8th September 2004 Archive

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  • Intel admits Itanium pains, plots server future

    Welcome Whitefield

    Servers 08 03:13

  • Intel goes public with WiMAX plans

    Sampling silicon right now

    Broadband 08 03:17

  • The digital home cometh, says Intel

    They really mean it this time

    Peripherals 08 03:35

  • Sun to bring Opteron, Linux to telcos

    New Netra aimed at HP

    Servers 08 08:36

  • Apple fans apathetic about apathy

    Bland as hell and happy to take it

    Letters 08 08:41

  • California sues Diebold over e-voting snafu

    Demands new President, new Governor...

    Policy 08 08:45

  • MS smart phones gain in-car nav kit

    CoPilot Symbian edition on cards

    Mobile 08 09:19

  • Philips' athletic MP3 player hits the track

    Monitors performance to the sound of Chariots of Fire

    Mobile 08 09:34

  • Watchdog mauls internet directory for bogus invoices

    Dodgy mailing

    Small Biz 08 09:40

  • Nokia slims down 'the brick'

    Communicator on crash diet

    Mobile 08 09:53

  • Qinetiq bags robot maker

    UK spooks buy US spooks

    Science 08 10:24

  • Lexmark recalls 40,000 laser printers

    Lexmark-made IBM and Dell kit affected

    Peripherals 08 10:31

  • RIM 7100t to 'charm' mobile phone fans

    Blackberry squeezed into handset form-factor

    Mobile 08 10:56

  • Having kids makes you thick: official

    Shocking tabloid revelations rock parents

    Bootnotes 08 11:02

  • Grid computing gets EC backing

    It'll make us all rich

    Data Networking 08 11:12

  • Hundreds of Bulldog users without broadband - again

    Sorry, says Best Consumer Broadband ISP

    Broadband 08 11:15

  • Intel nabs Samsung branding chief

    Eric 'Digitall' Kim to revamp 'digital planet' chip company

    Management 08 11:21

  • Dixons upbeat on trading

    Well-placed for 'year of progress'

    The Channel 08 11:22

  • Tiscali disses Pipex broadband claims

    Size matters

    Broadband 08 11:53

  • Brits develop streetwalking PC

    Stick it on your desk and get on the job

    Bootnotes 08 11:56

  • 1394 group approves UWB 'Firewireless' tech

    Firewire over the air

    Peripherals 08 11:59

  • 419ers launch online educational facility

    Welcome to the University of Nigeria

    Bootnotes 08 12:19

  • Red Hat ups security for Enterprise Linux 3

    And teams up with Unisys

    Operating Systems 08 12:34

  • Woolworths to take on Apple iTunes store

    Windows-only music shop to launch for Xmas

    Financial News 08 13:06

  • iTunes Japan hits 'inadequate DRM' hurdle

    Local labels unhappy with potential pricing, too

    Media 08 13:37

  • Email inboxes get respite from smut

    'Inappropriate' attachments decline

    Management 08 13:50

  • UK corporate governance bill to cost millions

    IT upgrades all round

    Management 08 13:59

  • Interview with the pornogami Grand Master

    Zen and the art of paper-based sex

    Bootnotes 08 14:12

  • Wi-Fi Alliance unveils media streaming quality tech

    WMM to 'kick start' wireless consumer electronics

    Broadband 08 14:24

  • Europe wants its own SAN demo labs

    Hey, we can do technology too, says SNIA

    Storage 08 15:02

  • 1,000 workers rally behind Swansea IT strikers

    Council claims union 'holding people of Swansea to ransom'

    Management 08 15:53

  • McAfee to eradicate app assassin bug

    ISPWizard reloaded

    Security 08 16:30

  • Feds go for hypothetical defence in airline ID case

    Rule might or might not exist. But then it'd be secret

    Media 08 16:34

  • Cadence poaches another Intel server staffer

    Malhotra rejoins St. Fister

    Servers 08 18:38

  • Sasser kid charged with computer sabotage

    The worm hole widens

    Security 08 18:46

  • Register accused of publishing lies!

    A small, but perfectly formed, flame

    Letters 08 18:52

  • Nokia walks tightrope with Metrowerks acquisition

    Beefs up Symbian tools

    Mobile 08 19:23

  • Intel looks to fend off AMD with new 2006 chipset

    Blackford confirmed

    Servers 08 20:08

  • Intel talks dual Pentium Ms

    Codenames a-go-go

    System Builder 08 20:38

  • HP gears up for Opteron server binge

    Xeon tested

    Servers 08 22:55