28th June 2004 Archive

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  • Kids, cancer and mobile phones

    28 June 1999

    Mobile 28 Jun 08:14

  • Egg attracts interest from Capital One

    E-bank sale drags on

    Financial News 28 Jun 08:18

  • Sony may test hybrid DVD/CDs in UK

    DualDisc trial to follow broader US roll-out

    Media 28 Jun 08:46

  • Sun open sources Looking Glass

    and updates Java tools and platform

    Developer 28 Jun 09:01

  • MS expands WinCE 5.0 'shared' source licence

    Commercial code derivatives can stay closed

    Operating Systems 28 Jun 09:20

  • EC suspends Microsoft sanctions

    Pending appeal

    Operating Systems 28 Jun 09:21

  • Intel shaves a buck off certain Centrinos

    Generous or what?

    Channel 28 Jun 10:03

  • Mobile phones rot your balls

    Hello Moto. Goodbye Mojo

    Mobile 28 Jun 10:18

  • Intel preps i925XE chipset with gigahertz FSB

    Pitched at Pentium 4 Extreme Edition

    Channel 28 Jun 10:32

  • Singaporean sets SMS world speed record

    26 words in 43 seconds

    Mobile 28 Jun 10:49

  • iTunes users hijack iMixes to demand indie content

    Activists co-opt Apple's own technology

    Financial News 28 Jun 11:25

  • Virgin Mobile edges closer to IPO

    Not good to talk right now, though

    Financial News 28 Jun 11:50

  • CERT recommends anything but IE

    Safer surfing

    Security 28 Jun 11:50

  • Email use survey results: report now in

    Data collated, conclusions drawn

    Reg Technology Panel 28 Jun 12:24

  • Kent pubs win rural broadband award

    Pub's the hub

    Broadband 28 Jun 12:27

  • UK IT departments waste £165m a year

    Back to basics, and back to India...

    Developer 28 Jun 12:37

  • Killer cyberappliances: Satan implicated

    The Devil is in the wiring

    Science 28 Jun 12:39

  • European betting sites brace for attack

    Euro 2004 extortion bonanza?

    Security 28 Jun 12:41

  • Astronomers uncover mystery at galactic core

    How did it get so hot?

    Science 28 Jun 12:44

  • Hotel calls disgruntled punter a 'tw*t'

    Email customer service, Nottingham style

    Bootnotes 28 Jun 13:19

  • Red Hat, Novell back Real Linux player

    With no iTunes, what else?

    Media 28 Jun 15:08

  • EC gets embedded in systems

    Chips with everything

    Science 28 Jun 15:17

  • T-Mobile unveils Wi-Fi PDA-phone

    Sports slide out keyboard too

    Mobile 28 Jun 15:23

  • Pixies top UK download chart

    Fully live on 1 September

    Financial News 28 Jun 15:26

  • Hutchison 3G on road to break-even

    Just round corner, claims CEO

    Mobile 28 Jun 15:30

  • MPs slam premium-rate 'criminal scams'

    Tough talking at £1.50 a minute

    Broadband 28 Jun 15:33

  • MS, open source, The Facts and the fit-ups

    We explain How It Works

    Software 28 Jun 16:25

  • Fujitsu and Microsoft cement Itanium future

    Making Windows mission critical

    Servers 28 Jun 16:46

  • Dutch downplay 3G health scare study

    Results require verification, says Health Council

    Mobile 28 Jun 17:24

  • Brain Academy 2: Calling all students

    Fancy doing a comp sci degree?

    Science 28 Jun 17:26

  • Intel feels more 'complete' with release of 64-bit Xeon

    Opteron-capable, don't you know

    Servers 28 Jun 18:38

  • WSIS II warm-up degenerates into human rights punch-up

    Tantrums in Tunisia

    Media 28 Jun 18:43

  • Apple 'launches Longhorn' with better search, graphics

    While Redmond blogs, Cupertino codes

    Mac Channel 28 Jun 20:46

  • Gates defends Microsoft patch efforts

    'We are absolutely doing our best'

    Security 28 Jun 22:06

  • Internet Explorer. Quick, call security!

    The Redmond Butterfly Effect

    Security 28 Jun 22:27

  • Beastie Boys claim no virus on crippled CD

    We'll be the judge of that

    Media 28 Jun 22:31

  • Sun's HPTC chief becomes loosely coupled

    Khan to hunt Beowulf elsewhere

    Servers 28 Jun 22:39