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SCO makes peace with BayStar

With a little cash, The SCO Group has mollified one of the two major investors who bought into the company's legal strategy last year, only to get cold feet this year. BayStar Capital invested $20m in SCO in the form of Series A stock last fall, and recently acquired the $20m worth of stock acquired by the other major backer, the Royal Bank of Canada, after RBC pulled out.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Jun 2004

RIM makes mobile gains while Palm, Sony and Dell falter

RIM and Fujitsu are amongst the biggest gainers in a mobile device business that is becoming increasingly dominated by regional favorites. Canalys reports that in the first quarter of 2004, smartphone shipments jumped 115 per cent, while traditional PDAs rose just 1 per cent. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa shipments of what Canalys calls smartphones and feature phones surpassed unit shipments of PDAs. In North America, the trend is in the same direction, but for now PDAs (59 per cent, down from 83 per cent) have the slight edge as phones increased from 10 per cent to 23 per cent.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Jun 2004

Nvidia rejigs nForce 3 for AMD's Socket 939

ComputexNvidia has updated its nForce 3 support chip to cope with AMD's new 939-pin Athlon 64 and 64-FX processors.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004

Tyan aims four-way Opteron board at supercomp makers

ComputexMotherboard maker Tyan today unveiled its first board designed to hold four AMD Opteron 800 series processors - making it the company's highest-performance server chipset, Tyan claimed.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004

Intel ships mobile Prescott P4s

ComputexIntel this week launched its first 90nm Mobile Pentium 4 processors and took its 130nm mobile Celeron line into the Centrino era.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004

Nvidia touts media access tool for 'living room' notebooks

ComputexNvidia has begun offering software to help notebook manufacturers bring their products into the iPod era. The new code, called nStant Media, allows mobile PCs based on Nvidia's chips to play music and movies without needing to boot up a full operating system first.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004

Olympic telecoms struggling towards line?

Europe in BriefThe Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) vehemently denies reports that its Olympic overhaul of the Greek telecoms infrastructure is badly behind schedule, stressing that all relevant technology is in place, Athens News reports.
Jan Libbenga, 02 Jun 2004

Sun goes back to the future with Metropolis

Sun NetworkSun Microsystems is determined to put the W back in SUNW with the help of a new Opteron-based workstation.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Jun 2004

Cable & Wireless is not 'down and out'

Cable & Wireless is starting its journey back from the dead. The company is going back to paying a dividend 3.15p a share - six months sooner than expected.
John Oates, 02 Jun 2004

Intel 'Nocona' details emerge on mobo display

ComputexIntel's 'Nocona' 64-bit Xeon DP chip will launch at 3.6GHz when it is officially unveiled on 27 June.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004
DVD it in many colours

Intel slices up to 34% off server chip prices

ComputexIntel has quietly cut the prices of a range of Xeon DP processors ahead of the launch later this month of 'Nocona', its first 64-bit x86 server processor.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004

Dialogue demos 'total wireless' sub-notebook

ComputexWe're big fans of sub-notebooks at El Reg, lauding their compact size and - crucially - low weight over more macho specifications like CPU clock speed, graphics chip fill rates and hard drive capacity.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2004

Eircom profits up but turnover down

The Irish incumbent telco Eircom posted results for the year ended 31 March 2004 which showed a big jump in profits despite lower turnover.
John Oates, 02 Jun 2004

3G roll-out to boost semiconductor market

3G telecoms will be the shot in the arm the wireless semiconductor industry needs, according to IDC. After several years of lower spending, the research company estimates that the market for base station semiconductors will be worth $1.9bn this year, reaching $2.4bn by 2008.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Jun 2004

DB2 'Stinger' to pack powerful punch

I have no idea of whether IBM had Cassius Clay (or even Mohammed Ali) in mind when it nicknamed the forthcoming release of DB2 UDB "Stinger", but the product certainly looks likely to pack a punch when it is released later this year.
Philip Howard, 02 Jun 2004

