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Broken CD with wrench

EMC retools archiving software

EMC on Monday announced updates to its Centera data archiving product that give customers access to new software packages and better management tools.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jun 2004

US gov questions EC MS ruling

The US government has again questioned the way the EC chose to punish Microsoft for anti-competitive practices.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2004

ATI Radeon X800 Pro morphs into X800 XT

Ask ATI about it, and you'll be told there's no way to turn a Radeon X800 Pro into its higher-powered sibling, the Radeon X800 XT.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2004

Oracle trial gets boost from Microsoft

Larry Ellison is in court to challenge the Department of Justice which wants to stop him taking over PeopleSoft. His defence in part relies on claims that Microsoft and IBM are likely future competitors in the enterprise software market.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2004

Telcos forge convergence alliance

Leading telecoms companies are joining forces to exploit emerging markets for phones which will work on both mobile networks and fixed-line networks. BT, French group Cegetel, DoCoMo, Eurotel, Swiss and Korea Telecom are all members of the new group, called "Fixed-to-Mobile Convergence Alliance", according to the Financial Times.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2004

Ex-WorldCom CFO coughs in Mississippi court case

The ex-CFO of WorldCom pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud in front of a Mississippi court yesterday. Scott Sullivan's appearance before Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter relates to the multi-billion dollar accounting scandal that led to the high-profile collapse of the telecoms giant.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2004

Vodafone in German tax row

Vodafone is in dispute with tax authorities in Germany over an attempt to reduce the value of the business by €50bn. This loss could then be offset against future tax demands.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2004

Software patents and rebel MEPs

LettersWith the European elections looming this week, we thought a look at the positions of the main political parties regarding the software patents debate would be in order. Of course, this being politics, what those politicians say, and what they do, do not always tally...
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Jun 2004

Asus shows second MS smartphone

Asus displayed its latest Microsoft Mobile-based smartphone at Computex last week, although the Sony-Ericsson P900-like model wasn't exactly obvious.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2004

SBC serves up McDonald's Wi-Fi deal

SBC Communications Inc is to make its FreedomLink wireless broadband service available in 6,000 McDonald's restaurants in the US by the end of next Summer.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2004

Cisco picks Trend to fight network worms

Cisco and Trend Micro yesterday extended an existing security alliance with a deal to combine their respective technologies in the fight against network worms and computer viruses. Trend is among three AV companies who signed up to Cisco's Network Admission Control (NAC) program last year, a scheme designed to curtail the spread of computer worms across internal networks.
John Leyden, 08 Jun 2004

Apple posts second Mac OS X vuln patch

UpdateApple has posted a second software update intended to fix a vulnerability that exploits the way Mac OS X handles URI links.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2004

Pilkington perfects self-cleaning window

Pilkington Glass has invented a window which can clean itself, and the special glass is up for a £50,000 innovation prize.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2004

419ers open Chinese takeaway

It's been a bit quiet recently on the 419 front. Well, not quiet exactly, because our inboxes are as plump as ever with mournful pleadings for assistance from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, etc, etc, etc.
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2004

Global mobile phone sales soar

Demand for mobile phones is soaring as handset sales chalked up yet another record. Strong demand in all major regions of the world meant that total sales grew 34 per cent in the first three months of the year, compared to the same period last year.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2004

Mach 0.3 milk float goes for land speed glory

As the sun rises tomorrow morning over the Chott-el-Jerid salt flats in Tunisia, a British racing team will do battle with the record books, in a bid to claim the land speed record for an electric vehicle.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Jun 2004

Orange squashes SPV smartphone

Mobile phone network Orange has launched its latest Windows Mobile smartphone - which it claims is the smallest handset of its kind in the world.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2004

Rawhide gets taste of the Wi-Fi cowboy

While the corporate world struggles to find a business model that will make Wi-Fi hotspots pay, those agricultural types out in the countryside have been having other ideas. Not for the farmer the delights of high speed Internet access in a soulless coffee joint.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Jun 2004

Court ruling vapes Intel's Pentium patents

It was five years ago today...Some stories have what we hacks call "legs", in that they will run and run. An excellent example is the epic saga of Intergraph and its "Clipper" technology. Just three weeks ago, Intergraph settled with Gateway over the latter's alleged infrigement of Intergraph's memory management technology patent. Back in 1999, it was Intel which found itself on the receiving end of a litigious Intergraph broadside:
Team Register, 08 Jun 2004

EU attacks anti-spam industry

A senior European Union official has berated the anti-spam industry for failure to agree a common strategy. Philippe Gerard, an official with the EC's Information Society directorate, said that lack of co-operation is handicapping the fight to hold back the junk mail tsunami.
John Leyden, 08 Jun 2004

London startup dismisses Wi-Fi broadband

A trial wireless broadband service will start in London this summer, with tests continuing for a year, in an attempt to roll out a broadband service offering 33 megabits per second to corporate users. It will use 28GHz band for Greater London and be called Libera.
Guy Kewney, 08 Jun 2004

Tory used knicker salesman is ex-IT bod

ExclusiveThe Tory candidate exposed yesterday for registering a url through which his swinging wife sold shop-soiled ladies' underwear is an ex-employee of Evesham Technology, we can exclusively reveal.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2004

Espotting-FindWhat.com merger is go

Shareholders of European outfit Espotting Media ad US-based FindWhat.com have finally agreed to a merger that will see the creation of an enlarged paid-for listings operation.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2004

BT Retail extends SDSL availability

BT Retail has increased the availability of its SDSL broadband service to 150 exchanges following trials in London and Coventry.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2004

Seagate thins product line in black ink bid

Seagate is thinking small in its bid to generate more revenue with the planned release later this year of a one-inch 5GB disk drive.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jun 2004

Nokia sings the mid market blues

Gartner confirmed today that Air Nokia's sales have hit not just some minor turbulance, but a very deep air pocket. The company grabbed 38 per cent of the handset market last year, but this year has seen its share fall from 34.6 per cent in last year's first quarter to 28.4 per cent this Q1, according to Gartner. Although units shipped rose, share crashed 10 per cent in the EMEA region alone.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jun 2004

Apple fixes Mac OS X bug

Apple has at last fixed a critical vulnerability with its Mac OS X operating system. The flaw opened a mechanism for hackers to execute harmful code on vulnerable systems by tricking users into visiting maliciously-constructed websites.
John Leyden, 08 Jun 2004

HP's Fiorina not amused by lack of investor interest

An almost humble Carly Fiorina urged investors to take a closer look at HP and consider what the company has accomplished, during a meeting today with financial analysts.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jun 2004

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