'biggest beta test in history' - Gartner

Spending more on security doesn't necessarily make you more secure, Gartner warned yesterday.
John Leyden, 21 Sep 2004

Poor netiquette and jobs for net vandals

LettersUnsurprisingly, the big talking point this week is the news that the Sasser skiddie has gone and got himself a job. In the IT security business. Yes, indeed. You can probably guess what the opinion of the majority was on this one:
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Sep 2004


Planes will no longer be a haven from irritating ringtones with the arrival of cheaper ways to allow mobile phones to be used on aircraft.
John Oates, 21 Sep 2004

Spooky Reg powers zap MS Linux hit man's gig

The Register has many strange and wonderful powers, but even we are ever so slightly surprised to learn we can make Microsoft functions disappear without thinking about them, or even knowing of their existence. A mere mention, apparently, makes the Dark Lord DOSferatu* shrink back and wither, as if caught in the pure light of dawn.
John Lettice, 21 Sep 2004
DVD it in many colours

IBM and HP take shots at Sun

Never shy about disrupting a rival's product launch, IBM and HP took their swipes at Sun Microsystems just as the vendor kicked off an event on Wall Street.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2004

RSA cosies up to AOL as VeriSign enters token market

The hardware authentication market is hotting up with VeriSign entering the market. Also announced today is a deal between market leader RSA Security and AOL that extends the technology for the first time.to consumer internet access.
John Leyden, 21 Sep 2004

Sun does dancing bear act for Wall Street

Sun Microsystems went to Wall Street today, hoping to convince prized financial services customers that it still matters, has speedy kit on the way and offers unique pricing.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2004
DVD it in many colours

Cisco, NetApp and EMC focus in on storage software

Storage DecisionsBeing the competent vendors that they are, Cisco, Network Appliance and EMC all made good use of the Storage Decisions conference being held here this week and rolled out new gear.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Sep 2004

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