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Samsung phones to double as wallets

Samsung mobile phones look set to double as m-wallets as the mobile phone manufacturer signs a Near Field Communication chip deal with Philips.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Sep 2004

PDA security still dismal

Worker apathy about PDA security is putting corporate data in jeopardy. The storage of the names and addresses of corporate customers on PDAs is now common - but security practices are struggling to keep up with technology usage. Two thirds of users do not use any kind of encryption to protect confidential data on mobile devices, according to a survey commissioned by Pointsec Mobile Technologies and Infosecurity Europe.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2004

Botched migration hits Bulldog users

Bulldog is in the doghouse after leaving customers without broadband access over the last couple of days. The matter appears to have been made worse still after the company bungled a migration of customers onto a new server.
Tim Richardson, 01 Sep 2004

Frontbridge buys archiving firm MessageRite

In brief:Email security firm FrontBridge is beefing up its email and instant messaging technology through the acquisition of archiving firm MessageRite for an undisclosed sum.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2004

Brits bet on gravity wave discovery

The Great British Public is so sure that scientists will discover gravity waves within the next six years that Ladbrokes, the bookies, has had to slash the odds it is prepared to offer anyone wanting to bet on it.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Sep 2004

Phishers suspected of eBay Germany domain hijack

eBay Germany and German domain registry organisation DeNIC are to investigate a partly successful domain hijacking scam that remained unnoticed for at least a couple of hours.
Jan Libbenga, 01 Sep 2004

eBay ups Korean stake

In briefeBay is spending $325m to increase its stake in South Korean online trading company Internet Auction. The purchases from institutional investors will see eBay increase its stake in Internet Auction from 62 per cent to 86 per cent.
John Oates, 01 Sep 2004

Neuros to open source MP3 player blueprints

Neuros Audio, the company behind the Neuros II "digital audio computer", has released the source code that underlies the hard drive-based music player's firmware to the open source community and has pledged to open up the device's hardware schematics later this month.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2004

Intel Q3 sales to barely meet guidance - report

When Intel updates its Q3 financial performance tomorrow, it will revise its revenue forecast toward the bottom end of the range it announced in July.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2004

Mobo prices fall ahead of Grantsdale cuts

Taiwanese mobo makers have reduced what they charge for i915P and i915G-based boards, lending credence to claims that Intel will next month cut the price of its mainstream desktop chipsets.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2004

Creative unveils iPod Mini-coloured MuVo2 update

If you can't beat 'em, copy 'em. Creative Technology today began selling an updated version of its MuVo2 hard drive-based music player in five alternative colours reminiscent of Apple's iPod Mini.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2004

BT cuts landline to mobe charges, again

BT is cutting charges for calls made from residential landlines to mobile phones. The "CallMobile" package, which costs £1.50 a month is available from today, 1 September.
John Oates, 01 Sep 2004

Blu-ray group mandates Microsoft codec for BD-ROM

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BRDA) has selected Microsoft's VC-9 video codec for future BD-ROM content, the organisation said today.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2004

Ofcom gives BT its right to reply

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has given BT a chance to respond to allegations to that its residential broadband pricing breaks the Competition Act.
John Oates, 01 Sep 2004

New Bagle worm drops in and downloads

A new Bagle dropper and downloader, Bagle-AQ, was bulk mailed to numerous internet users yesterday. The malware arrives in email with subject and email body "foto" and attachment called foto.zip that poses as a file containing photographs.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2004

UK gov extends mobe procurement deal

The UK government is extending its procurement deal with Orange and Vodafone and claims half a million civil servants are already signed up to the scheme. Customers will get reduced line rental as part of the deal.
John Oates, 01 Sep 2004

Happy birthday, the internet

It was 35 years ago today that ARPANET, the military network widely regarded as the progenitor of the internet, was switched on.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Sep 2004

Apple taunts Napster, Real with iTunes affiliate program

Apple continues to make a mockery of the music downloading scene, kicking off a new program today that allows partners to earn money by hawking iTunes songs.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Sep 2004
Cat 5 cable

Sun sells 80m users worth of software to Deutsche Telekom

Sun Microsystems has nailed down what could be the largest federated management deal to date, signing up Deutsche Telekom for a multi-million dollar software package that covers more than 80m users.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Sep 2004

IBM and Intel open some blade server specs

Hoping to create a level of standardization in the blade server market, IBM and Intel plan to announce tomorrow that they have opened some up the specifications for their shared blade designs.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Sep 2004

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