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UK police arrest Cisco source code suspect

UK police have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing source code from networking giant Cisco. The 20 year-old was arrested following Metropolitan Police Computer Crime Unit raids in Manchester and Derbyshire on 3 September. He was questioned on suspicion of offences against the UK's Computer Misuse Act in connection with the May theft of Cisco source and released pending further police enquiries.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2004

C&W to throw £85m at LLU

Cable & Wireless is to plough £55m-£85m into local loop unbundling (LLU) over the next couple of years as it ramps up its investment in broadband. It is to unbundle up to 400 exchanges in the second half of 2005 as it targets around a third of BT's exchanges.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2004

Sloppy emailing is bad for business

Email, often thought of as ultimate business tool, can actually slow decisions and be bad for business according to a new survey. The problem lies in a lack of email etiquette, a psychologist says.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Sep 2004

Oracle v. Peoplesoft: the joke is on...

OpinionI thought it was a joke when Oracle first announced that it was going to try to buy PeopleSoft; or, at best, a spoiling tactic over PeopleSoft's acquisition of JD Edwards. It turns out that I was wrong. I was also wrong to suppose that the anti-trust case brought by the US Department of Justice would be upheld - unless the DoJ appeals or the EU does something about it then it now looks very much as if this hostile takeover may go ahead.
Philip Howard, 20 Sep 2004

Nokia exits ringtones

Nokia has bowed out of the ringtone market following poor sales from its Club Nokia website. Its exit should also smooth relationships with mobile network operators which think that their hardware providers should not try to sell content to their customers..
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Sep 2004

Hynix guilty of accounting fraud

Hynix is bracing itself for fines, and worse, after Korean regulators found it guilty of a $1.75bn accounting fraud.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

BT trials video-on-demand

BT is trialling TV-cum-video-on-demand over broadband. It is hooking up with Freeview, the UK's digital TV service which provides up to 30 free digital TV channels and more than 20 digital radio station. The "BT Freeview Plus" service will enable punters to watch these channels and to pay for video-on-demand content by using their broadband connection.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2004

Microsoft opens up Office - to governments

Microsoft is opening up the source code for its Office suite of products, but only for governments.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

'Warez lawyer' had double agenda - claim

More details have emerged on the arrest of a German lawyer and three businessmen who masterminded an international warez network and grossed €1m.
Jan Libbenga, 20 Sep 2004

AMD goes mobile at 90nm with Athlon 3000+

AMD today launched its latest mobile processor, the Athlon 64 3000+, the first new processor manufactured on its 90nm process. You'll be surprised to hear that it goes faster than its immediate predecessor, without drawing more power.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Sep 2004

EC names IST prizewinners

The European Commission has announced the winners of the 2004 Information Society Technology prizes. Each winner is invited to exhibit their product at this November's IST 2004, where the three winners of the Grand Prizes - worth €200,000 - will be announced.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Sep 2004

Peoplesoft staff get golden goodbye

PeopleSoft staff will get bigger and better severance packages in a move the company insists is to reward people for work put in, not an attempt to stop people jumping ship in the future. The deal would likely increase the cost of any takeover by Oracle.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

Trouble in Paradise

BDO Stoy Hayward has been appointed administrator of Paradise Computers. As revealed by El Reg last week the firm got into difficulties following a dispute with HP over trademark infringement and grey importing. In August HP issued a £2.2m High Court writ against the reseller, it has promised to take tougher action over grey imports in the UK.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

Your Communications seeks buyer

United Utilities - the FTSE 100 energy and water outfit - has reacted coolly to a weekend report that it is seeking a buyer for its B2B telco Your Communications. The Sunday Telegraph reports that Ernst & Young has been hired for the sale after United Utilities ruled out floating the company.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2004

Rise of the Botnets

The first half of 2004 saw a huge increase in zombie PCs. Also called bots, their average numbers monitored by security firm Symantec rose between January and June from under 2,000 to more than 30,000 per day - peaking at 75,000 on one day.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2004

IBM talks up US pensions with ornery old-timers

IBM is in talks which could resolve the case brought by 140,000 older pension holders in the US who believe they were discriminated against by changes made to the company pension scheme in the 1999.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

IT vendors lose that loving feeling

IT buyers have little love or loyalty for the IT brands they purchase.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

HP spends $1.3bn on its own shares

Ink giant HP has spent $1.3bn on buying its own shares. The accelerated share repurchase scheme was carried out through Merrill Lynch - in effect HP buys the shares now and the investment bank buys them from the open market over the next few months.
John Oates, 20 Sep 2004

ESA tests microgravity with orbiting pail of water

After Beagle II went missing on Mars, the European Space Agency could be forgiven for scaling down its ambitions. But, no. For its next trick, the ESA is sending a bucket of water into orbit in the beautifully named Sloshsat-FLEVO mission. (FLEVO stands for Facility for Liquid Experimentation and Verification in Orbit.)
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Sep 2004

Reg road tests the Wi-Fi pub

The battle-hardened hacks at El Reg need little encouragement to partake of a foaming pint of ale, so it was with much cheering that we recently reported on Kent brewer Shepherd Neame's decision to kit out some of its hostelries with Wi-Fi hotspots.
Lester Haines, 20 Sep 2004

Sasser author gets IT security job

Sven Jaschan, self-confessed creator of the destructive NetSky and Sasser worms, has been hired by German security company Securepoint. He's been offered work as a trainee software developer working on security products, such as firewalls, even though he may go to prison for creating one of the most destructive computer viruses to date. Jaschan was charged this month with computer sabotage. No trial date has been set.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2004

Microsoft launches mini-attack on data back-up market

Storage DecisionsMicrosoft's storage ambitions are expanding with the vendor today announcing plans to release new data backup software.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Sep 2004

VMware creates PC software condom

Not satisfied with its prominent position on servers and workstations, VMware has charged the desktop with a new software package that creates "containers" of applications that can be centrally managed by an administrator.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Sep 2004

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