2nd September 2004 Archive

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  • Philly goes Wi-Fi crazy

    Let them eat broadband

    Broadband 02 07:45

  • Cisco dominates declining router market

    Security, VoIP are big drivers

    Data Networking 02 07:57

  • Appeals court slams garage door DMCA claim

    Open and shut case

    Media 02 07:58

  • Microsoft listens to the music

    Download service to be iPod smasher?

    Financial News 02 08:00

  • Logica ups profits on falling revenues

    German jobs to go...

    Financial News 02 08:26

  • Slack users blamed for virus longevity

    Update a-no-no

    Security 02 08:27

  • MS Portable Media Centers to ship mid-Sept

    Creative Zen PMC arrives in US, coming to UK

    Mobile 02 08:56

  • Merger mania continues for Sage resellers

    BDE picks up Object Group

    The Channel 02 09:19

  • Amazing Inova X-5 at 25% off

    The Mother of all Torches at a bargain price

    Site News 02 10:10

  • Irish take cover under Bluetooth umbrella

    I'm surfing in the rain...

    Mobile 02 10:18

  • Madge gets funding

    Token Ring king looking for new markets

    Data Networking 02 10:20

  • Grocery shopping online getting better

    Not for Sainsbury's, though

    Financial News 02 10:23

  • Nokia steadies in booming phone market

    620 million phones this year

    Mobile 02 10:26

  • Critical Kerberos bugs surface

    Action stations

    Security 02 10:31

  • WinXP SP2 = security placebo?

    Feature richness defeats commonsense

    Security 02 10:48

  • Horizon bounces back

    Sun reseller claims market share gains

    The Channel 02 11:56

  • Racing scandal hinges on Betfair records

    Traditional bookies unimpressed

    Financial News 02 12:00

  • Easynet to wire up Surrey schools for broadband

    'puter ate me homework, Miss

    Broadband 02 12:04

  • XP SP2 glitches to trip up one in 10 upgrades - report

    SMEs hardest hit by compatibility bugs

    Applications 02 12:16

  • Blunkett pilot to track offenders via satellite

    Pilot scheme for tagged ne'er-do-wells

    Security 02 12:34

  • Shopping without tears: a parents' guide

    Waitrose's QuickCheck scanner a real time-saver

    Data Networking 02 12:57

  • HP sues reseller for $8.6m

    Wants its discounts back

    The Channel 02 13:11

  • Napster unveils portable music service

    Janus DRM'd for personal stereos

    Media 02 13:35

  • Wi-Fi group updates security system

    WPA 2 takes in tougher encryption tech

    Broadband 02 14:07

  • BT faces whopping fines over Wanadoo complaint (maybe)

    Who knows? Do you? Really?

    Broadband 02 14:27

  • Oracle fraud suit returns from the dead

    Insider trading claims

    Financial News 02 14:40

  • Blanket Wi-Fi smothers Amsterdam

    European hotspot capital

    Broadband 02 14:44

  • Nokia ships 1m N-Gage consoles

    Some way off original forecasts

    Consoles 02 14:48

  • IT skills ain't what they used to be

    Think of the kids...

    Management 02 15:12

  • SETI has not found ET: official

    Move along, nothing to see here

    Science 02 15:34

  • MessageLabs taps Brightmail in war on spam

    Rage against the junk mail tsunami

    Security 02 15:55

  • Archos ships video, audio, gaming handheld

    Mobile game console market becoming crowded

    Consoles 02 16:10

  • Orange UK launches corporate push-to-talk

    SME and consumer offerings later this year

    Mobile 02 16:32

  • 3am Labs feels the love with free remote access tool

    ET VPN home

    Applications 02 17:15

  • Blunkett's satellite tagging: the tripe behind the hype

    Home Office redefines statistical invalidity

    Media 02 17:24

  • Oracle's first monthly patch batch fails to placate critics

    Behind MS on security, says top bug hunter

    Security 02 17:40

  • Intel disappoints investors with lowered Q3 outlook

    Chip and flash sales fall

    Financial News 02 21:19

  • Apple faithful's apathy to blame for Napsterized schools

    Impotent with iPod pride

    Media 02 23:19