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Nortel and Cisco chat prompts merger mania

A little light conversation between the bosses of Cisco and Nortel was enough to send takeover rumour merchants into hyper-spin.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2004

Sony adds HDD to USB Flash drive line-up

Reg Kit WatchThe mini hard drive is already challenging Flash in the MP3 player market, and it now looks like pursuing solid-state storage into the USB drive market too.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2004

Bluetooth folding keyboard enters the wild

If you've been wondering when you'd be able to get a truly wireless keyboard for your PDA or smartphone, the wait is nearly over. However, neat as this latest Stowaway folding keyboard from Think Outside looks, it doesn't come cheap.
Bryan Betts, 21 Jun 2004

AMD: no longer the also-ran

Throughout the 1990s, Intel and Advanced Micro Devices battled to capture the imagination of computer buyers by offering ever-faster performance. More recently, the competition between the two companies has become more like a game of paper, scissors, stone, as each company attempts to surprise the market with unexpected new technologies.
Datamonitor, 21 Jun 2004

Unisys pushes the ES7000 envelope

Vendors get judged on peak performance of their biggest, baddest boxes, but they make their bread on more modest machines. This is why server maker Unisys, which has for three years been the staunchest supporters of Windows in the datacenter, recently spent big bucks to prove the ES7000 Wintel mainframes deliver the best bang for the buck in the 16-way and 32-way server space...
Datamonitor, 21 Jun 2004

Universal to revive dead CD single format

Universal Music's UK wing is to bring the 8cm CD back from the dead later this month, in a desperate bid to revive the singles market. The 'new' format will be called Pocket CD, but is essentially the compact CD developed in the mid-1980s as the format for CD singles.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2004

EMI, Warner Music renew 'pre-nup talks'

EMI wants to woo Warner Music Group again with a view to marriage, in the wake of the anticipated merger between Sony Music and Bertelsmann Music Group.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2004

SpaceShipOne ready for go

Paul Allen's SpaceShipOne is scheduled for launch today, in a bid to be the first privately-funded, manned craft to leave the Earth's atmosphere for a sub-orbital spaceflight.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Jun 2004

IBM overtakes HP in top of the teraflops

IBM has replaced HP as the hostest with the mostest fastest supercomputers. In the 23rd bi-annual survey of Top 500 supercomputer sites, IBM has 44.8 per cent of entrants and 50.12 per cent of the performance. HP is in second place with 28 per cent of systems and 18.5 per cent of installed performance.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2004

UK.biz complacent over virus threats

UK small businesses are too complacent over the threat of sophisticated viruses, despite the financial losses caused by such attacks.
Startups.co.uk, 21 Jun 2004

C&W moots more UK acquisitions

Cable & Wireless - the telco even the boss admits was regarded as "down and out" - has ambitions to be a major business telecoms player in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2004

FriendsReunited buys Aussie site

FriendsReunited has bought www.schoolfriends.com.au for an undisclosed sum - or £1m according to Aussie papers.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2004

Linux alliance fights against Euro software patents

It was five years ago today......that the campaign began against EU moves to extend patent law to software. For a little while last year the anti-software patent lobby looked like it had the upper hand, after the European Parliament voted for very strict guidlines on what could be patented. As we know now, this was not to last. The current form of the Directive is somewhat open to interpretation.
Team Register, 21 Jun 2004

Syrian surfer jailed

A Syrian who downloaded and distributed material from a website banned by Syrian authorities has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2004

China urges ISPs to sign 'self-disciplinary' pact

China's Internet industry is being urged to put its house in order to prevent the spread of anti-government information, porn and anything else that might threaten "national security (and) social stability".
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2004

Sendo X S60 smartphone rollout finally starts

Sendo has finally started shipping its Sendo X Series 60 handset, its bid to establish itself as a 'name' brand in the high-spec smartphone market. The X was subject to one of Sendo's mysterious false starts towards the end of last year, but although late it is probably still in time to turn heads provided Sendo can achieve the volumes.
John Lettice, 21 Jun 2004

'Spit with Totti' - the online challenge

Readers looking for a bit of tension-busting light relief ahead of tonight's clash between England and Croatia should have a shufti at the Italian website offering fans a chance to Spit with Totti.
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2004

Dell launches i915, i925 systems

Dell has launched a series of desktops based on Intel's new i915 and i925 chipsets, better known as Grantsdale and Alderwood, respectively.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2004
Cat 5 cable

Met Office bags shiny new supercomputer

The Meterological Office, the hub of the UK's weather forecasting, has opened a new supercomputing centre in Exeter as part of the celebrations of its 150th anniversary.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Jun 2004

Glasgow vandals cut 5,000 phone lines

Some 2,500 phone lines are still on the blink in Glasgow after telephone cables were cut by vandals over the weekend.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2004

Workers get into email trouble

UK employers are more likely to discipline staff for abusing email than for inappropriate Internet use.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2004

Symantec hits counterfeit biz for $3.2m

Symantec has won damages of $3.2m against a company selling fake versions of its anti-virus software. The owner of the business, Richard Mastrogiovanni, must personally pay $25,000 damages to Symantec.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2004

Bahrain mobile number: yours for $13k

Fool, money, parted: those are the words which come to mind at the news that a Bahrain mobile and and licence plate dealer is offering "eye-catching" mobe number 9111119 for a cool 5,000 dinars - around $13,200 dollars.
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2004

Dell UK slashes Dimension to just £53,000

Cash-strapped readers looking for an online bargain could do worse than pop into Dell UK's store and have a look at the Dimension XPS
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2004

North Americans confused about VoIP

US Net users are confused about VoIP and what it can do. More than half admit that they haven't a clue about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). And six in ten of those who have heard of VoIP are confused about how the Internet-based telephone service really works.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2004

Oracle waves goodbye to NetSuite

Oracle has cancelled Netsuite's rights to resell its software, in advance of a widely-expected sales push to smaller businesses.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2004

GorillaPark emerges as GP Ventures

GorillaPark, the largest privately-held tech incubator and business accelerator in Europe and once a bellwether of the now-burst technology bubble, is no longer.
Jan Libbenga, 21 Jun 2004

Hewitt takes HRO lead with Exult acquisition

Hewitt's acquisition of Exult for $691m sees it taking the lead in the nascent human resources outsourcing sector. The deal will put Hewitt ahead of traditional IT services giants such as IBM Global Services, Accenture, Affiliated Computer Services, and EDS, which are rapidly moving into the HRO sector.
Datamonitor, 21 Jun 2004

Nortel stock rallies on talk of Cisco bid

Nortel Networks stock rose strongly towards the end of last week following speculation that Cisco Systems is considering a bid for the company. The timing looks good for Cisco to acquire its smaller rival, but it is rarely interested in such large acquisitions.
Datamonitor, 21 Jun 2004

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