14th June 2004 Archive

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  • Apple readies European iTunes launch

    Excitement reaches fever pitch

    Financial News 14 08:30

  • France gets first virtual mobile operator

    Cheaper texts ahoy

    Mobile 14 08:52

  • Churn baby churn: junk email inferno

    14 June 1999

    Security 14 08:54

  • Nokia unveils phones, promises Wi-Fi

    And a keyboard

    Mobile 14 09:07

  • Sheep like happy, smiley people: official

    More cutting-edge scientific research

    Science 14 09:08

  • Kazaa in German trademark punch-up

    Mi Casa no es tu Kazaa

    Financial News 14 09:23

  • Phoebe's past writ large in craters

    Saturn's moon shows its age

    Science 14 09:57

  • NTL signs up Napster

    Punters to pay extra for music downloads

    Financial News 14 09:59

  • AMD to ship mobile Athlons, Semprons in Q3

    Low-power parts

    Channel 14 10:31

  • BT links to eBay

    Small business gets a boost

    Small Biz 14 10:33

  • Jormaspeak - Nokia CEO explains targets, culls and price cuts

    Ollila sucks the bullet

    Mobile 14 10:35

  • Consumers want big telcos to supply VoIP services

    Not so hot for start-ups

    Broadband 14 10:40

  • Italian gov text spams entire country

    Berlusconi orders mass SMS election call

    Mobile 14 10:47

  • Wiltshire feds in online gnome appeal

    Do you own this gnome?

    Bootnotes 14 10:48

  • Lloyd's bets on Unisys

    £10m on desktops and servers

    Data Centre 14 10:59

  • OD2 unveils 1p-a-play digital music jukebox

    And downloads that get cheaper the more you buy

    Financial News 14 11:05

  • AOL to target Hispanic Net users in ad campaign

    ISP eyes growth market

    Financial News 14 11:47

  • Briton invades France in amphibious car

    Previous cross-channel record smashed

    Science 14 12:25

  • Vodafone finds mobile workforce

    All gadgeted up and ready to go...

    Small Biz 14 12:28

  • Forum approves Apple music format for DVD Audio

    Steering Committee says 'yes'

    Storage 14 12:30

  • US woman eBays stroppy son's PS2

    Teen drank Dad's beer, paid price

    Bootnotes 14 12:45

  • Computing needs a Grand Challenge

    Sir Tony Hoare lays down the gauntlet

    Science 14 12:55

  • 16k nostalgia - Britpop style

    A musical trip down memory lane

    Bootnotes 14 13:29

  • Chinese cyber-dissident gets four years' house arrest

    Let off lightly

    Media 14 13:32

  • Nokia N-Gage QD US debut slips

    Some 60 per cent fewer titles will ship, too

    Consoles 14 13:33

  • Seagate unveils 'tiny to terabyte' hard drives

    From 5GB 1in units to 0.5TB enterprise jobs

    Storage 14 13:36

  • NASA to grow Brit strawberries on Mars

    Cream of UK horticulture

    Science 14 13:43

  • 40k hit by Telewest email snag

    'Unforeseen issues' not spotted

    Broadband 14 14:02

  • DVD Forum backs CD/DVD hybrid

    DualDisc format now official

    Storage 14 14:10

  • Amazon search engine fingers G-Spot

    Interesting related reading for kiddies

    Bootnotes 14 15:02

  • Scientists go quantum dotty over night vision

    Tailored to the infrared

    Science 14 16:28

  • FoTW: Take your SMPs to Cuba!

    I'll read none of this tripe

    Letters 14 16:50

  • Microsoft's war on GPL dealt patent setback

    FAT not a banker

    Applications 14 18:46

  • US orbiter detects non-English language signals

    Foreigners may not speak English, advises US tech guru

    Science 14 19:56

  • HP OpenView software can tax corporate bottlenecks

    Analyze this or that

    Applications 14 21:16

  • Telecom future to look a lot like the past - study

    Lumbering dinos hold all the VoIP chips

    Mobile 14 22:33