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AMD sets date for dual-core CPUs

AMD has come clean and painted in - albeit with rather a broad brush - its dual-core processor strategy.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2004

AMD updates public roadmap

AMD yesterday updated its public roadmap, adding the dual-core processors its expects to ship next year, and filling out its collection of 90nm core codenames.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2004

Yahoo! inboxes get 25 times bigger

Yahoo! is increasing the amount of storage its email subscribers get to fight off the challenge from Google's Gmail service.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

VoIP suffers identity crisis

AnalysisTwo very different people, from vastly different backgrounds, described two virtually identical ways of working at the VON show for VoIP in the UK. Both are appealing, but very different in price, technology and approach. And the key to the future of voice over IP, is perhaps in knowing which one is right.
Faultline, 15 Jun 2004

RealNetworks to premiere movie service

RealNetworks has finally got its hands on a movie service to show-piece its own video player alongside its market leading Rhapsody online music service. It has done it in a deal with Starz Encore, the cable TV film supplier, which was cut two years ago, but which is finally going ahead after what appear to be legal delays.
Faultline, 15 Jun 2004

Sony ditches illegal flyposting

Sony will stop all illegal flyposting after a London council got Anti-Social Behaviour Orders against its executives. Catherine Davies and Jo Headland, UK managing director and marketing director at Sony, were both threatened with Asbos to force them to stop flyposting campaigns or face prison for breaching the order.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Google's Gmail: spook heaven?

Google's plans to run targeted advertising with the mail that you see through its new Gmail service represents a potential break for government agencies that want to use autobots to monitor the contents of electronic communications travelling across networks. Even though the configuration of the Gmail service minimises the intrusion into privacy, it represents a disturbing conceptual paradigm - the idea that computer analysis of communications is not a search. This is a dangerous legal precedent which both law enforcement and intelligence agencies will undoubtedly seize upon and extend, to the detriment of our privacy.
Mark Rasch, 15 Jun 2004

Teenager gets three years for eBay scam

A Californian teenager was sentenced to three years for defrauding users of eBay's auction services. The 19-year old, Cole Bartiromo, was ordered to pay $20,000 back to his victims and spend 33 months in prison.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

New liquid crystal promises faster LCDs

Researchers have observed a new type of liquid crystal - long theorised, but not observed until now - that they say promises faster and cheaper liquid crystal displays.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2004

Germany debuts Creative Commons

BerlinThe German version of the alternative license system Creative Commons was formally launched during the third Wizard of OS conference in Berlin last week.
Monika Ermert, 15 Jun 2004

Offshoring a growing option

European companies are increasingly keen on offshoring business processes to cut costs, and British companies are even keener.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Inverclyde IT staff fight outsource threat

Public sector union Unison is threatening strike action if a local council decides to privatise its IT services.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Broadband to dominate UK by 2005

The number of broadband subscribers in the UK is set to overtake narrowband punters during 2005 as more and more people hook up to high-speed Net services.
Tim Richardson, 15 Jun 2004

UK gov backs solar power projects

The government has allocated £2.2m of funding to solar energy projects, Energy Minister Stephen Timms announced today, but the solar power industry has called for more clarity about what will happen once the funding runs out.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2004

Emails damage your health

It was five years ago today...Continuing this week's loose theme of the detrimental effect email has had on society since the first electronic message came thundering down the phone lines way back when it was all fields round here, we are reminded of a 1999 warning that if we didn't lighten up on the mass communication, we'd all be dead within as year. Or at the very least in a mental institution:
Team Register, 15 Jun 2004

Virus attacks mobiles via Bluetooth

Some useful citizen has written a virus which targets mobile phones running the Symbian operating system. Anti-virus groups received the worm from its authors but it is not yet "in the wild".
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Hunt on for London's oldest PC

IT outfit Kinitron Total IT Care Limited is on the hunt for London's oldest PC.
Tim Richardson, 15 Jun 2004

Apple iTunes details prices

Steve Jobs was in London today for the launch of Apple's iTunes service for the UK, France and Germany.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Apple opens iTunes in the UK, France and Germany

Apple pressed the 'on' button for the UK, French and German incarnations of its iTunes Music Store today, and promised to turn the online download shop up to eleven when it opens a pan-European store and announces a series of deals with car makers later this year.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2004

Wanadoo ties distie knot with Evesham

Anyone buying a new PC from Evesham Technology will now find that it carries pre-installed Net access software from Wanadoo UK after the two firms inked an exclusive PC pre-load and distribution agreement.
Tim Richardson, 15 Jun 2004

Viruses and spam hit small firms harder

Over a third of small businesses are suffering significant financial losses due to unsolicited emails, faxes and computer viruses.
Startups.co.uk, 15 Jun 2004

Yahoo! storage goes negative

Yahoo!'s announcement that it was increasing storage limits for its email service should have been good news all round. But some Register readers got a rather strange email when they logged into Yahoo! this morning.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Zafi-b speaks in many tongues

Security firms have issued warnings over a multilingual computer virus that can shut down firewalls and disable anti-virus software. Zafi-b, which is also known as Hazafi or Erkez-b, spreads both as an email attachment and via peer-to-peer file-sharing systems, using techniques common to similar worms. The worm, first discovered last week and now spreading rapidly, is delivered in the form of a .pif, .exe or .com file.
ElectricNews.net, 15 Jun 2004

Gateway optimistic for quarter

Gateway, the PC maker, says losses for the second quarter, ending 30 June 2004, should be smaller than and revenues a little higher than previously anticipated.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2004

Iris scans at UK airports, says Home Office

The Home Office is to install iris scanning technology in major UK airports. It says this will speed up immigration times for those who register on the scheme, as well as providing a "substantial increase in security".
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2004

Indie labels reject iTunes

Apple's European iTunes launch went ahead today without the support of some of the UK's biggest independent labels.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2004

Akamai goes postal, kills Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Apple, Lycos...

UpdatedA major cock-up at Akamai has seen the world's biggest websites vanish from view for two hours today.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Jun 2004

Veritas cleans up financials

In SEC statements there is truth, eventually. Veritas yesterday made good on its promise to restate past financial statements, as a result of an investigation of its accounting practices. The company charged itself with incorrectly booking professional services revenue and expenses in some periods. The restatement is Veritas' second recent foray into SEC filing revision in as many years. Last year, Veritas removed $20m in revenue from its 2000 and 2001 books as a result of dealing between it and AOL.
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jun 2004

Oracle closes year with modest revenue run

Oracle strolled along in its fourth quarter, posting results best described as decent. Oracle's revenue rose 9 per cent year-over-year to $3.1bn. This came on a 12 per cent increase in software sales to $2.5bn and a 4 per cent decline in services revenue to $558m. Net income in the fourth quarter rose 15 per cent to $990m, which compares to $858m in the same quarter a year ago.
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jun 2004

Harvard man loses 3,000 weblogs

Eccentric software developer Dave Winer has removed access to 3,000 weblogs hosted by the company he founded Userland at weblogs.com, without giving any prior notice. Bloggers have been told that if they ask nicely, they may have their data back next month. Winer blamed a computer for his decision.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jun 2004

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