NEC goes all out for China 3G market

NEC is setting up a new company in China with the primary goal of developing the Chinese 3G mobile market. The company, facing declining sales in Japan, believes China will be a vital new growth area particularly in 3G. It is already participating in field trials of 3G technology in China with a variety of vendor and operator partners.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Jun 2004

Tele2 slips 3G into Sweden

Tele2 AB - the pan-European telecoms outfit - has launched its 3G service in Sweden. As a sweetener, it's offering punters free mobile Internet and WAP for the rest of the year.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2004

Revenge of the Zombie Bloodsucker PCs

It was five years ago today...We at El Reg like to flatter ourselves that we are at the cutting edge of linguitic development. Long before the term "zombie PC" emerged blinking into the lexicographical light - at least in the sense of "slave drone to dark virus master's evil will" - we were already deploying the phrase to full effect:
Team Register, 02 Jun 2004

Wi-Fi hotspots simply too expensive

Wi-Fi hotspots will only meet the needs of small customer groups and for the majority of hotspots there will be little or no return of investment. So says the Scientific Institute for Communication Services or WIK, Germany’s leading research and advisory institute for communication services.
Jan Libbenga, 02 Jun 2004

NI outfit promos 2GB email service

Northern Ireland-based Aventure Media has launched a free 2GB email service. According to the blurb, Aventure Mail.com is ad free.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2004

Accenture wins $10bn Homeland Security gig

An Accenture-led consortium yesterday emerged as winners of a US border security contract worth up to $10bn over the next 10 years.
John Leyden, 02 Jun 2004

Global Crossing gets $100m boost

Global Crossing, the formerly-bankrupt fibre provider, has received the first slice of a $100m loan from Singapore Technologies Telemedia (STT). The deal was delayed while Global Crossing sorted out yet more accounting problems.
John Oates, 02 Jun 2004

EU moves towards spectrum trading

An influential report written on behalf of the EC has come out in favour of trading in radio spectrum. The report says "benefits from spectrum trading would greatly outweight the costs associated with trading and liberalisation".
John Oates, 02 Jun 2004

Germans claim first programmable computer

The Brits may have beaten the Americans, but it seems we were both pipped by the Germans. No, not football. Computers.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Jun 2004

Converged networks find increasing favour

More and more enterprises are merging their voice and data networks together in a bid to slash telephony costs and boost productivity through the introduction of new applications. Enabling new applications - rather than simply saving money - is becoming the main engine of growth in the market, according to a survey of Nortel Networks customers published yesterday.
John Leyden, 02 Jun 2004

UK boasts 4m broadband users

There were almost four million broadband users in the UK at the end of April, according to the latest stats from communications regulator Ofcom.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2004

Boys love games, girls love ringtones

Downloads to mobile phones show a sharp division between the sexes with men going for games and women preferring ringtones.
John Oates, 02 Jun 2004

Nokia deploys 'wave messaging' mobile

Those readers who believe that they have the phone with every conceivable function known to mankind are in for a nasty shock. As is anyone standing within striking distance of Nokia's forthcoming 3220 - the first mobile to offer aerial SMS displays to astounded onlookers.
John Oates, 02 Jun 2004

AOL UK ticked off for 'exaggerated' ad claim

AOL UK has been ticked off by the advertising watchdog for "exaggerating" the performance of its 1Mb broadband service. A member of the public objected to the ad - which featured a cheetah with running spikes - claiming they didn't believe AOL UK could meet its "1Mb Broadband" claim.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2004

Attack of the bandwidth-hogging hackers

Swiss security researchers have unearthed a flaw in wireless LAN systems that might be used by hackers to drastically increase their share of the available bandwidth at the expense of the other users. The issue should be of particular concern to hotspot operators, according to a team from the computer labs at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL).
John Leyden, 02 Jun 2004

NASA seeks Hubble robot rescue input

NASA has launched a feasibility study into a robotic servicing mission that could save Hubble from falling into a state of total disrepair. The primary goal of such a scheme would be to install a 'de-orbit' module on Hubble, effectively a way to crash it, safely, on Earth.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Jun 2004

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