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Broken CD with wrench

Investors back PolyServe's Linux cluster hopes with $20m

File system start-up PolyServe has secured another $20m in funding that should keep it going after the Linux and Windows cluster markets for some time to come.
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DTI urges small.biz to embrace digital

A recent DTI report has identified huge commercial opportunities for UK businesses that use a combination of digital media and a greater focus on customer needs.
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Tiscali Norway flogged

Tiscali has flogged its Norwegian ISP, Tiscali AS, to Telenor Telecom Solutions AS, for €6m (£4m) as part of its onging plan to concentrate on its core European businesses. As of the end of July, Tiscali Norway had around 18,000 ADSL punters and 27,000 active dial-up users.
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Clueless about networking? Click here

Site Offer The First-Step series of books from Cisco Press provides a clean and easy way to get started on the road to learning about networking. Each book is written in a more casual style than most technical books, but still describes a broad range of concepts and terms related to networking. These books assume that all terms need to be described at least briefly, so even if the reader hasn't heard the term, it will make sense after reading the book.
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DQ prices up, service down

A year after the UK's directory enquiries (DQ) sector was deregulated critics claim that punters are worse off because they're paying more for an inferior service.
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BOFH: How do you deal with authority?

Episode 27 BOFH 2004
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US throws $1bn at unmanned attack aircraft

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded Northrop Grumman a healthy $1.03bn to develop its X-47B unmanned combat aircraft.
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Games outfit catches rebranding cold

LogoWatch It's been a while since we've reported on an outbreak of rebranding madness, and mercifully the following delve into the twilight world of the Strategy Boutiques constitutes a mere attack of the sniffles compared to the full-blown, whalesong-driven insanity.
Cat 5 cable

Intel pledges to bring Itanic down to Xeon price-point

By 2007, Intel's Itanic processors will not only deliver a 50-100 per cent performance advantage over the chipmaker's Xeon line, but both server chip families will cost the same.
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Nvidia 'nForce 4' details leak

Nvidia will next month announce not one but four versions of its upcoming CK8-04 chipset, according to an anonymous Russian source cited by a French web site.
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Beagle 2 team none the wiser on failure

Beagle 2's operation team has published the findings of its investigation into the fate of the European Mars lander, broadly supporting the theory that the craft got into trouble in the Martian atmosphere.
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Wanadoo UK punts 1Mb ADSL for £18

Wanadoo UK is doubling the speed of its broadband service offering punters the chance to hook-up to 1 Megabit (Mb) ADSL for £17.99 a month.
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Intel readies Centrino Wi-Fi update

Intel is set to launch its anticipated tri-mode Wi-Fi adaptor this week at an announcement the chip giant says will "introduce its latest wireless technology for Intel Centrino notebooks".
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Police cuff 'international computer piracy gang'

Police forces from five countries have jointly smashed an online piracy ring with the arrest of more than 100 people yesterday.
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Fujitsu preps 'early 2005' single-chip WiMAX part

Fujitsu's US chip division, Fujitsu Microelectronics America (FMA), will roll out a single-chip WiMAX product early next year, the company said today.
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Reg readers name BSA antipiracy weasel

Poll result Well, the votes have been counted in our poll to name the BSA's anti-piracy weasel - or rather its fluffy ferret mascot designed to warn children of the perils of IP violation.
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US tops junk mail Dirty Dozen - again

The US is still the biggest single source of spam emails, according to figures released today.
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MS to 'quietly launch' iTunes rival this week

Microsoft will this week release the next major version of its Windows Media system - incorporating its 'Janus' DRM technology - along with its much-anticipated online music store.
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Ship's anchor cuts cable to Sri Lanka

Internet and international telephone services have been disrupted in Sri Lanka after a ship's anchor is believed to have damaged an undersea cable connecting the island to the rest of the world.
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Shares fall on Arm takeover

British chip designer Arm is to buy Silicon Valley's Artisan Components in a deal worth over $900 million in a cash plus stock deal. Artisan licenses physical component designs to over 18 chip manufacturers, and to integrated circuit design teams at over two thousand companies. Arm argues that it will broaden its sales channel with the acquisition. Arm licenses a RISC chip core and instruction set widely, with growth in recent years being fuelled by mobile phones.
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Luddite Reg readers want flat weather, please

Letters Several of you were upset by the plans announced by Auntie Beeb to start using some new fangled technology to generate 3D weather forecasts in real time. What was wrong, you wondered, with those nice magnetic charts with stick on clouds and smiley sunshines?
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Say goodbye, then hello to AT&T phones

Cingular, soon to be the United States' largest cellular network, will drop the AT&T brand six months after it completes its merger with AT&T Wireless. After that, AT&T will be free to launch its own cellular services under the brand.
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More red ink spills all over online college music scene

A new player has entered the awe-inspiring college music downloading market, giving rival Napster a run for its money or, in actual fact, a run for its losses.