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Phone spam misery looms Stateside

A little-noticed Bill before the Senate will ensure daily misery for US cellphone users, thanks to the inattentiveness of telecomms regulator the FCC.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Aug 2004

Blogging 'cruelty' allegations rock post-DNC calm

Allegations of cruelty to Webloggers have surfaced after the Democratic Convention last week. Around 30 Webloggers were invited to join 15,000 accredited media at the political convention, and in the build-up, the "blogosphere" drew its breath in anticipation. Only now, after the sadistic practices have been revealed, has the true nature of the invitation become clear. Far from home, and vastly out-numbered by "Big Media", the Webloggers were forced to submit to some bizarre requests.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Aug 2004

Michigan wardrivers await sentencing

In what prosecutors say is likely the first criminal conviction for wardriving in the US, a Michigan man plead guilty Wednesday to a federal misdemeanor for using the Internet through an open Wi-Fi access point at a Lowe's home improvement store in suburban Detroit.
Kevin Poulsen, 06 Aug 2004

The return of the dotcom yuppie?

Budding entrepreneurs are increasingly keen to start up online businesses, suggesting that the dotcom downturn is over, new research has found. A survey of MBA students by Palo Alto Software found that 74 per cent were planning to set up a business after graduation, with six in ten of those wanting to start up on the Internet.
Startups.co.uk, 06 Aug 2004

O2 billing blunder cuts off thousands

Thousands of O2 punters have been unable to use their mobile phones following a billing blunder by the mobilephoneco.
Tim Richardson, 06 Aug 2004

Crossed lines leaves Orange punters seeing red

Mobile phone punters in London have been having the wierdest conversations after Orange admitted that it has been getting its wires crossed.
Tim Richardson, 06 Aug 2004

Home Office prohibits happy biometric passports

The Home Office says all new passport photographs must be of an unsmiling face with its gob firmly shut because open mouths can confuse facial recognition systems.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Aug 2004

Feds OK DVD+R/RW DRM tech

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved the use of Video Content Protection System (VCPS), the DVD+RW Alliance's preferred copy-protection system.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

Digital print booths: readers put us in the picture

LettersThe debate surrounding digital print booths in general, and Kodak print booths in particular, continues unabated. Our intrepid soul at the man/machine inferface - Simon Prentagast - contacted us again to grass up the Boots branch which allowed punters to enjoy other peoples' snaps by not erasing the files after printing:
Lester Haines, 06 Aug 2004

XP SP2 stalls at starting gate

Yesterday saw a further minor delay in the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2, the most significant revision of the Windows code base since its launch in 2001. Microsoft originally said it planned to release Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to manufacturers on Wednesday. That didn't happen. Microsoft is now saying the release of SP2 is "imminent".
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2004

Samsung targets DDR 2 with 90nm process

Samsung has begun shifting memory production to a 90nm process, even as rival DRAM maker Infineon agreed to provide Winbond with its 90nm technology.
Team Register, 06 Aug 2004

Online sales increase

One in ten of all credit card payments in the UK is now made online, according to the latest research from the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS).
Tim Richardson, 06 Aug 2004

Yahoo! Offers! Local! Search!

Yahoo! has launched a beta version of a new search site, Yahoo!Local which it says will give punters a more accurate guide to local businesses, large and small. The company says the move is a response to a demand for finely-tuned Web searches, as people log on to find things closer to home.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Aug 2004

Webcam snares toff 'tea leaf'

An 18-year-old pupil at £7,000-a-term Harrow public school was caught relieving a fellow pupil's wallet of cash after the suspicious victim rigged a webcam to capture the blag.
Lester Haines, 06 Aug 2004

Nvidia Q2 sales, income slide

Nvidia confirmed that demand for integrated graphics chipsets is hindering its discrete chip business when it posted "disappointing" Q2 results yesterday.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

Sony selects Blu-ray for PlayStation 3

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will ship with a Blu-ray optical drive.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

Beckham penalty outrage ball heads for space

The ball David Beckham infamously booted over the bar during England's crucial Euro 2004 shoot-out with Portugal might be going into space - for real.
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2004

US prosecutors challenge P2P companies

P2P software companies have been told to clean up their act and do more to protect their users from the seedier side of the file-sharing scene - or risk facing legal action.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

3 UK to show footy highlights

Beginning this season, 3 UK's customers will be able to watch highlights of the goals in Barclays' Premiership matches before they are shown on Match of the Day.
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2004

Tiscali to squeeze overheads as losses swell

Italian ISP - Tiscali - vowed to cut overheads by 15 per cent over the next year after posting increased losses for the three months to June.
Tim Richardson, 06 Aug 2004

How to order WinXP SP2 now

Microsoft has unveiled the web page from which end users can order CDs of Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. However the nag is still reluctant to leave the stable. English language CDs will be available on 25 August, with German, Japanese and French language CDs to follow from 1 September, and twenty one other language editions following on from that over the succeeding fortnight.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Aug 2004

Taiwan firms to launch 2TB memory card

Taiwanese technology companies will this autumn unveil what they hope will be the next solid-state memory card format.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

Bulldog targets SMEs with unbundled SDSL

Unbundling ISP Bulldog is targetting SMEs with an "affordable" SDSL service. Available in unbundled exchanges in central London for now, Bulldog reckons it will be available "across the UK from early in 2005" as the company installs its kit in more of BT's telephone exchanges.
Tim Richardson, 06 Aug 2004

Brits still blind to benefits of Wi-Fi

It's 17 months since Intel launched its Centrino and began telling the world about wireless networking - Apple (ahem) launched its first 802.11b product in 1999 - and still the majority of the UK public remain blissfully unaware what Wi-Fi is.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

Attack of the Segway-riding Finnish Penguin bloggers

LettersRight. Let's get started. First up, Katie Jones, the unfortunate damsel who happens to share a domain name with the name of a TV show in the US. Well, not share, because Katie.com is hers. The US show just named itself Katie.com anyway, resulting in a flood of unwanted traffic to poor Katie Jones' site.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Aug 2004

Virgin demands Apple license iTunes DRM

VirginMega - the Virgin Group's French online music joint venture with media company Lagardère - has claimed that Apple is guilty of anti-competitive behaviour by refusing to licence the iTunes Music Store's FairPlay DRM technology.
Tony Smith, 06 Aug 2004

Six charged in $10m Ingram computer fraud

A Romanian man and five Americans were indicted yesterday by a California Grand Jury over an alleged $10m computer fraud. The gang is accused of fraudulently obtaining a small fortune in computer equipment after breaking into Ingram Micro's online ordering system.
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2004

Sony Ericsson K700i: burning bright

Reg ReviewSony Ericsson's K700i is its new midrange flagship, the successor to the T68, the phone "which saved Ericsson". It's also the second non-smartphone I've used in recent months that I've been very reluctant to return. Despite one very serious flaw, Sony Ericsson users will be at home with this new model.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Aug 2004

Intel gets quiet about the competition

Intel's release this week of a 64-bit Xeon server processor made one thing clear - AMD has its rival in a real tizzy.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Aug 2004

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