20th August 2004 Archive

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  • McData blames weak IT spending for Q2 loss

    SEC review too

    Storage 20 04:50

  • Apple recalls 15in PowerBook batteries

    Fire hazard

    Mac Channel 20 09:15

  • Novell Q3 revenue disappoints

    Better profits

    Financial News 20 10:02

  • Bin men walk out in support of Swansea IT strike

    Council services 'deteriorating'

    Management 20 10:05

  • IBM Eclipses Linux

    In a good way...

    Developer 20 10:15

  • Mac OS X gets Blackberry sync support

    PocketMac to the rescue

    Mobile 20 10:18

  • XP SP2 über patch already needs fixing

    Active Scripting still the cracker's best friend

    Security 20 10:34

  • Chip biz to fund independent cancer study

    Five-year probe into hazards of working in fabs

    Science 20 11:13

  • Email wisecracks no laughing matter

    I say, I say, I say

    Small Biz 20 11:45

  • 90nm Opterons, Athlons to use strained silicon

    AMD reiterates plan to use stretched material

    Channel 20 11:45

  • BCS names Excellence in IT shortlist

    And the nominees are...

    Management 20 11:50

  • ATI RV410 'to ship in October'

    And sampling now, claim sources

    Channel 20 12:25

  • Neuros II 20GB HDD music player

    The world's first easily upgradeable MP3 device?

    Reviews 20 12:28

  • Apple London store 'to open 20 November'


    Mac Channel 20 14:59

  • ISPs tackle Ofcom over BT broadband price hike

    'Discourages healthy competition '

    Broadband 20 15:22

  • Download.Ject-style worm spreads via IM

    Unpatched Windows PCs at risk. Again

    Security 20 15:26

  • Best Buy sued for 'ripping off' consumers

    Ohio takes up legal cudgels

    Channel 20 15:52

  • Service packs, senators and civil liberties

    The bulging postbag gives up its secrets

    Letters 20 16:01

  • Kerry girlfriend won't give up web shame

    Gee wiz: this is bad

    Media 20 20:58