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Your query will destroy our database - DoJ

The Justice Department has come up with the bureaucratic equivalent of "the cat ate my homework". The DoJ has told watchdog the Center for Public Integrity, which has submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request on foreign lobbyists that its own computers will crash and lose the data if it tries to comply.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jun 2004

The porn must go on - US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court today kicked back a law designed to curtail Internet pornography, saying the legislation could stifle free speech and that naughty photos are likely better blocked by filters rather than lawyers.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Jun 2004

Intel prunes pre-Grantsdale P4 chipset prices

Intel this week cut the prices of its i865 and i845 chipset families in a bid to boost demand after the launch of its top-end i915 and i925 series.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004

M&S boss claims mobile phone records accessed

M&S boss Stuart Rose, embroiled in fending off a hostile takeover by Philip Green, claims someone has accessed his mobile phone records.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Nortel flogs factories to Flextronics

Nortel Networks is selling its manufacturing operations to Flextronics for between $675m and $725m.
John Leyden, 30 Jun 2004

AMD 'penetrates' Dell - again

Dell is once again being touted as a potential supplier of AMD CPUs, this time in a research note provided by US investment advisor Susquehanna Financial Group.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004

France Telecom faces payback time

France Telecom is likely to have to pay back €1bn in illegal subsidies it received from the French government, following an 18-month investigation by Mario Monti, the EC Competition Commissioner.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004

Expat offshore firms slammed as 'unpatriotic'

As the outsourcing debate continues, expatriate services firms have become the latest targets for outsourcing critics, who are branding them 'unpatriotic'. However, in the long run, opponents of the offshore trend may find themselves unable to fend off the impact of globalisation.
Datamonitor, 30 Jun 2004

JVC buys BIOS-based system testing tool

JVC has licensed Ultra-X's UltraPost embedded system diagnostics technology into its upcoming Interlink sub-notebook family. Pitched at system builders and OEMs, UltraPost resides in the host PC's BIOS - it takes up just 32KB - ready to be triggered at start-up. According to Ultra-X, the software runs "professional-level" tests taking in the CPU, mobo, memory, IDE drives, USB bus, Firewire/1394 ports, LAN and AGP.
Team Register, 30 Jun 2004

German dialler scammers hijack signatures

Police in Hamburg this week arrested two suspects in an Internet dialler scam, which may have swindled 170,000 Internet users into paying €2.5m or more.
Jan Libbenga, 30 Jun 2004

BT Retail cuts cost of DSL, caps users

BT has confirmed it is to cut the cost of its broadband products in a bid to halt falling market share.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2004

Learn computer forensics at Bradford University

The University of Bradford has introduced a postgraduate course in Forensic Computing, in response to "growing demand for computer scientists" with specialist skills to investigate high tech crimes.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2004
Broken CD with wrench

Sun axes core support professionals

Sun Microsystems has garroted its BluePrint team, which formed a rare bridge between its engineers, its channels, and its customers. BluePrint's professional writers were also experts in their technical field, in subjects such as clustering and Windows integration, and their little publishing imprint has saved many a BOFH from embarrassment, and many a Sun account from ultimately falling to Windows. The team's reward, however, is the P45.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jun 2004

Western Digital sues Cornice

Western Digital has accused storage start-up Cornice of violating its intellectual property and has asked the US court to ban sales of Cornice's hardware.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004

Orange France preps big Wi-Fi push

Orange is to expand its French Wi-Fi hotspot service by 1,500 sites, taking its total to 4500 locations by the end of the year.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004

SEC accuses Siebel of careless talk

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Siebel Systems for a second breach of disclosure rules. The enterprise software vendor is accused of breaking Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) which outlines how companies release price-sensitive information.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004

Cyber appliances, deadly mobiles and free beer

Letters:We fear that some of you, our beloved readers, have misunderstood one or two of our stories this week. In particular, we refer to the news that Satan had been implicated in the latest cyber appliance attacks.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2004

Microsoft makes peace with Massachusetts

Massachusetts consumers will get vouchers offering discounts for software and hardware as part of a settlement agreement the state has reached with Microsoft. Like yesterday's Arizona case, any unused or unrefunded vouchers will benefit the state's schools.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004

BT coughs to broadband ad blunder

BT has held up its hands and admitted that its own sloppy mistake was to blame for a broadband ad blunder.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2004

