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SiS samples second Socket T chipset

SiS today introduced its latest Socket T-oriented North Bridge chip, the SiS649, a single-channel memory part aimed at modestly specced Pentium 4 PCs.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Intel dual-core desktop chip 'to ship mid-2005'

Intel will release its first dual-core desktop Pentium 4 processor in a year's time, the chip giant's latest roadmaps reportedly reveal.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Japan to probe Hynix DRAM dealings

The Japanese government is to investigate allegations that South Korean memory maker Hynix received outlawed state aid.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Eircom overcharges 31,500 customers

Ireland's biggest telecoms company, Eircom, has overcharged more than 31,500 customers, it has been revealed.
ElectricNews.net, 04 Aug 2004

Eidos confirms takeover talks

UK games publisher Eidos has confirmed speculation that it has entered into talks with a number of other companies to discuss possible takeover deals.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Text is best for website accessibility

Text is best for a small, but important and growing, group of Internet users, most obviously the blind. Other users who may benefit are users of small form factor devices such as PDAs, users connected by slow lines, or users who need voice response because they are using their eyes for other activities.
Peter Abrahams, 04 Aug 2004

The curse of IT specialisation

The Internet has changed many aspects of the way we work. From an IT professional's point of view it has made a fundamental difference to the efficiency of the market for IT skills. Agencies used to build their business on a large database of CVs they could match to client's job opportunities. Today they can reach a much wider selection of suitable candidates through job portals such as Jobserve and Top Consultant.
Martin Langham, 04 Aug 2004

BenQ encouraged workers to throw footy sickies

BenQ UK has been given the red card after being found to have encouraged workers to throw sickies during the recent Euro 2004 football championships.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2004

Penguin and the great katie.com hijack

It was a book that taps into many people's fears over Internet technology - how children may be at risk from adults manipulating the anonymous online exchange.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2004

HP launches Linux laptop

HP yesterday became the first major PC maker to offer a Linux-based notebook computer, though it remains a "test" launch to be used to gauge demand for products installed with the open source OS and key functionality, such as wireless networking, is disabled.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

NASA hands out $13.5m for radiation studies

NASA has announced grants totaling $13.5m to fund ground-based research in space radiation biology and space radiation shielding materials.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2004

Cybersleuths track Dame Porter’s millions

Computer forensics played an important role in Westminster City Council’s fight to recover the £36m surcharge imposed on Dame Shirley Porter for her role in the 1980s ‘homes for votes’ scandal, it emerged this week.
John Leyden, 04 Aug 2004

Creative revels in 'outstanding' Q4

Creative Technology - aka Creative Labs - today said its Q4 results had exceeded its own expectations, with sales rising 35 per cent over the year-ago quarter to $201.8m.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Tesco to deploy kiddie-calming shopping trolley

UK supermarket chain Tesco is considering rolling out a hi-tech shopping trolley which will help prevent obstreperous tots from throwing shopping-related tantrums.
Lester Haines, 04 Aug 2004

BT replaces 'red bill' with Indian call centre nag

BT is phasing out the dreaded "red bill" to remind customers that they need to cough up and is using call centre staff in India to telephone errant punters instead and offer them the chance to pay over the phone.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2004

Porno blog spam turns nasty

Blog spamming is turning nasty. First spotted approximately a year ago, blog spam involves the automated posting of Web address onto weblogs or online discussion boards.
John Leyden, 04 Aug 2004

Scientists explain why stuff is matter

Miniscule differences in the way antimatter and matter behave may help to explain why the universe is dominated by matter, according to a group of scientists working on the BABAR experiment.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2004

Symbian revenues, device sales rise

Symbian's smart phone OS licensees shipped just under 5m handsets during the first half of the year, 85 per cent more than they shipped during H2 2003, the company revealed today.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Scottish small.biz gets £1m broadband hand-out

Scottish businesses are to receive an extra £1m to help boost the take-up of broadband in rural areas. Those businesses eligible for hand-outs will be able to receive £1,000 towards a broadband service - such as two-way satellite - to help make their firms more productive.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2004

Latest MyDoom hunts victims via Yahoo!

