24th August 2004 Archive

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  • Investors back PolyServe's Linux cluster hopes with $20m

    Too little, too late?

    Servers 24 00:23

  • DTI urges small.biz to embrace digital

    Huge commercial opportunities

    Small Biz 24 09:07

  • Tiscali Norway flogged

    Simple as that

    Broadband 24 09:10

  • Clueless about networking? Click here

    30% off 'First-Step' guides

    Site News 24 11:09

  • DQ prices up, service down

    One year on and deregulation disappoints

    Broadband 24 11:13

  • BOFH: How do you deal with authority?

    The Bastard wants to know

    BOFH 24 11:18

  • US throws $1bn at unmanned attack aircraft

    DARPA funding for Northrop Grumman's X-47B

    Science 24 11:18

  • Games outfit catches rebranding cold

    Unpleasant, but not fatal

    Bootnotes 24 12:03

  • Intel pledges to bring Itanic down to Xeon price-point

    EM64T a stand-in until the real anti-AMD64 kit arrives

    Servers 24 12:11

  • Nvidia 'nForce 4' details leak

    In addition to what Nvidia has already said itself

    Channel 24 12:51

  • Beagle 2 team none the wiser on failure

    What went wrong on Red Planet? No idea

    Science 24 13:16

  • Wanadoo UK punts 1Mb ADSL for £18

    It's a 'basic right' apparently

    Broadband 24 13:23

  • Intel readies Centrino Wi-Fi update

    802.11a support coming Thursday?

    Mobile 24 13:45

  • Police cuff 'international computer piracy gang'

    Arrests in five countries

    Media 24 14:31

  • Fujitsu preps 'early 2005' single-chip WiMAX part

    Fee, fo, PHY, MAC

    Broadband 24 14:32

  • Reg readers name BSA antipiracy weasel

    The people have spoken

    Bootnotes 24 14:55

  • US tops junk mail Dirty Dozen - again

    Star-spangled Spammer

    Security 24 15:08

  • MS to 'quietly launch' iTunes rival this week

    Janus DRM tech due too

    Media 24 15:40

  • Ship's anchor cuts cable to Sri Lanka

    Internet and phone services hit

    Broadband 24 16:08

  • Shares fall on Arm takeover

    Nice fit, but too expensive, reckons City

    Financial News 24 16:11

  • Luddite Reg readers want flat weather, please

    Oh, and don't be mean to spamvertised sites

    Letters 24 16:39

  • Say goodbye, then hello to AT&T phones

    Mobile brand reverts to the mother ship

    Mobile 24 17:59

  • More red ink spills all over online college music scene

    Ruckus challenges Napster for losses

    Media 24 20:22