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Apple's Jobs undergoes cancer surgery

Apple CEO Steve Jobs went under the knife this weekend, undergoing a medical operation to remove a cancer tumour from his pancreas.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2004

Tropical storm delays Mercury mission

The launch of the Mercury Messenger probe, the first mission to study Mercury in more than 30 years, has been put back by 24 hours, mission controllers said today. The spacecraft was due to launch from Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre at 6:16 this morning, but the launch was scrubbed when Tropical Storm Alex got a little close for comfort.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2004

Lycos Inc. flogged for $105m

Korea's top portal - Daum Communications - is to buy Lycos Inc. for $105m (£57m) as part of a move to break into the US Internet market.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2004

Long-awaited IE patch (finally) arrives

Microsoft released an unscheduled security patch on Friday designed to fix a trio of serious security problems affecting users of its ubiquitous Internet Explorer Web browser. All three of the security vulnerabilities might be exploited to take control of vulnerable systems, so patching is a necessity.
John Leyden, 02 Aug 2004

Etailers face tough times

Internet retailers are still facing an uphill struggle to convince punters that shopping online isn't just about picking up a bargain.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2004

Net vigilantes target 419 sites

Artists Against 419 (AA419) has organised a 48-hour online protest against advanced fee fraud, otherwise known as the 419 scam. The protest is an organised version of the SlashDot effect – whereby a huge number of visitors turn up at a site, overwhelming its bandwidth allocation. The virtual flash mob began at midnight on 1 August and has already taken down three of its targets.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2004

Anti-spam spamvertisers agree to quit

A Californian company last week promised to stop promoting its ad-blocking software using Internet pop-up ads. San Diego-based D Squared Solutions reportedly used the Messenger function built into Windows to spamvertise its "anti-spam" services. Its cynical marketing tactics caught the attention of regulators the Federal Trade Commission, which instigated a civil case against the two person start-up last year.
John Leyden, 02 Aug 2004

Siemens touts Blackberry-based business phone

Siemens today launched the world's first handset to fully integrate RIM's Blackberry message and personal information application suite, targeting the phone straight at the enterprise.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2004

Rio pitches Carbon player at iPod Mini

Rio will take the fight to Apple's iPod Mini this month when it ships its latest hard drive-based MP3 player, Carbon.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2004

It's OK to boil your memory card: official

If you ever want to destroy a digital camera’s memory card, don’t bother putting it through the wash or hitting it with a sledgehammer as neither will guarantee destruction.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2004

ADSL migration made easier

Swapping broadband providers should be a lot easier following the introduction of a new migration process backed by BT Wholesale and the industry's major players.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2004

Beckham penalty outrage ball to tour UK

England fans may get a chance to take a spot kick with the same ball David Beckham hoofed over the bar during disastrous England's penalty shoot out against Portugal this summer.
John Leyden, 02 Aug 2004

China terminates 700 sites in porn crackdown

China's crackdown on pornograhy is gathering pace following reports that 700 Web sites have been shut down and 220 people arrested as authorities try to censor XXX sites.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2004

IBM eFuse to yield self-repairing, self-regulating CPUs

IBM's Power 5 processor cores will be able automatically to repair and remodel themselves - albeit in a limited way - to improve their performance and power consumption characteristics.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2004

Captain Cyborg to risk all for science

The release of the film I, Robot has given mainstream media another opportunity to wheel out Prof. Kevin Warwick, aka Captain Cyborg.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2004

Al-Qaeda cyber terrorist panics US

It is likely that New York City, Newark, New Jersey, and Washington, DC have been put on Orange Alert, the second highest of the Department of Homeland Security's confusing color codes, on the basis of information gathered during the arrest of a reputed al-Qaeda computer engineer in Pakistan on 13 July.
Thomas C Greene, 02 Aug 2004

Sun turns WSJ into Novell buy spin machine

You have to give credit to Sun Microsystems' President Jonathan Schwartz. He knows how to play the media well. And one of his finest press goading moments since becoming Prez has come in the form of a non-story about Sun potentially acquiring Novell.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Aug 2004

Veritas makes Linux as strong as Solaris

LinuxWorldWhile best known as a Solaris bedfellow, Veritas Software continues to make strides deeper into the Linux camp, announcing today several new products for the open source operating system, a Unix to Linux porting tool and its membership in the OSDL (Open Source Development Lab).
Ashlee Vance, 02 Aug 2004

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