Malware attacks IE users via pop-ups

Another warning has been issued over data-stealing malware that exploits a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.
ElectricNews.net, 30 Jun 2004

Amazon bids adieu to French jobs

Amazon is to downsize its French back office, resulting in an unspecified number of job losses.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2004

There is no anti-spyware silver bullet

The spyware threat to enterprise security will increase over the next few years without an enterprise-class tool to prevent it, consulting firm META Group warns.
Jan Libbenga, 30 Jun 2004

BOFH peers through the proxy mirror

Episode 21BOFH 2004
Simon Travaglia, 30 Jun 2004

Lastminute buys German doppelganger

Lastminute.com has bought the lastminute.de group of companies, to create the "leading online travel brand in Germany". The UK dotcom is stumping up €46.7m (£31m) for the group, of which £16m (€24m) is in cash and the rest is in new shares.
Drew Cullen, 30 Jun 2004

O2 drops pager service

O2 is to stop offering pager services from the end of the year. The mobile operator cites falling demand for services and easy alternatives such as text messages and Blackberry devices for its decision.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004

Commodore challenges Apple digital music dominance

Watch out, Apple, another microcomputing pioneer from the 1970s is moving into the digital music business with a portable, hard drive-based music player.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004

BT cuts off dialler scammers

BT is taking action against rogue dialler companies which defraud consumers by secretly changing their computer settings so they call a premium rate phone line instead of their usual ISP number.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004

Virgin will float next month

Virgin Mobile has at last confirmed the rumours - it will float on the London Stock Exchange next month. The mobile operator is selling off 40 per cent of itself and is hoping the share sale will value the company at about £1bn, according to anonymous sources speaking to Bloomberg.
John Oates, 30 Jun 2004

Wi-Fi finds no space on the forecourt

Wi-Fi and mobile payment solutions still to prove their worth in forecourt self-service Globally, almost 30 per cent of petrol forecourts offer automated payment systems, and in certain markets 90-100 per cent of sites operate at least one outdoor payment terminal. Here, we argue that forecourt retailers should still be focussing their attentions on traditional automated payment solutions rather than the latest 'innovative' alternatives.
Datamonitor, 30 Jun 2004

UK police nab 11 in Net gun crackdown

UK police today launched a crackdown on the sale of illegal weapons over the Internet. Raids began in London, with searches of 18 addresses.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2004

Motorola smart phone to offer 1.3Mp cam, Bluetooth

Motorola is preparing to update its MPx200 Windows Mobile-based smart phone with an updated version, the MPx220, according to company documents seen by The Register.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2004

MPs demand big stick for hackers

A committee of MPs and peers today produced recommendations on updating Britain’s aging computer crime laws. The All Party Internet Group (APIG) is advocating stiffer sentencing for computer criminals and laws to make denial of service attacks - a grey area within existing laws - a specific offence.
John Leyden, 30 Jun 2004

Europe sees nano-electronics as 'future oil'

A group of Europe-based technology companies and research organisations has called on the European Commission to co-ordinate massive public and private investment in the transition from micro to nano-scale electronics.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2004

Hungarian virus writer avoids jail

A Hungarian virus writer escaped prison yesterday after he was convicted of writing a virus that infected tens of thousands of Windows PCs. The teenager - identified only as Laszlo K - was given two years' probation for cybercrime offences by Veszprem City Court.
John Leyden, 30 Jun 2004

This is what is happening to Iraq's Internet domain

AnalysisWith the handover of power in Iraq this week, from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to the Interim Iraqi Government, the issue of the country's Internet has again become a big issue.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2004
Broken CD with wrench

Cisco buys software backup firm

Cisco is to buy data backup firm Actona Technologies for $82m cash. Privately-owned Actona makes software which makes it easier to back-up corporate data across wide area networks.
John Leyden, 30 Jun 2004

US court waves through Microsoft DoJ settlement

The US Court of Appeals has rejected the appeal of the state of Massachusetts and two US industry groups against Microsoft's anti-trust settlement and final judgment with the US Department of Justice and 18 states. The dissenters had called on the court to make Microsoft uncouple - or, in their phrase, to stop commingling - Windows from other programs, such as Internet Explorer.
Drew Cullen, 30 Jun 2004

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