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CA upgrades BrightStor line with gusto

Computer Associates is not messing around with its storage management software line. The company this month will upgrade all 13 versions of the BrightStor family, release a new product aimed at automating some storage management processes and show new pricing models for its code.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Sep 2004

EC waves through HP Synstar deal

BriefThe European Commission has approved HP's proposed takeover of Synstar, the UK-owned computer maintenance-to-disaster recovery group.
Drew Cullen, 14 Sep 2004

GPRS prices drop 40%

The cost of transferring data over a GPRS network has fallen by 40 per cent in Western Europe between May 2003 and August 2004. Strategy Analytics, a consultancy firm, checked the cost of moving 10Mb of data and found that prices are still too expensive for many customers.
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

Freedom of Information means grief for small biz

Changes to UK information laws will cause big problems for small and medium businesses. The Freedom of Information Act comes into force in January 2005, and will give people access to public sector decisions, and also information held by companies which work with such institutions.
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

MS Virtual Server hits the streets

Microsoft has launched its virtualisation software - Virtual Server 2005 - which lets you run different versions of an operating system on one processor within a server.
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

Apple vs Apple: 'mind boggling' pay-out imminent - report

Apple Corp. and Apple Comp. - aka the Beatles and the maker of the Mac - are reported to be on the verge of ending their legal dispute over the latter's right to operate in the music market.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

Compel trims losses

Compel's outlook is better than it has been "for several years. Two acquisitions, Syscap and Sysao have improved the IT services firm's position in short term IT rentals.
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

Myopic Congress lacks spyware focus

AnalysisForget Congress' myopic efforts to outlaw spyware. What we really need is better enforcement of existing computer crime laws, says SecurityFocus columnist Mark D. Rasch.
Mark Rasch, 14 Sep 2004

Sony unveils Wi-Fi multimedia Clié

Sony will next week ship its most impressive Clié PDA yet. The PEG-VZ90 multimedia handheld features not only a slick sliding control panel, but Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and a stunning 3.8in 480 x 320 OLED screen.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

ABIT debuts holo ID stickers for mobos

Mobo maker ABIT is to stamp credit card-style holographic ID stickers on its products, the company said today, in a bid to end unauthorised, 'grey' imports of its motherboards.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

Pace wows with pay TV PVR

One of the most exciting developments at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam at the weekend must have been UK set-top box maker Pace, bringing out what it believed was the world’s first handheld personal video recorder for pay TV.
Faultline, 14 Sep 2004

Speech recognition 'on a chip' in three years

The US National Science Foundation has awarded a $1m grant to researchers in the US who want to put speech recognition on a chip, a move the project's proponents claim will revolutionise the way we communicate.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Sep 2004

Virus writers add network sniffer to worm

Virus writers have grafted a network sniffer into the latest variant of the SDBot worm series.
John Leyden, 14 Sep 2004

MFI gets caught in SAP trap

Furniture retailer MFI has ditched two board members after serious problems with its SAP inventory system forced it to make a profit warning .
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

Germans broadcast news in Klingon

Those readers thinking of making their way to this year's Munich Oktoberfest to enjoy a bit a light stein-sucking are warned that the 2004 beer beano may a livelier affair than usual.
Lester Haines, 14 Sep 2004

Sony Vaio music, photo player to ship next month

Sony will ship its Vaio-branded portable music player in Europe next month, three months after the unit's Japanese debut, the consumer electronics giant said today.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

Stalling net must dump TCP/IP and overlords

A report that looks at why adoption of the internet is stalling worldwide has concluded that major changes are needed. New governance and new protocols must be introduced, or else the net's best days will be behind it.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Sep 2004

Tiscali chops off Swiss arm

ISP Tiscali is selling its Swiss subsidiary to Smart Telecom SA, a Swiss internet service provider. The deal should close within seven days and Smart Telecom is paying €5.3m for the company.
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

Sony revamps Vaio notebooks

Sony today revamped its entire Vaio notebook line-up with a range of models aimed at consumer and businesses, highly mobile users and those looking for desktop replacements.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

Nokia overcomes SD Card phobia

Nokia will shun Secure Digital (SD) cards no longer, the company said today. It's joining the SD manufacturers' association and has vowed to support the flash media format in future products.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Sep 2004

ATI syncs audio, video with Theater 550 chip

ATI today unveiled its latest video processing chip, the Theater 550 Pro, touting the part as a 'PVR on a chip'.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

Novell reaffirms open source strategy

Novell is putting open source and identity management centre stage at its European user conference this week. The networking firm announced that Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES), which includes Novell's NetWare and SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 operating systems, as well as integrated management tools, will be available from early November. The upcoming release reaffirms Novell's strategy of supporting both NetWare and Linux in future enterprise software releases.
John Leyden, 14 Sep 2004

Oz mod-chip seller to take Sony to High Court

Australian PlayStation 2 mod-chip supplier Eddy Stevens is taking Sony to court in a bid to reverse an appeal court decision made last year which backs the consumer electronics giant's claim that such chips infringe copyright law.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

Reg readers sabotage their Windows boxes

We now know first-hand why, say, an electric hand mixer needs a warning label advising users to switch it off before licking icing from the beaters.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Sep 2004

Yahoo! snaps up Musicmatch

Yahoo! is to buy digital music company Musicmatch for $160m in cash, the two companies said today, to springboard the portal's own entry into the emerging online music business.
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2004

UK IT heads have the outsourcing blues

A survey of British chief information officers reveals that 40 per cent are dissatisfied with their outsourcing projects and 11 per cent were "completely disillusioned" with their projects.
John Oates, 14 Sep 2004

UK gov seeks safer web for kids

Home Office minister Paul Goggins said today that he wants to make Britain the safest place for kids to be, online and offline, and announced a new campaign to promote online child safety.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Sep 2004

Utah grounds low-flying Santa

Xmas 2004 looks like being a grim affair for Salt Lake City's kids after the city's airport board decided to revoke an exemption which allows Santa Claus to fly below 2,000 feet over the city on Christmas Eve, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 14 Sep 2004

Sun downsizes revenue results

Sun Microsystems' latest regulatory filing revealed a wealth of information, including a revenue reduction, concerns about open-sourcing Solaris and an update on its court case with Kodak over Java.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Sep 2004
graph up

German MS counterfeiters sent to jail

A German software pirate has been handed a three-year jail sentence for copyright infringement and selling counterfeit MS software after a trial lasting 18 weeks.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Sep 2004

Symantec labels China censor-busting software as Trojan

Symantec has labelled a program that enables Chinese surfers to view blocked websites as a Trojan Horse. Upshot? Users of Norton Anti-Virus cannot access Freegate, a popular program which circumvents government blocks, the FT reports.
John Leyden, 14 Sep 2004

IBM and LG endure post South Korea scandal breakup

IBM and LG Electronics are going their separate ways in South Korea, dissolving an eight-year pact around PC manufacturing and sales.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Sep 2004

Storage vendors capitalize on their own software hype

Storage vendors have spent years trying to convince customers about the merits of storage resource management (SRM) software. And now it looks like the brainwashing is finally starting to product some dividends.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Sep 2004

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