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Consumer groups rally against Hatch's Induce Act

Have you faxed your Senator yet? The opposition to Senator Hatch's 'Induce' Act may have got off to a spluttering start, but is now hitting its stride. Hatch wants to introduce a new crime of "inducement" to infringe a copyrighted work in order to close down the P2P networks. The RIAA says it isn't designed to target manufacturers - but no one believes them.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Jul 2004
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Heads roll but Blueprint stays - Sun

Sun says the much-valued BluePrint documentation project will continue, despite the redundancies of several key staff.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Jul 2004

Novell releases Mono

Novell has released the first version of Mono, which brings Microsoft's .NET framework to non-Microsoft platforms. It's available pre-compiled for SuSE and Red Hat distributions of Linux, and for Mac OS X. It's almost exactly three years since it was announced by Miguel de Icaza. Novell acquired Ximian last year.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Jul 2004

Dell debuts iPods-for-cash trade-in

Dell will swap your iPod for $100 if you buy one of one of its own 15GB Digital Jukebox MP3 players.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

Last call for spam poetry

So popular has our appeal for spam poetry proved, that we are setting a cut-off date for submissions to end the madness before someone gets hurt.
Lester Haines, 01 Jul 2004

Sony unveils HDD Walkman

Reg Kit WatchSony today announced yet another attempt to displace the iPod from the top of the digital music hardware charts.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

MS baits .Net with CE 5

It isn't really a big secret that there's a horrible discontinuity between the number of developers Microsoft boasts about - millions! - and the number of those who have gone for the global XML-based solution of .Net Framework, and the developer product, Visual Studio .Net. Maybe, the new strategy of opening up embedded Windows may change that?
Guy Kewney, 01 Jul 2004

Adaptec grabs RAID technology from IBM

In briefAdaptec has bought a RAID storage technology business unit from IBM. Adaptec will be IBM's sole supplier of RAID components for at least three years, and that's worth up to $150m in extra sales over the lifetime of the contract. Financial terms were undisclosed.
John Leyden, 01 Jul 2004

Canadian ISPs not liable for content royalties

ISPs do not need to cough up royalties to copyright holders whose work is sent across the service providers' networks, the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

Ellison takes the stand

Larry Ellison took the stand yesterday to defend his company's proposed takeover of Peoplesoft. The Oracle CEO told the federal court in San Francisco that competitive pressures from SAP and fear of Microsoft had prompted him to bid for Peoplesoft. "We wanted to be a survivor and a consolidator, and we felt the only way to survive and prosper was through acquisition," he said, demonstrating yet again his instinctive gift for the soundbite.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jul 2004

No nudes on .nu: official

The operators of the .nu TLD have taken mighty exception to a recent report by Secure Computing which claimed that the tiny sun-kissed island of Niue was the repository for three million pages of Web depravity.
Lester Haines, 01 Jul 2004

All quiet on the malware front

The nasty Zafi-B worm displaced Sasser and NetSky variants as the single most annoying virus last month. The worm, which spreads by email and over P2P file sharing networks, accounted for almost a third of all viruses spotted by anti-virus firm Sophos in June.
John Leyden, 01 Jul 2004

Intel to debut low-end Grantsdales soon

Intel is expected to introduce two more i91x chipset series members in Q3, including a low-end model designed to support both Socket-478 and Socket-T processors.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

1,000 exchanges get go-ahead for broadband

BT has published a timetable detailing when more than a thousand exchanges will be upgraded to DSL broadband.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jul 2004

EC demands more wireless R&D

The European Commission says that the EU must improve its commitment to R&D as well as strengthen its patent laws to foster a competitive mobile data sector. A European Commission communication, entitled "Mobile Broadband Services," outlines the challenges the Commission has identified in this area, including the inter-operability of devices and the requirement for patent protections, particularly for content services with a high added value. It said that these challenges require targeted R&D, both in terms of basic research and accelerated technical innovation.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Jul 2004

UK premium rate phone complaints rocket

The number of complaints concerning rip-off premium rate services (PRS) hit record highs last year, raising concerns that the regulator is unable to cope with the rising tide of fraud.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jul 2004

Talking toilets - whatever next?

It was five years ago today...It's amazing to think that long before electronically-enhanced toilets turned on their human masters and began their inexorable rise to total domination of the planet, such gadgets were seen as a force for good. Well, sort of:
Team Register, 01 Jul 2004

MSN makes its move on search

MSN has unveiled a big upgrade for its search engine to take on Google and Yahoo! at their own game.
Drew Cullen, 01 Jul 2004

Apple punts prizes as iTunes nears 100m-song target

Apple today announced it will hand out a 17in PowerBook, a 40GB iPod and 10,000 free songs to whoever downloads track number 100m from the iTunes Music Store (ITMS). As well as getting punters busily buying songs, the announcement may take a little attention away, perhaps, from Sony's new 'iPod killer' hard drive-based Walkman, launched today.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

STMicro confirms Hynix JV talks

STMicroelectronics CEO Pasquale Pistorio this week confirmed that his company is in talks with South Korea's Hynix to form a memory-manufacturing joint venture, and that negotiations could be concluded within six weeks.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

WestJet disputes industrial espionage charge

Canadian discount carrier WestJet Airlines has hit back at claims its executives illegally accessed Air Canada's website. In turn it accuses its larger rival of hiring private detectives to go through bins at the home of a senior WestJet executive.
John Leyden, 01 Jul 2004

Sony rebuffs PlayStation Portable delay claim

Sony has reiterated its March 2005 US and European PlayStation Portable ship date after an analyst report called that deadline into question.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2004

Nigeria failing to tackle 419ers

Roughly 200 Nigerians are currently serving jail terms for advance fee or 419 fraud around the world, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, chairman of the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), told a seminar in Abuja this week. But in Nigeria itself not a single person has been sentenced yet.
Jan Libbenga, 01 Jul 2004

ICSTIS in meltdown - MPs

The UK's telecoms industry needs to weed out the fraudsters and scammers ripping off punters or face the threat of the plug being pulled on the premium rate industry.
Tim Richardson, 01 Jul 2004

Orange sets date for 3G data debut

Orange is to launch its 3G data card this month, company officials say. The card is slated for a 19 July release in Orange's shops, and will go on wider sale at the beginning of August.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jul 2004

Junk mail host nations named and shamed

Five countries are hosting the overwhelming majority - a staggering 99.68 per cent - of spammer websites, according to a study out yesterday.
John Leyden, 01 Jul 2004

On Sun, Java and Open Source

AnalysisSun says open sourcing Java code will fragment and devalue the platform. Sun's opponents say that under the current community process development is too slow. They're both right, but the debate, which Scott McNealy regards as synthetic - an issue manufactured by hypocritical competitors - highlights what people really want from a technology. It's an issue that finds Sun on the right side, but failing to convince skeptics. We'll argue that it should simply ignore them because the proof that Sun has it more right than wrong was evident in every corner of the huge JavaOne conference this week. JavaOne 2004 sees the community in rude health.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Jul 2004

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