21st May 2004 Archive

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  • Capgemini scores big with TXU

    10-year, $3.5bn IT services contract

    Financial News 21 08:44

  • TechnoDepot debuts the d:-) polo shirt

    Must-have kit for cool techy dudes

    Site News 21 08:45

  • Esat BT to launch residential VoIP

    Challenging Eircom

    Data Networking 21 09:03

  • Brightmail finds sanctuary with Symantec

    MS anti-spam play still a threat

    Security 21 09:04

  • BT & Vodafone: uneasy bedfellows

    'Bluephone' converged handset alliance

    Mobile 21 09:29

  • Apple to slow annual OS X update rate

    'Unsustainable' schedule, says software chief

    Mac Channel 21 09:40

  • Tech firm seeks $500m for Intel patent 'violation'

    Pentium... er... II under threat

    Channel 21 09:42

  • Cometa crash bursts hotspot bubble?

    Public WLANs 'overhyped'

    Broadband 21 09:52

  • Aliens: coming to a house near you soon

    21 May 1999

    Bootnotes 21 10:07

  • Sony to ship Wi-Fi LCD TV this autumn

    LocationFree by name, nature

    Mobile 21 10:48

  • Could Patriot unjam US garage doors?

    Plus, universe theory gets butt kicked

    Letters 21 11:11

  • Sasser fan club stops rattling tin

    Fundraising abandoned at under $100

    Security 21 11:20

  • Blu-ray founders rename, open group to new members

    Blu-ray Disc Association to lead tech's consumer push

    Storage 21 11:33

  • Net surrogate mum jailed for two years

    'Cynical and callous fraud'

    Media 21 11:52

  • Replacement kit dominates world PC sales

    Upgrades to account for more than half of new PC sales

    Channel 21 12:32

  • Belgacom to launch DSL interactive TV

    Alcatel on board for VDSL service

    Broadband 21 12:45

  • Medical imaging research awarded £4.5m

    Grant will improve breast cancer screening

    Science 21 13:08

  • Chip and PIN gathers pace

    Preparing for January liability shift

    Business 21 13:56

  • 'Silver Surfers' day targets the over-50s

    Seeking to end digital exclusion

    Media 21 14:19

  • CA flirts with white box makers

    Free software, boys!

    Channel 21 15:24

  • Columbia debris tested for re-entry stress

    Material loaned for analysis

    Science 21 15:25

  • UK's RAF planned WMD delivery via 'pigeons of death'

    Lofty goals

    Bootnotes 21 16:46

  • The dot-com revival begins in the Midwest

    Easy as lotto

    Financial News 21 17:33

  • Biometric ID card trial kicks off in Glasgow

    Smile better for the nice databank, dearie

    Media 21 18:01