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Penis pill peddler stiffs AOL spam insider

An AOL employee has been arrested and charged with conspiracy, after selling 92 million screen names to an Internet gambling operator in Las Vegas. 24-year-old Jason Smathers found out how to access what the charges describe as AOL's "highly secure database" when he was assigned another employee's laptop PC. All the instructions he needed were on the machine.
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Microsoft patents the body electric

After you shake hands with Microsoft, according to the company's critics, count your fingers. But the warning can be seen in a whole new light after Redmond was granted a patent for "transmitting power and data using the human body". It's a technology first demonstrated and patented by IBM in 1996, when Lou Gerstner used Comdex to exchange business cards by shaking hands. Lou's PAN was developed at IBM's Almaden lab, where researcher Thomas Zimmerman built on earlier exploratory work at MIT's Media Lab, where he was a researcher.

Tyan to ship Socket T mobos next quarter

Mobo maker Tyan this week launched itself into the Socket T market with a pair of motherboards based on Intel's new i915 and i925 chipsets, better known as Grantsdale and Alderwood.
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Intel Wi-Fi module trims Centrino prices

Updated Intel yesterday announced a pair of new 90nm Pentium M processors, this time extending the line downwards.
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Taiwan notebook makers 'unwilling' to sell Athlon 64 kit locally

Taiwanese notebook makers are reluctant to offer AMD Athlon 64-based machines under their own names, according to insider sources cited by DigiTimes, who claim that Asia-Pacific buyers prefer Intel-based notebooks.
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Sony, PalmOne and the death of the PDA?

Sony pulls out of PDA market shouts the headlines - but why should they be expected to be there forever? Certainly their percentage of PDA market share figures were good, and the design of the Sony devices was excellent as always. I'm a huge fan of Sony's industrial design prowess. But as is often the case, it's not about the technology, but something else.
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MSN hikes Hotmail storage

Microsoft's MSN today entered the email storage race, upping inbox limits for non-paying Hotmail customers to 250MB - 125 times bigger than today.
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eBayer fires salvo at PS2-vending mum

The mother who sold her son's PS2 on eBay has received an online admonition from a fellow eBayer.
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Feds urge secrecy over network outages

Giving the public too many details about significant network service outages could present cyberterrorists with a "virtual road map" to targeting critical infrastructures, according to the US Department of Homeland Security, which this month urged regulators to keep such information secret.
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When spyware crosses the line

One of my friends called me in a panic the other day. It seems his eight-year-old daughter was surfing the Internet, searching for Barbie dolls, games designed for children, and other things of interest to eight-year-old girls, when something bad popped up on the screen. She may not have understood what she saw, but she knew it was bad and so she called Mom and Dad.
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BT's phone network hit by 'illicit access'

BT has admitted that someone has gained "illicit access" to its network after half the homes in Norfolk village Thurne were billed for calls made to premium-rate XXX phone numbers.
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MS to request stay of EC ruling

Microsoft is to ask for a stay of the EC ruling that it must share information with its competitors, pending its appeal.
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Napster pays BestBuy $10m to promote music service

Napster has followed its joint-marketing deal with British high street consumer electronics retailer Dixons by signing a similar promotional arrangement with US giant Best Buy.
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Java Database Connection and RMI

Register Training The Register's new Training Site has proved to be hugely popular with readers, and today we're taking the opportunity to highlight a new course: Java Database Connection and RMI.
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'Leaked' Xbox 2 spec no hoax, claim developers

The controversy over what will be included in Microsoft's second-generation Xbox console continued yesterday with the publication across the Net a purported internal Microsoft whitepaper describing the console's specifications.
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Oracle-Peoplesoft merger will boost competition - SAP

An senior SAP executive has testified that a merger between Oracle and Peoplesoft would increase competition in the enterprise software market. Combined with Microsoft's evident expansion into the sector, the testimony could strengthen Oracle's case in its fight with the Department of Justice, which moved to block the buy earlier this year.
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Accenture wins £400m Barclays outsourcing gig

In brief Barclays has appointed Accenture to run its banking systems applications development in a six-year £400m deal. The outsourcing contract will see 900 bank staff handed over to Accenture under TUPE rules. So jobs and benefits should be safe for two years. No-one appears to be complaining - banking union Unifi says the deal was signed only after tough negotiations.
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AOL splashes $435m on Advertising.com

America Online (AOL) is to splash out $435m (£240m) cash to buy online ad outfit Advertising.com. The deal is expected to be completed by late Summer - subject to the usual checks - and should help boost advertising revenues for the Internet giant.

Cisco sued in Wi-Fi patent clash

Canadian wireless technology licensing company Wi-LAN has begun legal action against Cisco, alleging the networking giant's Linksys and Aironet products are making use of its intellectual property without permission.
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If Slot A is Athlon, is Slot B Bi-Athlon?

It was five years ago today... Short, sweet and pleasing - that's today's dip into the well of history:
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We have the knife for the man who has everything

Cash'n'Carrion If you're the kind of person who has climbed to the very pinnacle of the achievement tree and has the trophies to prove it - Bentley, beach house in Bermuda, motor cruiser on a Roman Abramovich scale - then you will definitely need to get your hands on the latest Victorinox knife from Cash'n'Carrion.
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Sony Ericsson Vodafone-only phone to go Live! in July

Sony Ericsson will begin selling its first Vodafone-only handset next month.
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ABIT AS8 Socket T mobo with AGP

Review With all the fuss about the new Intel chipsets, DDR 2 memory, new CPUs and PCI Express, one might wonder if there is a path for people who want to upgrade their PC, but want to stick with their AGP graphics card and DDR memory. The good news is that ABIT already has a product ready if you fancy a new Socket T processor, but don't want to replace your AGP GeForce 6800 Ultra that finally arrived in the post last week, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
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Fancy appearing in Hitchhiker's Guide movie?

If you fancy winning a spot as an extra on the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then you'd better get your camera out and your skates on.

IT outsourcing goes east

Could Oymyakon in eastern Siberia - named the world's coldest inhabited village according to Guinness World Records - ever be the Silicon Valley of the future? It's not as unlikely as it sounds.
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Germany tops porn Web hosting superleague

Germany is the Web host with the most - at least in terms of pornography. The .de TLD boasts 10,030,200 pages of smut, beating the UK's 8,506,800 pages into the runners-up spot.
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Calling a BT Bluephone could cost you dear

People phoning BT's yet-to-be-launched "Bluephone" service could be stung for the cost of a mobile phone call - even if the Bluephone they're calling is connected to BT's fixed-line network.
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Britain's Web presence to be saved

A group of British archiving and educational institutions, including the British Library and the National Archives, have come together with the aim of preserving a record of Britain's Web presence.
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Shuttle shows Socket T SFF PCs

Taiwanese small form-factor barebones PC specialist Shuttle this week said it was adding Intel's new i915G chipset - one of the Grantsdale family - to its XPC desktop line-up.
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ESA on mission to surf gravity's waves

A UK company has won the contract to build the heart of an ESA experiment designed to detect gravity waves, predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity.
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BOFH and the workplace hazards

Episode 20 Episode 20 What the hell's that?" the PFY asks as he enters Mission Control, narrowly missing a huge pile of paper just inside the door. "That would be the identified hazards in our workplace," I reply. "What the BLOODY HELL are they playing at?!" the PFY snaps, echoing my own frustration. "They've been annoying us for more …
ASCII picture of tombstone

Programming pioneer Bob Bemer dies at 84

Bob Bemer - the man who helped bring ASCII, the ESCape and backslash keys, and Y2K warnings to the world - died this week at his home on Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas.