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When the customer is always wrong

Vendors always get the brunt of the criticism when technology projects go wrong, and why not? After all, consultancies, IT service providers, and outsourcers charge millions, if not billions, so that they can to make sure their clients get the best of the best...
Datamonitor, 09 Aug 2004

Hubble loses an eye

One of Hubble’s four science instruments stopped working last week, NASA said on Friday. Engineers are looking into recovery options, but the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) was not slated for upgrade or replacement on any servicing mission.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2004

Introducing the Kalashnikov MP3 player

We're obliged to reader Dennis Price for alerting us to an absolute must-have for any fashion-conscious and street-hip insurgent - the Kalashnikov MP3 player. Yes indeed, the streets of Najaf will never be the same again once the followers of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada Sadr get their hands on this little beauty - aptly named the AK-MP3. Actually, it's just a replica AK-47 magazine, but slap it in your semi-automatic rifle and you're ready to shock and awe the US military with the sheer firepower of your playlist.
Lester Haines, 09 Aug 2004

Intel cans 3.2GHz P4 Extreme Edition

So farewell, then, Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz. Intel has deemed you are surplus to requirements. You will no longer be available come 19 November 2004.
Tony Smith, 09 Aug 2004

To talk or not to talk - that is the question

Two news stories in the last few weeks highlight a mobile communications dilemma. There's a time to talk and a time to refrain from talking. One person's mobile flexibility is another's annoying conversation.
Rob Bamforth, 09 Aug 2004

IBM SVC - real-world storage virtualisation

Storage is an area that has been the subject of much attention over the last few years with the areas of storage management and virtualisation grabbing much of the attention. However, within the sweeping torrents of hype and exaggeration there are to be found some genuine nuggets of potential value. One such pearl could well turn out to be IBM’s Virtualisation Engine Suite for Storage and the first benefits of the engine can be recognised in the TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller and TotalStorage SAN File System offerings, known to their friends respectively as SVC as SFS.
Tony Lock, 09 Aug 2004

Brace your IT budget for green impact

British businesses are unprepared for costs and consequences of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. The forthcoming legislation aims to regulate how businesses reuse, reclaim, recycle and dispose of surplus electronic equipment.
John Leyden, 09 Aug 2004

Online ad spend on the up

Spending in online advertising is predicted to balloon to more than $16bn (£8.7bn) over the next five years as advertisers become increasingly more confident using the Net.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2004

Ofcom unshackles radio spectrum

Ofcom, the communications industry’s regulator, has paved the way for radio spectrum licence trading to begin in the UK by the end of the year.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2004

Samsung preps 2.6in VGA LCD

Samsung will next quarter begin mass production of a 640 x 480 LCD screen that measures a mere 2.6in (6.5cm) diagonally.
Tony Smith, 09 Aug 2004

Microsoft drops WinXP SP2 surprise onto Beta site

This year's mandatory Windows upgrade - WinXP Service Pack 2 - finally made its way blinking into the daylight over the weekend. But not before prospective upgraders had taken a tour of Microsoft's "test" Extranet and examined some perplexing Active Server Page error messages. This was what greeted readers who followed our advice on Friday, when the "Order SP2 here" page went live.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2004

Late payments are putting your wages at risk

Over a quarter of small businesses are worried that late payment could prevent them from paying wages to staff, new research has revealed. The study, conducted by BACS Payment Schemes, found that more than one in four firms admitted that they could not pay employees if customers didn’t settle their debts for one month.
Startups.co.uk, 09 Aug 2004

Google IPO 'hangs in the balance'

Google's public floatation is only "50/50" likely to proceed as scheduled this week, with US papers reporting that it will be delayed for "logistical reasons".
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2004

Intel readies 3.73GHz P4 Extreme Edition for Q4

Intel has upped the clock speed of the upcoming Pentium 4 Extreme Edition which is expected to support a 1066MHz frontside bus speed.
Tony Smith, 09 Aug 2004

