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Kids, cancer and mobile phones

It was five years ago today...It's (sort of) official: mobile phones fry your brain and, what's more, they are particularly fond of unstabilised children's brains:
Team Register, 28 Jun 2004

Egg attracts interest from Capital One

The long-running saga concerning the sale of Egg has taken a new twist with yet another company emerging as favourite to buy the UK Internet bank.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2004

Sony may test hybrid DVD/CDs in UK

Sony Music International is deciding whether to test-launch DualDisc DVD/CD hybrids in the UK following a successful trial in the US and the formal approval of the format by the DVD Forum.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

Sun open sources Looking Glass

Sun will kick off its annual JavaOne developer event by releasing its Looking Glass window manager under the GPL. It's basically a crude compositor for X11, but it gives the ancient windowing system a fresh lick of paint, and makes for a stunning demo. Sun hasn't often been able to show off eye-candy, so it's great publicity.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jun 2004

MS expands WinCE 5.0 'shared' source licence

Microsoft will begin shipping the latest version of Windows CE, version 5.0, on 9 July, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

EC suspends Microsoft sanctions

The European Commission has suspended sanctions against Microsoft. The software giant should have started offering a version of Windows without its media player from today. The EC ruled in March that Microsoft had abused its monopoly position and levied a fine of €497m and ordered the company to offer a media player-free version of Windows.
John Oates, 28 Jun 2004

Intel shaves a buck off certain Centrinos

Intel only unveiled Centrino bundles based on its 90nm 'Dothan' Pentium M and its ProWireless 2000BG Wi-Fi add-in card last week, but it has cut those packages' prices already.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

Mobile phones rot your balls

Carrying a mobile phone can reduce a man's sperm count by as much as 30 per cent, according to Hungarian scientists. The study suggests that the radiation from a phone on a belt or in their pocket, even on standby, is enough to have an effect on both sperm count, and the mobility of surviving sperm.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Jun 2004

Intel preps i925XE chipset with gigahertz FSB

Intel will later this year offer an updated version of its recently released i925X 'Alderwood' that supports a 1066MHz frontside bus.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

Singaporean sets SMS world speed record

A Singaporean woman yesterday thumbed her way into the record books by winning the SingTel SMS Shootout - a competition to find the world's fastest texter.
Lester Haines, 28 Jun 2004

iTunes users hijack iMixes to demand indie content

Apple's incorporation of "dozens" of independent record labels into its UK iTunes Music Store catalogue is not enough for a number of the company's customers who are using Apple's own technology to petition the iPod maker to reach a deal with UK indies.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

Virgin Mobile edges closer to IPO

Virgin Mobile has declined to comment on a Reuters report that it plans to confirm a float this week. The Daily Telegraph reports that the company is sounding out big City spenders regarding the possible £1bn flotation on the London Stock Exchange. T-Mobile, which supplies Virgin's network infrastructure, will pocket up to £100m of the cash raised.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2004

CERT recommends anything but IE

US CERT (the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team), is advising people to ditch Internet Explorer and use a different browser after the latest security vulnerability in the software was exposed.
John Oates, 28 Jun 2004

Kent pubs win rural broadband award

Locals in three pubs in Kent are celebrating after their wireless broadband scheme netted a local business award.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2004

UK IT departments waste £165m a year

IT departments are wasting £165m a year by failing to keep control of IT projects, under-using existing offshore resources and not keeping strategy in line with overall business strategy.
John Oates, 28 Jun 2004

Killer cyberappliances: Satan implicated

Inhabitants of the Italian village of Canneto di Caronia - previously evacuated after domestic appliances staged an inflammatory uprising - have made a fearful return to their homes.
Lester Haines, 28 Jun 2004

European betting sites brace for attack

European soccer betting sites are increasingly targeted by cyber extortionists, German computer magazine c't reports. Sites are flooded with spurious requests (distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack) in an attempt to force online bookmakers to cough up or face shutdown.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Jun 2004

Astronomers uncover mystery at galactic core

A group of astronomers has come up with a new theory to explain the X-ray glow in the centre of our galaxy. The only problem is that in their search for answers, they've stumbled on a bigger mystery.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Jun 2004

Hotel calls disgruntled punter a 'tw*t'

A Nottingham hotel manageress who accidently hit "reply" instead of "forward" when dealing with a disgruntled punter's email complaint set a new standard in customer service - by calling him a "twat".
Lester Haines, 28 Jun 2004

