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Virgin Mobile slashes share prices

Sir Richard Branson has been forced to cut the guide price for shares in Virgin Mobile after a poor reception for the company's roadshow - management presentations to institutional investors.
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Sony/BMG merger gets the nod

The European Commission has approved the merger of Sony and BMG's respective music units.
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EDS wins $1.1bn gig with BoA

Services giant EDS has signed up the Bank of America for a $1.1bn contract - despite being downgraded to junk status by credit agency Moody's late last week. EDS objected strongly to Moody's decision.
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Dolby adds High-Efficiency AAC to MPEG 4 patent pool

Dolby's licensing division is to make it easier for manufacturers to licence the more advanced form of the Apple iPod-friendly audio format, AAC.
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AT&T goes live on 3G

AT&T Wireless is expected to announce its first 3G services in four US cities. The service will be available in Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle. AT&T Wireless is in the process of being bought by Cingular for $41bn but had a legal obligation to offer next generation services. AT&T had to offer 3G services in four cities by the end of the year or pay a penalty to Japanese mobile fim NTT DoCoMo.
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E-voting terminals: gambling with data?

Opinion Making electronic voting terminals more like slot machines won't keep elections secure from tampering. Neither will using ATMs as a model improve the prospects for data integrity.
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Get up to speed with MS Windows Server 2003

Site Offer Why should a new versions of mission-critical technologies mean starting from scratch? If you already know how to use Microsoft Windows Server 2000 or NT, leverage those skills to quickly become an expert on Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide skips the basics and moves straight to the crucial stuff - what's new and what has changed. The result? You save time and money while preparing yourself for the next generation of Microsoft Server.
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Infineon cops unexpected loss

Europe's second-largest chipmaker, Infineon, has posted an unexpected loss after making provisions for a US anti-trust lawsuit that targets memory chip makers.
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Host Europe morphs into Pipex

Host Europe PLC - which was acquired in April by Pipex Communications for £31m - has changed its name to Pipex Communications Hosting Ltd.
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Ireland is never Netherlands for McAfee

Anti-virus firm McAfee is move its European headquarters from The Netherlands to the Republic of Ireland. Lower corporate tax rates - 12 per in Ireland compared to 34 per cent in Netherlands - inspired the exodus, which could take place as early as Q1 2005.
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BT blocks 230k attempts to access child porn

BT has blocked almost 250,000 attempts to access websites containing images of child abuse in just three weeks.
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Big Blue sails Atlantic (in Rational manner)

IBM has supplied a sneak peek of Atlantic, the next version of the Rational software development platform. The company previewed the new set up at the annual Rational Software Development User conference in Grapevine, Texas.
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Nigeria - the land where phone numbers can kill

Thanks very much to the scores of readers who emailed to alert us to the extraordinary story of Nigerian "killer phone numbers".
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Developers play air guitar to Megadeth

The latest research by "accelerated learning" outfit The Training Camp may be very silly, but at least it doesn't accuse piratical punters from downloading movies illegally from the Internet.
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Wi-Fi Alliance acts on dodgy wireless kit

The Wi-Fi Alliance is going to work harder to ensure that wireless devices work properly with each other. The action is a belated response to a row late last year between Atheros and Broadcom.
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Hacking, downloading and bad Web design

Letters Last Friday, we reported that two Oxford University students at face suspension over a little hacking project they undertook to expose, they said, security flaws in the University's IT system. The pair could be rusticated (a great word, no? It means 'banned from college grounds') and fined £500.
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Filipino phone phreakers foiled

A gang of eight suspected of ripping off the Philippines' main phone company and its customers of millions over the last six years have been arrested by local authorities.
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Cisco hunts for small.biz

Cisco is fighting the perception that it only sells kit for large enterprises and telcos with a new set of products aimed at smaller businesses and a channel programme to make it easier for resellers to sell to smaller companies.
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HP feared MS open source patent offensive

A senior executive at Hewlett Packard two years ago expressed fears that Microsoft would use its patent portfolio to close down the company's open source efforts. The concerns were expressed in a June 2002 memo by Gary Campbell, and HP confirmed their authenticity to Newsforge's Joe Barr.
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C&W boss urged to help free jailed Net users in Maldives

The chief exec of Cable & Wireless (C&W), Francesco Caio, has been asked personally to lobby authorities in the Maldives to help free jailed Internet users.
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Five years ago: BBC shrugs off Web float rumours

There was a time when suggesting that the BBC privatise part of its operation was akin to mooting the idea that the British monarchy be sold off to the Americans. Some Beeb services have, of course, been "outsourced" to private companies - all in the name of efficiency and economy - but when it comes to the online stuff, well, it's just not cricket:
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Businesses warm to converged networks

Two thirds of businesses are planning to move applications onto converged networks within the next five years and just over half - 55 per cent - of businesses have already started implementing projects in parts of their operations.
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Welsh small.biz urged to get wired

E-minister Andrew Davies says more small and medium businesses in Wales need to take advantage of broadband Internet access. Wales will have 96 per cent broadband coverage by 2005 but take-up among smaller businesses is disappointing. Davies said that only six per cent of Welsh SMEs have broadband connections, compared to 10.4 per cent nationally.
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OGC streamlines purchasing portals

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) today launched a single online purchasing portal it says will make purchasing simpler for public sector organisations.
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Booze blamed for MS staff's 'foggy' blogging hoax

Alcohol was to blame for senior Microsoft developers setting a blog-born trap for a journalist, according to the company's most-prominent weblog evangelist, Robert Scoble.
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$242m 419 scam trial collapses

The trial of three 419ers accused of taking an employee of a Brazilian bank for $242m of his employers' cash has collapsed after the judge in the Nigerian capital Abuja said he had "no jurisdiction to hear it".
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Software carries EMC to bumper Q2

EMC enjoyed one of the best quarters in recent memory for a hardware vendor, posting a 33 percent jump in revenue in its second quarter.
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Sloppy banks open the door to phishermen

A new vulnerability makes it easier for fraudsters to pass off content from bogus websites as the real thing.
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Tag, track, watch, analyse- UK goes mad on crime and terror IT

Tech-happy UK Home Secretary David Blunkett was in his element announcing the Home Office's Strategic Plan yesterday. At multiple levels, starting with satellite tracking of repeat- and minor offenders and moving swiftly on through DNA databases and sundry terror- and immigrant-detection equipment, the plan proposes to harness new technology "to maximise key opportunities" and "stay ahead of the criminal." Sort of like the Jetsons with shackles.
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Duke develops iPod-equipped download army

Duke University has returned a bit of dignity to the college music downloading scene by purchasing 1,650 iPod music players for its students.
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Sun salutes Microsoft for delivering Q4 profit

Sun Microsystems today disappointed investors with lower than expected fourth quarter earnings but showed some positive signs with units shipped increasing and a large check from Microsoft being deposited in its bank.