Daleks to sprout legs

Doctor Who fans are in for a special treat when the new series hits the screens - Daleks with legs.
Lester Haines, 09 Aug 2004

Pipex swallows Nildram

Pipex has bought AccentUK Limited - which trades as the much-respected independent broadband ISP, Nildram - in a deal worth £12.9m. The acquisition, announced today on the stock exchange, willl add around 35,000 broadband punters to Pipex's existing customer base, taking its total number of ADSL punters to 162,000.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2004

Four dead in Japanese nuclear plant accident

At least four people have died, and seven others were injured, in an accident at a nuclear power plant in Japan.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2004

DualDisc roll out challenged by Euro patent holder

The roll-out of DualDisc hybrid DVD/CD media later this year could yet be hampered by a German company that claims ownership of the technology if talks between the intellectual property firm and major music industry players break down.
Tony Smith, 09 Aug 2004

Japanese boffins build Dalek-style robot guards

Mad scientists in Japan have scored a disastrous own-goal in the forthcoming, all-too-inevitable battle between man and cyberappliance for dominance of Earth.
John Leyden, 09 Aug 2004

14 admin jobs go at Microsoft UK

Microsoft has axed 14 admin staff from its UK operation after making what it described as a "strategic business decision". Those affected - most of whom work at Microsoft's UK HQ in Reading - were told the bad news this morning.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2004

Penguin backs down on Katie.com

Penguin Putnam’s decision to rename one of its best-selling books could mean that one of the Net’s oddest domain name battles may be drawing to a close.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2004

Nvidia unveils Quadro FX 4400

Nvidia today followed ATI's workstation-class graphics card launch last week with one of its own.
Tony Smith, 09 Aug 2004

Tough times for BEA

Holding a management position with BEA Systems these days is a risky proposition. In the space of a single week, BEA lost SVP of advanced development Adam Bosworth and CTO Scott Dietzen, two of its leading visionaries, following the exit of VP of products and solutions Rick Jackson and senior director of marketing Erik Frieberg. It's a game of management musical chairs for those remaining...
Datamonitor, 09 Aug 2004

Stelios preps launch of easyMobile

Stelios Haji-Ioannou - the man behind no frills airline easyJet and the easyInternet cybercafe chain - looks set to announce details of his new discount mobile phone business.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2004

Nokia moves to counter Apple-Moto music alliance

Nokia has chosen to partner with digital music distributor Loudeye to develop a music download platform for mobile phones.
Tony Smith, 09 Aug 2004

Perseid meteors promise free firework show

Star gazers are in for a treat this week, if the clouds clear, as the Perseid meteor shower builds to its peak of activity.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2004

A fright at the Opera

Opera last week updated its browser to defend against a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to spy on private emails or computer files.
John Leyden, 09 Aug 2004

Silicon Valley staff 'gloomiest' in US

Silicon Valley's optimism isn't shared by the people who work there. According to the AP, area employees are the most pessimistic in the United States. Twenty-seven per cent fear losing their jobs, compared to 18 per cent nationally. Although the unemployment rate has fallen, few new jobs have been created, and laid-off workers have simply moved on.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2004

HP offers $300m for UK's Synstar

HP made a bid today to boost its IT services operations in Europe by acquiring UK outfit Synstar.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Aug 2004

Cheap rocket crumbles in hunt for $10m space prize

Only dummies were wounded yesterday when a low-budget rocket trying to make its way to space blew up over Washington.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Aug 2004

Google! Licenses! Yahoo's! Secret! Sauce!

In a move that recalls IBM's decision to mortgage its future, via an MS-DOS license, to Microsoft, Google has made peace with arch-rival Yahoo! The two giants have settled a contentious patent dispute with Google agreeing to license technology based on several Yahoo! patents that form the basis of their mutual, astronomical recent growth: contextual advertising. Only this is an IBM in reverse.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2004

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