Red Hat, Novell back Real Linux player

Real Networks has persuaded Red Hat and Novell to bundle its open source Helix Player ahead of the release of a Linux version of its partially open source Real Player 10 later this summer, the companies said today.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

EC gets embedded in systems

The European Commission has launched a new initiative, in partnership with industry, aimed a securing Europe a leading position in the developing embedded systems market.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Jun 2004

T-Mobile unveils Wi-Fi PDA-phone

T-Mobile has revealed that it is indeed planning to offer a third incarnation of its MDA (Mobile Digital Assistant) PocketPC-based phone that will feature a QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi support.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2004

Pixies top UK download chart

The Phonographic Industry (BPI) official chart for downloaded singles is going live from the 1 September.
John Oates, 28 Jun 2004

Hutchison 3G on road to break-even

Canning Fok, chief executive of Hutchison Wampoa, believes 3G phone services could break even sooner than he predicted.
John Oates, 28 Jun 2004

MPs slam premium-rate 'criminal scams'

MPs have warned that some premium rate phone services are little more than a "criminal scam" designed to rip off innocent people.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2004

MS, open source, The Facts and the fit-ups

Microsoft is now nearing the end of its "Get the Facts" UK roadshow on Open Source. and we at The Register think it's high time we looked at whether or not the company is getting value for its money, and indeed at the way it's spending that money. We've already produced a report of the London gig, but in order for you to understand How It Works we also need to give you an idea of what's also been going on under the covers.
John Lettice, 28 Jun 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Fujitsu and Microsoft cement Itanium future

Fujitsu has sweetened its relationship with Microsoft at the high end of the server market with the two companies announcing today a long range shared development plan.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Jun 2004

Dutch downplay 3G health scare study

The Dutch Health Council says that a study by research institute TNO which linked UMTS or 3G base stations to complaints about nausea and headaches in people close to them needs to be replicated. The study caused quite a stir last year.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Jun 2004

Brain Academy 2: Calling all students

The organisers of Brain Academy - the computer science competition in which A-level students compete for a place at Queen Mary's University, London - have opened the contest to all-comers in a bid to encourage more people to consider computer science as a career option.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Jun 2004
DVD it in many colours

Intel feels more 'complete' with release of 64-bit Xeon

Intel today officially ended its x86-64-bit denial, rolling out the first Opteron-capable Xeon processor for workstations.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Jun 2004

WSIS II warm-up degenerates into human rights punch-up

The first preparatory conference (PrepCom I) for the forthcoming second World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS II) managed to agree a roadmap for next year's Tunisian get-together, despite an unseemly human rights row which held up the conference's plenary session in Hammamet, Tunisia, for an hour on Saturday night.
Monika Ermert, 28 Jun 2004

Apple 'launches Longhorn' with better search, graphics

Many of the features due to appear Microsoft's Longhorn will appear a year early in Mac OS X "Tiger", Apple claimed today. The next major revision does indeed offer some benefits that OS vendors have been talking about for more than a decade, such as real-time content retrieval, and point and click scripting. But there are other attractions amongst the ten CEO Steve Jobs showcased this morning at Apple's Annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), such as APIs for video and image manipulation libraries which will be bundled withe OS, real 64-bit addressing, and iChat video conferencing. But the stars are undoubtedly search and scripting.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jun 2004

Gates defends Microsoft patch efforts

SydneyMicrosoft chairman Bill Gates defended the company's handling of security patches Monday following widespread attacks on the Internet by suspected Russian organized crime gangs.
Patrick Gray, 28 Jun 2004

Internet Explorer. Quick, call security!

OpinionMost of you have heard of a reportedly widespread compromise of an unknown number of clients through an unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer. The clients were owned by visiting commercial websites that had previously been compromised by a yet undetermined method; the attackers dropping code onto those servers that customers would then launch when the site was visited.
Tim Mullen, 28 Jun 2004

Beastie Boys claim no virus on crippled CD

The Beastie Boys website claims that the copy-control mechanism on the DRM-crippled CD "To the 5 Boroughs" does not install any files on the victim's computer.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jun 2004

Sun's HPTC chief becomes loosely coupled

Sun Microsystems' high performance computing chief Shahin Khan is leaving the company and heading for a realm unknown.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Jun 2004

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