Another new version of the MyDoom worm is spreading, and like last week's variant it uses Yahoo! as part of its infection routine.
John Leyden, 04 Aug 2004

New York warms to VoIP

Small businesses in New York are warming to the idea of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, if M5 Networks' recent business wins are indicative of a trend. The company announced that in the last month, it has signed 15 new business clients, and poached over 600 phone users from Cisco: representing six per cent growth in its customer base.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2004

BBC confirms Daleks will battle Doctor Who

The Daleks will be appearing in the new series of Doctor Who after all, the BBC has confirmed. The news comes after a prolonged campaign in support of the homicidal salt cellars by Who aficionados which attracted high-profile backing from UK tabloid the Sun.
Lester Haines, 04 Aug 2004

Toshiba takes micro HDDs to 60GB

Toshiba today added 30GB and 60GB models to its 1.8in hard drive line-up, both offering what the company claims is the highest areal density of any hard drive of that format.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Mac-addled Segway users crush the American Dream

LettersOur description of a young man trying to ride his Segway all the way across America may have bordered on brutal, but you readers took the criticism to the next level. Not one of you stood up for the mighty Segway - vehicle of dreams.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Aug 2004

UK PC biz sees best growth for four years

The UK PC market marked its fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth during Q2 as sales rose 21.4 per cent year on year to 1.88m desktops, notebooks and servers, market watcher IDC reports.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Extradition ruled out in bookie extortion case

UK authorities have no plans to seek the extradition of alleged members of a Russian cyber extortion gang suspected of launching series of debilitating attacks that cost British bookmakers tens of millions in lost revenues.
John Leyden, 04 Aug 2004

Swansea IT staff to strike over outsourcing deal

Swansea City Council's IT staff are to strike in protest against the council management's decision to outsource the support function. The ballot of the 100 staff was decisive: of the 74 votes cast, just two votes were recorded against the motion to strike.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2004

Patent fears halt Munich Linux migration

One of Europe's most publicised Linux migrations has been halted over patent fears. The decision was not prompted by a litigious IT vendor, but as the result of concerns expressed by Munich city Alderman Jens Muehlhaus. Muehlhaus represents the Green Party, an open source supporter. As part of 'Project LiMux', Munich plans to migrate 16,000 desktops to Linux by 2006. The $35.7m bid prompted fierce lobbying and heavy discounts from Microsoft, including personal visit by the company's CEO.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Aug 2004

57 cuffed in UK anti-piracy crackdown

UK anti-piracy investigators arrested 57 people last weekend in a nationwide crackdown targeting music, film and computer game piracy. Many of those arrested as part of Operation Zouk could face benefit fraud charges along with copyright offences - 45 of those collared were on benefits.
John Leyden, 04 Aug 2004

IT company gives workers free beer - wins award

A US software company that gives its workers free beer on Friday afternoons has been named the "Best Small Company to Work for in America".
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2004

Afghans to benefit from polystyrene houses

A group of engineers has come up with an unusual plan to rebuild areas in Afghanistan damaged by the decades of war or shaken down by earthquakes: they want to use polystyrene.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2004

321 Studios to make DVD copying software no more

321 Studios has decided to stop fighting the good fight, announcing this week that the company is no more.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Aug 2004

Victim not killer owned 'murder manual' game

The copy of the computer game Manhunt that was discovered during the investigation into the murder of a 14-year-old boy was not the possession of the killer but the victim, it has emerged.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2004

Neutered SCO no longer on the offensive

IDG News Service's reporter Robert McMillan must have a soothing tone because he appears to have tamed one of the IT world's most vocally savage beasts - SCO's CEO Darl McBride.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Aug 2004

Novell takes SuSE Enterprise Linux to the next kernel

Novell has taken the lead position in the kernel wars, beating out rival Red Hat with a new server operating system based on the latest Linux version.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Aug 2004

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