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LTO-3 bounces in ahead of schedule

It's tape drive leapfrog again today, as Certance says it will ship LTO Ultrium 3 this autumn, ahead of its technology partners HP and IBM. The former Seagate subsidiary is also giving a boost to the current LTO-2 format, announcing a cheaper half-height drive aimed at the 'value' market.
Bryan Betts, 16 Aug 2004

Intel restrains Radio Free vision

It is almost two years since Intel’s chief technology officer, Pat Gelsinger, first coined the slogan ‘Radio Free Intel’ for his vision of a world where wireless connectivity is in every device down to the wristwatch and where these devices run on adaptive radios that move intelligently between available networks according to requirements. It was a big idea, but one that has been taken up all around the industry. It was an even bigger idea that Intel – a company with virtually no RF experience - should be the provider of those ubiquitous radios.
Wireless Watch, 16 Aug 2004

Sluggish movement on power grid cyber security

One year after the worst blackout in US history drew attention to the fragility of the North American power grid, progress on protecting the grid from computer intrusions has been slow in coming.
Kevin Poulsen, 16 Aug 2004

Apple files 'chameleon' computer case patent

Apple has attempted to patent the concept of the chameleonic computer - a machine whose shell changes colour at the user's whim.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2004

AMD Athlon 64 sales forecast to rise 50% in H2

Reduced prices and improving yields will boost AMD's Athlon 64 sales by 50 per cent during the second half of 2004.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2004

China jails woman in porn crackdown

A Chinese woman has been jailed for four years for running an online strip joint. Wang Yanli is believed to be the first woman to be banged up behind bars following China's tough new stand against Internet pornography.
Tim Richardson, 16 Aug 2004

Taiwan ODMs signal notebook sales slowdown

The sales slowdown reported by European notebook market watchers is being echoed by Taiwanese manufacturer Compal, which last week admitted that key vendors have been cutting back on the scale of their orders.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

AMD could ship a quad-core Opteron on 2007

AMD may "potentially" ship its first four-core Opteron processor in 2007, bullish Goldman Sachs analyst Andrew Root has claimed.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2004

MS invokes DMCA to stop SP2 file sharing demo

Legal threats have stopped P2P activist group Downhill Battle from continuing to offer Windows XP Service Pack 2 through BitTorrent.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2004

Ebookers ups revs, narrows losses

Ebookers reckons that the prospects for the online travel market look "encouraging", following the slow travel market in June caused, in part, because of holidaymakers staying at home and watching the Euro 2004 football championships.
Tim Richardson, 16 Aug 2004

HK feds bust illegal cricket fighting ring

Hong Kong punters with a penchant for the unusual will have to get their gambling jollies without the participation of giant insects after local police busted an illegal cricket fighting syndicate.
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2004

Dell drops out of China's low-end PC market

Dell has quit the highly competitive low-end PC market in China, focusing instead on higher-end kit and servers.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2004

OFT fingers Bristol man over misleading data protection ad

A Bristol businessman has been fingered by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for misleading small businesses over data protection legislation.
Tim Richardson, 16 Aug 2004

Data watchdog slams ID card plans

Britain is at risk “sleepwalking into a surveillance society” because of David Blunkett’s identity card scheme and other UK government plans, according to the UK's Information Commissioner.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2004

IT staff strike 'indefinitely' in Swansea

One hundred IT staff at Swansea Council have begun industrial action today over plans to outsource the local authority's IT department to a private firm. All IT support has been suspended "indefinitely" - apart from the Child Protection Register, which will continue to be maintained by a special team.
Tim Richardson, 16 Aug 2004

On the Beastie Boys 'virus' CD

ReviewWidely-circulated claims that the Beastie Boys' new album To the 5 Boroughs exhibits virus-like copy-control behaviour are unfounded, according to tests. EMI's statement regarding these claims, however, is incorrect, since the album does install software if played on a Windows PC. The tests also show that the copy control system on the disc is so weak that Mac and Linux users won't even realize it's there. That's fine with us, say sources in the recording industry.
Paolo Attivissimo, 16 Aug 2004

Net porn good for you: official

A government-funded study into porn consumption Down Under has concluded that a little of what you fancy might do you good - and may even make users "more relaxed about their sexuality" and lead to healthier marriages, news.com.au reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2004

Infected PCs spew MyDoom variant

The MyDoom worm saga continued today with the release of yet another variant of the noxious email worm. The latest variant - MyDoom-S (AKA MyDoom-Q or MyDoom-R) - poses as a funny photographs in order to dupe users into opening an infectious attachment called photos_arc.exe.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2004

Cut-down Windows will boost piracy - Gartner

The Gartner Group has warned users to avoid Windows XP Starter Edition, the cut-price, feature-light version aimed at Asian markets. Analysts Dion Wiggins and Martin Gilliland don't think home users will miss LAN and file and print sharing features, but warn that users will dip back into the black market because they don't have a legitimate, discounted upgrade path from XPSE to the full-featured version.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Aug 2004

HP unveils Unix roadmaps

HP WorldHP will be a pitching a story of Unix harmony and advancement at its HP World user conference here this week. The harmony comes from better aligned processor and operating system support for HP-UX, and the advancement comes in the form of upgraded partitioning and clustering tools. Most of the new technology, however, will take a long time to arrive.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Aug 2004

McAfee buys Foundstone for $86m

In briefSecurity firm McAfee today announced a deal to acquire vulnerability management company Foundstone for $86m cash. Foundstone's services and technology help customers to relate IT security risks to the operation of their businesses by correlating assets with vulnerabilities and current IT security threats. Foundstone competes with vendors such as TruSecure in the vulnerability assessment and management market, which IDC reckons will be worth $1.6 bn by 2008.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2004

Newham and Microsoft sign 10-yr deal

Microsoft and the Newham Council have signed a ten year agreement - worth at least £5m - making Microsoft the council's software provider of choice.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Aug 2004

EC mulls MS DRM monopoly trawl

The EC has postponed by another week whether or not to examine the monopoly implications of Microsoft and TimeWarner's control of DRM company ContentGuard. With Microsoft already judged to be a monopoly in Europe, and Time Warner's enormous media holdings, the two joint owners of the company have enormous market clout. The two giants snuggled up last spring, when Time Warner agreed to license Microsoft's DRM technology and continue to use its IE browser technology in its AOL software. (See Browser wars suit ends with death knell for Netscape)
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Aug 2004

HP preps little EVA starter box

HP WorldIn a bid to boost its lagging storage business, HP today announced a new "starter kit" system in its EVA line that can scale up to 16TB.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Aug 2004

HP's Livermore opts for 'content free' content

HP WorldHP's David Booth stole the show during the opening keynote today at HP World. The problem is - he wasn't meant to.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Aug 2004

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