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Tapwave Zodiac console to launch in UK next month

Tapwave will begin selling its Zodiac Palm OS-based handheld games console in the UK "in a few months" sources close to the company told The Register late last week.
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Rambus stock falls 13% on appeal failure

Rambus must provide Infineon with certain documents it had held close to its corporate chest, the US Court of Appeals ruled last week.
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TSMC asks US to ban SMIC chip imports

TSMC has accused rival chip foundry SMIC of infringing even more of its patents and has asked the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban the importation of SMIC product into the States.
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US punters warned of 'pump and dump' phone scam

Punters in the US are being warned not to be hoodwinked by a dodgy answerphone message that's sweeping the nation.
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Intel takes axe to Pentium 4 prices

Intel yesterday knocked up to 35 per cent of the prices of its Pentium 4 processors, in both their mobile and desktop forms - not to mention the 64-bit versions aimed at workstations and servers - as anticipated.
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Intel Itanic prices chopped

Intel's Pentium 4 price cuts, applied yesterday, will probably garner the most headlines, but the chip giant also reduced what it charges for selected Itanium 2 processors.
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IBM dissects the DNA of spam

IBM is applying ideas developed in sequencing DNA molecules to the detection of spam. Spammers have taken to inserting streams of gobbledegook or deliberately misspelling words in their spam messages in order the throw off anti-spam filters that rely on Bayesian statistical analysis alone.
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Global particle accelerator gets the big chill

Scientists at an international symposium in Beijing have recommended that a new global particle accelerator should be based on "cold" or superconducting technology, bringing the construction of the multi-billion dollar facility one step closer to reality.
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Tiscali flogs South African ISP

Tiscali has agreed to flog its South African ISP as part of its strategic plan to downsize its overal operation and focus on its core European businesses.

iPass extends Wi-Fi coverage to stratosphere

Remote access provider iPass is to add Boeing's Connexion in-flight Wi-Fi service to its list of aggregated hotspots, the company said today.
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Florida researchers promise plastic circuits

Research into how charge is stored in polymer molecule chains could pave the way for "molecular wires" that would replace silicon circuitry. Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory and the University of Florida say the results could have particular application in the solar energy industry.
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Next EC antitrust czar was Bill Gates fan

The successor to Mario Monti as the European Commission's competition commissioner once gave an honorary degree to Bill Gates.
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Macrovision: iPod support for lock-in CDs in Q4

Copy protection provider Macrovision is sufficiently confident that it will be able to incorporate FairPlay support into its CDS-300 copy control that is has begun telling customers that it will add iTunes and iPod support to its software in Q4.
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Swansea IT strikers reject 'sabotage' claim

IT workers striking in Swansea have reacted angrily to a newspaper report that the council's IT systems were "sabotaged" before they walked out last Monday.
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Meet the Peeping Tom worm

A worm capable of using webcams to spy on users is circulating across the Net.
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Google slammed for corporate sleaze

Google's eleventh hour price adjustment might have saved it some red-faces when it finally floated last week, but it's back to earth with a bump this week. The Securities and Exchange commission has confirmed that it will investigate Google's chaotic allocation of buddy shares in the year preceding the flotation. Google had issued 23.2 million shares and options without declaring them. It had announced its intention to buy them back, but in some cases was offering only cents for stock now worth $108 a piece.
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Tesco Mobile cuts tariffs

Tesco Mobile is cutting the price of cross network calls from tomorrow and is more than doubling the number of handsets it sells as the giant supermrket chain readies itself for the busy Christmas period. From tomorrow, Tesco Mobile punters who nominate three numbers can get those calls and texts at half price.
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Record biz hammers 'ostrich' downloaders

The music industry in the US is making great strides in its campaign against people it says have illegally downloaded music, with courts awarding huge settlements in many cases.
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UK music downloads up 200% since 1 June

UK music fans have purchased and downloaded over 2m songs since 1 January, according to the latest figures from the UK's answer to the Recording Industry Ass. of America, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).
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Hangovers give UK biz a headache

Hangovers cost British businesses an estimated £2.8bn as companies lose out on an estimated 29m days from workers throwing sickies - and throwing up.
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BBC Weather goes 3D

The BBC is set to use gaming technology to spice up its weather bulletins. Just in case we poor Brits forget what rain looks like, Auntie Beeb is going to generate rain drops in three dimensions to better illustrate precipitation in its forecasts.
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After blog experiment, Illinois village 'vanishes'

Concerns are rising over the fate of a peaceful Mid-West town. Skokie, Illinois numbers around 60,000 residents, but has disappeared from the Internet after an intervention by techno-utopian webloggers.

Interex cowers behind HP omerta

HP's largest user group has decided to withhold key information from reporters and analysts in an effort not to upset the company with the damaging data, The Register has learned.