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Coming soon: the eight-hour notebook battery

IDF Fall '04New battery technologies have the potential to take notebook battery life beyond five hours, ultimately reaching eight hours of charge by 2010.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Sep 2004

Oracle wins US antitrust suit

Oracle scored a stunning victory yesterday, when a federal judge ruled that its hostile bid for Peoplesoft was not anti-competitive. In a 164-page ruling, District Judge Vaughn Walker rejected the "narrow market" definition of the enterprise software market used by the DoJ and supported by most of the software industry, in its decision.
Drew Cullen, 10 Sep 2004

Vodafone launches Wi-Fi Pocket PC

First T-Mobile, then O2 and now mobile phone network Vodafone has signed up to offer the same keyboard-equipped Wi-Fi Pocket PC.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

Slowing H2 chip sales to hit 2005's growth - report

Market watcher iSuppli last night cut its forecast for 2005's global chip sales growth citing a slowdown in H2 2004 growth.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

5,000 Swansea workers to vote on IT strike

Five thousand council workers are to balloted on industrial action next week in support of 100 IT workers striking against plans to privatise their department.
Tim Richardson, 10 Sep 2004

Cisco snaffles network monitoring firm

Cisco yesterday announced a deal to buy network monitoring firm NetSolve for $11 per share or approximately $128m. The acquisition of NetSolve, which is subject to stockholder and regulatory approvals, is expected to close in Cisco's Q2 '05. NetSolve which was founded in 1987, went public in 1999 and has 292 employees will join Cisco's Customer Advocacy Group post acquisition.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2004

Daleks invade Blackpool

Let's face it, galactic übervillains the Daleks are not noted for their charity work. They have not to our knowledge distributed teddies and balloons in the wards of Great Ormond Street hospital, nor have they ever done a bungee jump in aid of leukaemia research.
Lester Haines, 10 Sep 2004

BT broadband crash toll rises to 10,000

Some 10,000 people were hit by BT's "systems failure" on Monday delaying orders for people hooking up to broadband.
Tim Richardson, 10 Sep 2004

Canon Japan disses entire UK gypsy IT sector

Following hot on the heels of our recent piece on the the Atacama "Whore" computer - a classic example of unfortunate product branding - we are today obliged to reader Oli Maxwell, who forwarded us "another fine example of a cross culture mishap a new product from Canon Japan":
Lester Haines, 10 Sep 2004

Computers make you sick: official

A monitor manufacturer has just discovered what most of us have known all along: that computers make you sick and we're all going to end up blind and crippled as a result of excessive keyboard pounding, irishnews.com reports.
Lester Haines, 10 Sep 2004

EDS to cull workforce

IT services giant EDS is to take an axe to its workforce with up to 20,000 workers likely to lose their jobs over the next two years. EDS chief executive Michael Jordan said yesterday that between 15,000 to 20,000 people "will go out" as part of EDS' drive to reduce its costs by 20 per cent or $3bn. That means around one in seven of EDS' global workforce of 138,000 face the chop in addition to 5,000 redundancies the firm has made over the past year.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2004

Athlon 64 PCI-E chipset here by end of year 'for sure'

The first PCI Express chipset supporting AMD's Athlon 64 processor line will have surfaced by the end of the year, an industry source situated not a million miles away from the integrated chipset business told us today.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

ATI unwraps All-in-Wonder X800 XT

ATI this week unveiled the Radeon X800-based All-in-Wonder X800 XT, its latest top-end multimedia card.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

Steve Jobs - Apple renaissance man

AnalysisApple clearly missed Steve Jobs desperately from the point that he left Apple in the 1980s to the point when he returned in 1997, fully taking the reins in 2000 when he dropped the "Interim" from his "Interim CEO" title. Apple floundered in his absence and continued to flounder for a while after his return. Fixing what was broken took quite a while and it probably isn't all fixed yet.
Robin Bloor, 10 Sep 2004

Orange to ship Wi-Fi Pocket 'in October'

UpdateMobile phone network Orange is preparing to launch its second-generation wireless Pocket PC, the M2000, and, according to web reports, the device will be based on - yes, you've guessed it - the same HTC PDA that's the basis for T-Mobile's MDA III, O2's XDA IIs and Vodafone's VPA III.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

Nominet UK founder bows out

Dr Willie Black - the founder of the central registry for all internet domain names ending in .uk - is to stand down as chairman of Nominet UK.
Tim Richardson, 10 Sep 2004

Video game gals get kit off for Playboy

Well, it had to happen. Playboy magazine's October issue features four "anatomically correct" video games "hotties" as nature - or at least Hugh Hefner - intended.
Lester Haines, 10 Sep 2004

Linux poised for move from data centre to desktop - report

A report published this week says that Linux is now a credible alternative for the core of the data centre, and will be one at the client end within two years. These are perhaps not what you'd call revolutionary conclusions, but Butler Group's Linux in the Enterprise (further information here) is a fairly detailed and comprehensive survey of the state of art from a business perspective, and should be pretty useful reading for executives looking for background while they consider taking the plunge.
John Lettice, 10 Sep 2004

Transmeta ships 90nm Efficeon

Transmeta has begun shipping its 90nm x86-compatible processor, the Efficeon TM8800, the chipmaker said today. It demo'd the part earlier this summer.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

Skype launches Pocket PC software

Peer-to-peer IP telephony startup Skype yesterday released a version of its software designed for mobile devices running Microsoft's PocketPC operating system.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2004

Willie Black resigns as Nominet chairman

Dr Willie Black has resigned as the chairman of UK domain registry Nominet, citing the need for new challenges now that the company has settled after nine years of extraordinary growth. He wil leave on 8 December.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Sep 2004

Amazon and M&S keep schtum on ecommerce deal

Amazon UK has declined to comment on a report that it is to handle the ecommerce operation for high street giant Marks & Spencer.
Tim Richardson, 10 Sep 2004

Gizmondo UK debut set for 29 October

UK-designed handheld games console Gizmondo will be formally launched on 29 October, the maker's parent company, Tiger Telematics, announced today.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2004

IDF Fall 2004 Complete Coverage

Our complete coverage from this autumn's Forum in San Francisco.
Team Register, 10 Sep 2004

eBay Hawaiian skull vendor on federal rap

A Californian man who allegedly sold what he claimed was the 200 year-old skull of a Hawaiian warrior on eBay has been charged with a federal crime that could see him jailed for up to five years if convicted. Jerry David Hasson, 55, of Huntington Beach, California, was charged on Wednesday with a single count of violating the Archaeological Resources Protection Act in connection with running one of the most bizarre auctions ever conducted online.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2004

Gizza job, virus writers ask AV industry

The unknown authors of the latest variant of the MyDoom email worm have embedded a hidden message inside their code, asking for a job in the anti-virus industry.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2004

Psion mourners see hope in shrunken Communicator

It's five years since Psion launched what proved to be its final consumer product, the Revo, and four years since the company abandoned the consumer market altogether.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Sep 2004

Chicago looks to ogle its own with snoop network

Much of the beautiful Chicago architecture will soon be tarnished by unsightly surveillance cameras, if the city's major gets his way.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Sep 2004

Apple lovers start attack against Cornell's Napster trial

A small revolt has broken out at Cornell University over the school's use of the Napster music subscription service.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Sep 2004

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