3rd August 2004 Archive

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  • DARPA figures out how to run a $2m robot race

    Grand Improvement with revised rules

    Science 03 02:06

  • SMEs slap hard cash on the IT table

    But who wants to take it?

    Small Biz 03 07:56

  • Learning to use the C word

    Programming in C at 30 per cent off

    Site News 03 08:17

  • Intel backs in-flight Wi-Fi initiative

    Chocks away for the mile-high wireless club

    Broadband 03 08:44

  • Consumers want widescreen notebooks - analyst

    US sales of 15.4in laptops rocket

    Channel 03 09:01

  • June world chip sales top $17.8bn

    Up, up and away... except in Europe

    Channel 03 09:20

  • Pru pulls out of great Egg race

    Cans plans to sell Internet bank

    Financial News 03 09:24

  • Mercury mission blasts into solar orbit

    Messenger probe safely en route

    Science 03 09:43

  • One man and his dog and his laptop

    Voice recognition in the field

    PCs 03 10:02

  • Mozilla to pay bounty on bugs

    Wanted: Dead or alive

    Security 03 10:06

  • Tyan samples 64-bit Xeon mobos

    Tower, 1U versions on offer

    Channel 03 10:11

  • Intel preps chip to link 3G, Wi-Fi networks

    Roaming from cells to hotspots

    Mobile 03 10:40

  • Reg reader tackles Kodak digital print booth

    Blow-by-blow account of man/machine interface

    Letters 03 11:11

  • Small.biz faces higher broadband charges

    Not exactly the way to attract customers

    Small Biz 03 11:26

  • Tories say yah-boo-sucks to speed cameras

    Pledge to scrap some, if elected

    Bootnotes 03 11:34

  • Wi-Fi 'sniper rifle' debuts at DEFCON

    Putting the war back into war driving

    Bootnotes 03 11:43

  • IBM gives code to Apache open sourcerers

    Half a million lines of Cloudbase

    Developer 03 11:51

  • Treat yourself to a big plate of Java servlets

    Comprehensive new course

    Site News 03 12:20

  • AMD Opteron noses into Euro x86 server sales

    The effect of big-name vendors?

    Servers 03 12:31

  • ATI unveils top-end AGP FireGL card

    Powerful... and pricey

    Channel 03 13:55

  • Ofcom to crack down on premium rate scamsters

    'Bout time too

    Broadband 03 14:22

  • UK.gov deploys IT early warning system

    Faster alerts on security threats

    Security 03 14:28

  • Wanadoo seals distie deal with Time

    Software appearing on a PC near you soon

    Channel 03 14:42

  • Shackling the email content beast

    Integrated solutions to smut, spam and other nasties

    Security 03 14:55

  • Trojan poses as Berg video footage

    Sick claim used to peddle malware

    Security 03 14:57

  • US terror alert becomes political football

    Crying wolf at great public expense

    Media 03 15:15

  • UK councils failing to meet e-services deadline

    Culture shock main impediment to CRM deployment

    Policy 03 15:26

  • Freelancers fret over tangle of EU red tape

    Employment rules could hurt IT contractors

    Small Biz 03 16:06

  • Flash cards also invulnerable to Segway attack

    Oh, and we are insensitive clods...

    Letters 03 16:25

  • The Merry Bloggers set out on 'Segway across America' trek

    4,300 miles, two testicles and an iPod

    Bootnotes 03 18:14

  • Internet addicts sent home from Finnish military

    Too depressed to shoot anything

    Media 03 20:15

  • US looks to be master of Aussie IP

    iPod ban part of free trade?

    Media 03 22:45