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UK resellers go for growth

Reg Reader StudiesA Register Reader Study of people working for UK resellers, conducted by research company Quocirca, has found that more than half believe the market is improving. More than 50 per cent say their customers have increased spending in the last twelve months, and even more think this trend will increase in the next 12 months.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2004

Security fears holding back online travel market

Security fears are holding Brits back from buying holidays online, preventing the industry from fully benefiting from the lower sales costs associated with Internet transactions.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2004

Chip foundries post positive Q2 gains

TSMC, the world's largest chip foundry, saw revenues reach record levels during is second fiscal quarter. Arch-rival UMC and fellow Far Eastern Foundry Chartered Semiconductor also posted big year-on-year and sequential gains.
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2004

Hynix overtakes Micron in world DRAM chart

South Korean memory maker Hynix has knocked the USA's Micron off the number two spot in Gartner's global DRAM manufacturer chart, the market watcher reported yesterday.
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2004

MoD deploys £10m on virtual battlefield

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has asked Rayethon Systems to develop a pilot version of the Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System (JETTS), software the MoD says could change the way the armed forces do battle. The £10m contract covers a 36 month assessment period.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Jul 2004

US wins David Blunkett Lifetime Menace Award

Big Brother awards 2004The UK's sixth annual Big Brother awards last night honoured outstanding achievement by those individuals and organisations who make your business their business, and generally interfere with, snoop on, aggravate and irritate the public with their activities.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2004

Asus announces PDA with VGA LCD, Wi-Fi

Asus has formally launched its Wi-Fi PocketPC, the MyPal A730, in its home state of Taiwan, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2004

Line up for some PayPal settlement pie

PayPal sent a long email to its US customers this week with details about how to get a piece of the $9.25m settlement fund the lawyers have created. It is possible to get a chunk of it even if you have no specific complaint related to the lawsuit.
Tina Gasperson, 29 Jul 2004

BT punters flee

One hundred thousand people a month are ditching BT and opting for alternative telephone providers as the UK's dominant fixed line telco admitted that the business environment "remained challenging". BT's share of home phone users fell by 1.5 per cent to 66 per cent in the three months to the end of June, as the former monopoly continued to lose ground to rivals.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jul 2004

Mobiles in hospitals now safe: official

Using mobile phones in hospitals is safe after all, according to new official guidance. Until now, the use of mobile phones in hospitals was prohibited because of fears that they could interfere with medical equipment.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jul 2004

New date for SCO v IBM hearing

A new court date has been set for the SCO v IBM motion hearing. Originally scheduled for 4 August, the hearing has been moved to 2pm on 15 September. Coming after eighteen months of legal wrangling, the September hearing will be a defining moment in the dispute, with SCO having by far the most to lose.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Jul 2004
Broken CD with wrench

Cisco drops Huawei lawsuit

Cisco is dropping its patent infringement lawsuit against Chinese networking firm Huawei in exchange for a promise from its rival to modify its product lineup. The settlement comes 20 months after Cisco sued Huawei for allegedly using stolen Cisco's technology to develop a line-up of routers and switches sold in competition to the networking giant.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2004

US online pharmacies take fight to Canadians

The trade in discounted prescription drugs between Canada and the US has elicited considerable controversy on both sides of the border. Yet recent figures show that sales of drugs via Canadian pharmacies have not been as great as some had predicted. However, as Datamonitor's David Deon explains, pharmaceutical companies could go further by driving the expansion of online prescribing in the US.
Datamonitor, 29 Jul 2004

BOFH: Might as well face it, you're addicted to smut

Episode 24BOFH 2004
Simon Travaglia, 29 Jul 2004

AOL: customers down, ad sales up

AOL's European ISPs in the UK, Germany and France lost 88,000 customer in the three months to June, parent company Time Warner Inc announced yesterday. Unfortunately, that's all it said on the matter and didn't provide any more detail on the individual performances of its European country operations.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jul 2004

EA swallows Criterion Software

Electronic Arts has acquired UK-based Criterion Software Group from current owners Canon. The move gives EA control of Criterion's portfolio which includes games series Burnout and - most significantly - the company's RenderWare technology.
Lester Haines, 29 Jul 2004

HP Compaq nc4010

ReviewAnyone that has to travel a lot with a notebook in their bag will appreciate that a super powerful desktop replacement machine is not always the best option. If you always need to have your computer with you, no matter where you are, something sleek and portable is definitely the preferred solution. The HP Compaq nc4010 falls squarely into this category and it is very similar to the excellent IBM ThinkPad X40, although not quite as small or light, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 29 Jul 2004

Scientists call for nanotech caution

A new report has called for more research into the effects of nanoparticles on the environment and on human health. The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineers (RAE) asks for tighter regulation of nanotechnology research, and has recommended to the British government that production of 'free' nanoparticles should be specifically prohibited until more is known.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Jul 2004

Retailers bans Manhunt after murder link claim

UpdatedUK consumer electronics retail chain Dixons and games retailer Game have pulled the computer game Manhunt from its shelves after the parents of a murdered schoolboy blamed the title for their son's death.
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2004

Phishermen net bumper catch of Americans

US consumers are still easy prey to fraudsters using phishing emails to lure consumers into handing over valuable financial information. In a survey sponsored by anti-spam outfit MailFrontier, 28 per cent of US adults were unable to distinguish phishing emails from legitimate correspondence.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2004

Apple blasts Real DRM translator

Apple today described itself as "stunned" that Real Networks has dared to reverse engineer its FairPlay DRM system in order that Real's online music subscription service can be made compatible with the iPod.
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2004

IBM snags software maker Cyanea

IBM's acquisition machine has swallowed another victim with software maker Cyanea now set to join Big Blue's fold.
Ashlee Vance, 29 Jul 2004

BBC Technology strike off

A two-day strike by BBC techies scheduled to begin tomorrow has been called off after employers made a second revised offer to staff. Lawyers for the broadcasting union BECTU said that this new offer needs to be put to workers before any industrial action can take place.
Tim Richardson, 29 Jul 2004

Wobbly sun causes plasma jets

A group of scientists has come up with a new explanation for the origins of spicules - jets of plasma that shoot up from the solar surface at speeds of around 90,000 kilometres per hour: the solar matter is propelled into space by sound waves entering the solar atmosphere.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Jul 2004

Russian extortion gang faces 15 years

A Russian cyber extortion gang arrested last week cost British bookmakers tens of millions in lost revenues, according to the head of a Russian police agency.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2004

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