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DARPA figures out how to run a $2m robot race

Hoping to make the $2m Grand Challenge live up to its name, DARPA officials have proposed a much more thorough set of qualification procedures and rules for the second running of the race.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Aug 2004

SMEs slap hard cash on the IT table

While IT spending at the top end of the market has stalled in the last four years as enterprises attempt to drive greater efficiencies out of the infrastructure they acquired in the late 1990s, SMEs have continued to invest in technology and related services at a steady rate.
Datamonitor, 03 Aug 2004

Intel backs in-flight Wi-Fi initiative

An initiative supported by Intel is in the final stages of outlining a method to disable the radio transmitters of handheld devices during aircraft takeoff and landing. The development should help pave the way to greater freedom to use wireless-enabled mobile devices while in the air.
Datamonitor, 03 Aug 2004

Consumers want widescreen notebooks - analyst

The 15in widescreen-format display has emerged as the consumer's ideal notebook screen size, according to market watcher Current Analysis' latest stats from the US.
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2004

June world chip sales top $17.8bn

Global chip sales more than maintained their momentum during June, rising 2.8 per cent on the previous month and 40.3 per cent on June 2003's sales to $17.8bn, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), has revealed.
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2004

Pru pulls out of great Egg race

The Prudential has canned plans to flog its stake in UK Internet bank Egg claiming that it makes better financial sense to hang on to it.
Tim Richardson, 03 Aug 2004

Mercury mission blasts into solar orbit

The Messenger probe - headed for a rendevous with Mercury - lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida this morning on board a three-stage Boeing Delta II rocket.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Aug 2004

One man and his dog and his laptop

ReviewQuocirca's man in the field, Jon Collins, takes a hands-on look at voice recognition. Armed with nothing more than a laptop in a rucksack and a dog, he gamely battles to bring you the following:
Jon Collins, 03 Aug 2004

Mozilla to pay bounty on bugs

Users who identify and report serious security vulnerabilities involving Mozilla are to be rewarded for finding bugs in the open source Web browser software.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2004

Tyan samples 64-bit Xeon mobos

Tyan has followed the arrival of Intel's 'Nocona' 64-bit capable Xeon DP chips with four motherboards geared up to support the new processor.
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2004

Intel preps chip to link 3G, Wi-Fi networks

Intel is preparing a wireless chip capable of talking to both Wi-Fi and 3G mobile phone networks, the company has revealed, and is gearing up for a major announcement on Wi-Fi and cellular roaming in the coming months.
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2004

Reg reader tackles Kodak digital print booth

LetterEarlier this month we ran a short piece on UK pharmacy chain Boots' plan to deploy Kodak digital print booths in 1,000 of its stores across the UK.
Lester Haines, 03 Aug 2004

Small.biz faces higher broadband charges

SMEs will have to pay more for their ADSL after BT increased the wholesale cost of its business class broadband products.
Tim Richardson, 03 Aug 2004

Tories say yah-boo-sucks to speed cameras

In a shameless piece of electioneering, the Tory party has launched a new assault on speed cameras by pledging to scrap all those shown not to reduce accidents - if it wins the next general election.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Aug 2004

Wi-Fi 'sniper rifle' debuts at DEFCON

Conventional Wi-Fi aerials are all well and good but they don't really cut it if you want to impress fellow hackers and scare the general populace.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2004

IBM gives code to Apache open sourcerers

IBM is donating half a million lines of code from its Cloudscape database to the open source community, care of the Apache Software Foundation.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Aug 2004

AMD Opteron noses into Euro x86 server sales

Opteron-based servers are finally starting to chip away at Intel's market share in Europe, market watcher Context has revealed, though the numbers are unlikely to cause a panic among the chip giant's employees.
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2004

ATI unveils top-end AGP FireGL card

ATI will ship its latest workstation-class graphics card, the FireGL X3-256, later this month, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 03 Aug 2004

Ofcom to crack down on premium rate scamsters

Ofcom is to crack down on premium-rate phone thieves who rip off punters by conning them into racking up costly phone calls. The communications regulator's decision to beef up protection for consumers follows a surge in complaints from punters who've been tricked into connecting to dodgy premium-rate services.
Tim Richardson, 03 Aug 2004

UK.gov deploys IT early warning system

UpdatedThe National Information Security Co-ordination Centre (NISCC) - the UK government body that provides security advice to organisations responsible for critical services - is to team up with NGS Software in producing early warning notices about pending IT security problems. Information about security problems, along with mitigation advice, will be released before suppliers deliver patches.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2004

Wanadoo seals distie deal with Time

Wanadoo UK - which changed its name from Freeserve in April - has signed a major distie deal with PC outfit Time Group.
Tim Richardson, 03 Aug 2004

Shackling the email content beast

Email is such an essential tool that it is no longer sufficient to merely treat it as a means of communication. Instead, it is the lifeblood of an organisation - it is where our orders and complaints come in, and one of the main means by which we communicate our messages and business results to the outside world.
Fran Howarth, 03 Aug 2004

Trojan poses as Berg video footage

Virus writers have moved on from using Osama bin Laden's or Arnold Schwarzenegger's supposed suicides as a lure to trying a similar trick involving "footage" of slain American captive Nick Berg.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2004

US terror alert becomes political football

UpdateAs we reported recently, the latest ratcheting up of the terror threat level in the United States was based on captured documents dating back some time. In that article, we observed that it was "not clear whether any of the information recently obtained relates to current or future schemes."
Thomas C Greene, 03 Aug 2004

UK councils failing to meet e-services deadline

A survey of local authorities in the UK has revealed that more than half have yet to install any kind of customer relationship management (CRM) system as part of their efforts to meet the 2005 deadline for offering their services electronically.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Aug 2004

Freelancers fret over tangle of EU red tape

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is worried that the UK's contractors could get tied up in a tangle of red tape if the Government signs up to proposed employment rules which would extend full employment rights to temporary workers.
Tim Richardson, 03 Aug 2004

Flash cards also invulnerable to Segway attack

LettersWe've never shied away from controversy, so, in keeping with the spirit of the fightin' Reg, let's kick off letters with a scoot through Segwayville, and see what you lot made of the Segway poll:
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Aug 2004

The Merry Bloggers set out on 'Segway across America' trek

Back in the good old days, strong men such as Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey went screaming across the great American highways with heads hopped full of sour mash and benzedrine. They performed lewd acts, taunted the police, harassed the stiffs and produced great art. These days we're left with four twenty-something geeks traveling country roads at 10 mph with their Segways, iPods and blogs.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Aug 2004

Internet addicts sent home from Finnish military

It used to take a bum leg or a penchant for same sex love to get out of the army. These days, however, young Fins are using Internet addiction as a means of avoiding required military service.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Aug 2004

US looks to be master of Aussie IP

Australia has edged closer to embracing some of the least favorable aspects of US intellectual property law, including the DMCA, by agreeing to a trade agreement between the two countries.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Aug 2004

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