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Nokia 'invests in Mozilla'

Nokia has invested in the Mozilla Foundation according to a report at CNET which cites anonymous sources. Nokia won't confirm the news, but it makes sense for the phone giant to keep its options open. Nokia currently ships the runaway leading browser Opera on its Symbian smartphones. In February Mozilla's Minimo Project for handhelds and embedded manufacturers released its first public preview, based on Mozilla 1.7.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jun 2004

Intel intros 775-pin Pentium 4s

Intel has announced six new 775-pin Pentium 4 processors, to accompany it latest chipsets, also announced today.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2004

Intel i915P, G and i925X chipsets

ReviewUsually little happens at weekends in the world of computers, but for some reason, Intel has today decided to launch a completely new PC platform. Today's launch will impact the way PCs work for the foreseeable future with a wide range of new technologies that will, over time replace many of the things we're used to seeing in a PC, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 19 Jun 2004

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