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McData blames weak IT spending for Q2 loss

McData today posted disappointing results for its second quarter, blaming a loss on soft IT spending and tight pricing.
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Apple recalls 15in PowerBook batteries

Apple has asked anyone who has a certain 15in PowerBook G4 models to return the battery, which could be faulty.
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Novell Q3 revenue disappoints

Novell revenues were up nicely in Q3 04, coming in at $305m, against $283m for same time last year. But the headline figure is less than what it seems - like-for-like sales were down to $265m.
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Bin men walk out in support of Swansea IT strike

Tensions in Swansea intensified yesterday after bin men and other staff walked out in support of striking IT workers opposed to the privatisation of their department.
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IBM Eclipses Linux

IBM has announced a new Eclipse development package for Linux.
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Mac OS X gets Blackberry sync support

Mac software developer Information Appliance Associates (IAA) has released an iSync plug-in that allows Mac OS X users to synchronise their systems with Blackberry handhelds.
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XP SP2 über patch already needs fixing

The first new vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer on Windows XP with SP2 has been discovered
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Chip biz to fund independent cancer study

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) is planning to commission an independent study into whether working in a US chip fab increases employees risk of contracting cancer.
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Email wisecracks no laughing matter

Next time you bash out an email, think twice before cracking a "joke". Nearly a quarter of employees have suffered "crossed-wires" because colleagues or customers have "misinterpreted" their sense of humour.

90nm Opterons, Athlons to use strained silicon

AMD has revealed that the 90nm processors it plans to ship in volume in the coming months will use strained silicon, reiterating claims the chipmaker made in April this year that it was planning to implement the technique.
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BCS names Excellence in IT shortlist

The nominations are in for the IT Professionals award for 2004 and the British Computer Society (BCS) has announced the finalists in the Individual Excellence Awards.
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ATI RV410 'to ship in October'

ATI will launch its would-be GeForce 6600 GT beater late next month or early October, sources from among Taiwan's graphics card companies have claimed.
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Neuros II 20GB HDD music player

Reg Review The extent to which iPod owners can upgrade their players' internal workings was the subject of debate long before Apple's third-generation hardware prompted buyers to wonder how they could get holder of batteries with longer lifespans. Many folk who, like me, own the original 5GB model have pondered swapping out the hard drive for a more capacious model.
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Apple London store 'to open 20 November'

Apple's first UK store will open its doors on 20 November, according to a report at IFO AppleStore citing what sounds like staffers hired by the Mac maker's retail operation.
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ISPs tackle Ofcom over BT broadband price hike

UKIF - the United Kingdom Internet Federation, the recently created trade body which represents more than 70 ISPs - is meeting officials from Ofcom today amid worries that BT has unfairly increased the cost of certain broadband products.
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Download.Ject-style worm spreads via IM

A Download.Ject-style worm which spreads through instant messages is spreading across the Net, according to intrusion prevention firm PivX.
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Best Buy sued for 'ripping off' consumers

Giant US electronics retailer Best Buy has been sued by the State of Ohio over alleged unfair and deceptive business practices.
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Service packs, senators and civil liberties

Letters Let's get this out of the way, then. Imagine you have to take a plaster (band-aid) off your shin. Best to get it done quickly, right? Well, think of this the same way.
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Kerry girlfriend won't give up web shame

One of the Internet's more embarrassing episodes looks set to linger on with John Kerry's ex-girlfriend reviving her web site - hedgefundmistress.com.