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Intel to cut Prescott leakage by 75% at 65nm

Intel has pledged to reduce drastically leakage effects in its 65nm process, having punched out its first device containing over 500m transistors using the technology.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

Apple unveils iMac G5

UpdatedApple has launched the iMac G5.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

AMD to demo dual-core Opteron box

AMD will make the first public demonstration of a system built out of its dual-core processors today, the result of a strategy first made public almost a year ago.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

EMC fattens up around its NAS

EMC today fleshed out its network attached storage (NAS) product line with a pair of new midrange systems and support for the iSCSI protocol.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Aug 2004

Auditors take stock of NHS IT spend

The National Audit Office (NAO) said last week that it is investigating the multi-billion-pound NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT).
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2004

Screen Select and Video Island get spliced

It has taken just a year for the UK online DVD rental market to be launched, grow and consolidate and now two of the biggest proponents, Screen Select and Video Island have merged, creating a clear market leader.
Faultline, 31 Aug 2004

Hewlett-Packard: a wannabe Kodak?

AnalysisHewlett-Packard got off another round of digital media products this week, including the long awaited joint venture to supply Apple iPods branded as HP devices, with most of the new devices hitting stores all over the world during September. But listening in on the hoopla that made up the Hewlett megalaunch of yet more digital products (last year it launched 158 products in its first ever digital media slugfest), Faultline was struck by one thought – that even after a year in the market, the only digital media product from HP that we can name is one that comes from another company, the Apple iPod.
Faultline, 31 Aug 2004

PalmOne Tungsten 'T5' turns up on web

PalmOne's first Palm OS 6-based PDA will be called the Tungsten T5, not the T4, web reports have claimed this weekend.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

Sony licenses VIA tech for PSP

Sony has licensed VIA subsidiary S3 Graphics' S3TC texture compression algorithm for use in the PlayStation Portable (PSP), the two companies announced this week.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

Jet-powered wheelchair wows Brits

Given that Blighty is the home of ThrustSSC, the 406 mph Peugot and the Mach 0.3 milk float , it comes as no surprise that one intrepid pioneer has bolted a jet engine onto the back of his mother-in-law's wheelchair and fired himself down a runway at 60 mph.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2004

Vodafone wanted to buy Virgin Mobile before float

Vodafone may - or may not - have tried to buy Virgin Mobile at the beginning of the year. According to The Sunday Telegraph, Vodafone made an indicative bid of around £850m for the mobile business, just months before Richard Branson floated the outfit in July .
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2004

Novell reshuffles biz for Linux focus

Novell is reorganising its business to focus on two key areas - Linux and identity management.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2004

Intel preps 2MB L2 Pentium 4 6xx line?

Intel's plan to ship a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition with 2MB of in-core L2 cache - as opposed to 2MB of on-chip L3 cache - is to be followed up by a version pitched at mainstream desktops.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

Lycos Europe buys Tiscali Sweden

Spray Network AB - a subsidiary of Lycos Europe - has become the latest outfit to buy one of Tiscali's unwanted ISPs.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2004

Romanians open Jedi Academy

Count Dracula had better watch his back - the Romanians have opened a Jedi Academy and it can only be a matter of time before graduates are working their way through Transylvania at weekends, smiting the undead with their light sabres, between bouts of trading collectibles and arguing as to whether The Phantom Menace was merely the worst Star Wars film or actually the worst film ever made.
Lester Haines, 31 Aug 2004

Florida heads into e-voting storm

Florida's election officials have been accused of taking a step back in electoral procedure after it emerged that they will not require recounts of votes cast on electronic voting machines, despite an administrative judge's ruling to the contrary on Friday last week.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Aug 2004

HP iPaq rx3715

ReviewHP has established its handheld computing name firmly in the corporate sector. It proudly holds a pivotal position here: you'll see executives toting their iPaqs on trains far more often than you'll see them with rival Pocket PCs, and only RIM's Blackberry seems to come near the iPaq for popularity. You might think HP would be happy with that niche, and concentrate on consolidating its position, but that's not the case, writes Sandra Vogel.
Trusted Reviews, 31 Aug 2004

Aruba touts Wi-Fi grid scheme

Corporate wireless networking specialist Aruba this week unveiled what it calls a new architecture for enterprise WLANs: the Wi-Fi grid.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

Surf City libraries get tough on mobiles

Officials in Huntington Beach, California - aka Surf City - have waved through a new by-law which could see people fined up to $1,000 for using their mobile phone in a library.
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2004

US IT spend to mark modest growth

US IT spending will grow by seven per cent next year, according to Forrester Research. The analyst firm predicts that spending on IT goods, services, and staff will remain at seven per cent over the next three years. This estimate pegs IT growth at slightly above overall economic growth, a sharp contrast from the dotcom boom of the late 90s - and the slump that followed it. Forrester reckons the US is halfway through the current IT business cycle, which started in 2001.
John Leyden, 31 Aug 2004

Avalon, WinFS decoupled for Windows Shorthorn

As we suggested on Friday, two mainstays of Windows Longhorn will be 'decoupled' from the 2006 release, with Microsoft dropping the WinFS storage and query system. Originally intended to be a full-blown replacement for the NTFS file system that put a database at the heart of Windows, WinFS will now be available as an add-on no sooner than 2007 for Longhorn, XP and Windows 2003. Or to be more precise - and here is another new piece of jargon for Redmond watchers - WinFS will be released as an "out-of-band add-on pack". Got that?
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2004

Tesco touts broadband for the masses

Supermarket giant Tesco has unveiled a new broadband package which it claims is the "cheapest full 512k speed, unlimited service on offer in the UK from any major service provider".
Tim Richardson, 31 Aug 2004

Intel adds 90nm Celeron M mobiles

Intel today extended its Celeron M 3xx family with a pair of processors providing 1MB of on-die L2 cache, double the 512KB built into the current line up.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2004

Veritas buys KVS for $225m

Veritas has strengthened an already strong email backup software line by acquiring KVault Software Limited (KVS) to the tune of $225m.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Aug 2004

SCO's profit turns to loss as Q3 revenue tumbles

The SCO Group suffered a massive drop in third quarter revenue and has made moves to cut costs, rearrange legal fee agreements and counter potential takeover bids, the company announced today.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Aug 2004

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