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Stunt choppers to retrieve Genesis probe

Hollywood stunt pilots have been drafted in to help scientists catch the Genesis probe, when it returns from its mission to collect a sample of the Sun.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Sep 2004

Plea deal in 'war spamming' prosecution

A Los Angeles man accused of using other people's Wi-Fi networks to send thousands of unsolicited adult-themed emails has entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors in a case filed under the criminal provisions of the federal CAN SPAM Act, officials confirmed Friday.
Kevin Poulsen, 04 Sep 2004

eBay domain hijacker arrested

Police in Germany have arrested a 19 year-old from Helmstedt for hijacking the site of eBay Germany about a week ago. Visitors to eBay Germany were redirected to a site hosted by internet provider Intergenia AG. Initially, phishers were suspected of the domain hijack.
Jan Libbenga, 04 Sep 2004

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