6th September 2004 Archive

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  • Pornsters face life in China smut crackdown

    'Severe punishment' for online miscreants

    Media 06 Sep 09:02

  • Top British boffin is a muppet

    Spock beaten into second place

    Science 06 Sep 09:19

  • Ericsson ditches Bluetooth

    Fragmentation and US indifference

    Mobile 06 Sep 09:20

  • Moto, Proview LCD TV pact 'in doubt'

    Quality dispute

    Channel 06 Sep 09:36

  • O2 denies 'overcharging' phone users

    Legal spat with OpenAir gets nasty

    Mobile 06 Sep 10:11

  • UK gov urges science to engage with public

    And stumps up £1.2m to encourage dialogue

    Science 06 Sep 10:13

  • Technology credited with cutting retail theft

    First ever fall in European losses

    Security 06 Sep 10:18

  • Apple's Jobs 'offered iTunes team-up deal to Sony'

    Rejection was Sony's loss, not Apple's

    Media 06 Sep 10:22

  • Caller ID spoofing service for sale

    Can't stand the heat, please buy my kitchen

    Security 06 Sep 10:28

  • Nevada nuke test fallout turns up in Hertfordshire

    Soil legacy of 1950s blasts

    Science 06 Sep 10:41

  • Handset makers tout Wi-Fi, GSM roaming spec

    Putative standard for VoIP phones

    Mobile 06 Sep 11:10

  • Ofcom sets out stall on VoIP

    Deploys new VoIP prefix, then steps back

    Broadband 06 Sep 11:22

  • Suspected GPS stalker cuffed

    Kept close tabs on ex-girlfriend

    Media 06 Sep 11:27

  • Iomart swallows Easyspace for £10.5m

    Web biz expansion

    Financial News 06 Sep 11:30

  • Cisco resellers get incentive rebates

    Money for pre-sales work

    The Channel 06 Sep 11:35

  • Swede snared in UK snowmobile parking blitz

    £90 fine for offence in Warwick, in June

    Bootnotes 06 Sep 11:38

  • Samsung shows 'world's first' hard drive phone

    1.5GB handset for the price of two 8GB iPods

    Mobile 06 Sep 11:42

  • Apple 'signs second iPod supplier'

    Asustek joins Inventec

    Mac Channel 06 Sep 12:15

  • UK 'nation of computer buffs'

    Broadband growth soars

    Media 06 Sep 12:52

  • OSS torpedoed: Royal Navy will run on Windows for Warships

    Combat management contractor opts for Win2k as base OS

    Operating Systems 06 Sep 13:15

  • Aussie crossbow target saved by mobile phone

    Heroic mobe takes bolt during assault by drug dealer

    Mobile 06 Sep 13:51

  • Million more in ADSL reach

    BT extends broadband today

    Broadband 06 Sep 13:57

  • Nvidia 6800 Ultra head-to-head

    Leadtek vs AOpen

    Reviews 06 Sep 14:37

  • Pregnant employees treated like dirt

    Congratulations - you're fired

    CIO 06 Sep 14:45

  • Investors fret about IT security

    More honoured in the breach

    Security 06 Sep 15:12

  • 60 real ale pubs to get Wi-Fi

    Cheers to Shepherd Neame

    Broadband 06 Sep 15:26

  • Top security graduates offered bursaries

    Whizzkids click here for (ISC)2 cash

    Security 06 Sep 16:51