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20th May 2004 Archive

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  • OD2 halves music download prices

    But only if you buy in bulk

    Media 20 09:05

  • Apple creates separate iPod business unit

    Expects big things from little player

    Mac Channel 20 09:10

  • US boffins charged with parity violations

    Seeking lost bosons

    Science 20 09:27

  • Symantec acquires Brightmail for $370m

    Hybrid defences, market dominance play

    Security 20 09:34

  • MS ships Mac Office 2004

    A few good mendings

    Mac Channel 20 09:47

  • 'Deceptive duo' hacker pleads guilty

    Benjamin Stark in plea bargain deal

    Security 20 10:27

  • Buy my digital nervous systems, Gates tells CEOs

    20 May 1999

    PCs 20 10:28

  • BT confirms customer exodus

    'New wave' compensates for core revenue shortfall

    Broadband 20 10:31

  • Finance houses struggling against hackers

    Defences inadequate, says Deloitte

    Security 20 10:35

  • 'Spot the terrorist' system was pitched to Cheney by Jeb Bush

    Is MATRIX really deloaded?

    Media 20 11:55

  • Patriot missile: friend or foe?

    RAF Tornado downed, questions unanswered

    Science 20 12:00

  • Ultimate geek challenge at IPSC

    Do you have what it takes?

    Science 20 12:18

  • Nildram to offer PAYG broadband

    ISP round-up

    Broadband 20 12:20

  • The Number & BT in DQ supremacy spat

    Both claim directory top dog status

    Broadband 20 12:25

  • Napster UK goes live

    Launches well ahead of key rivals

    Media 20 12:43

  • Rivals 'welcome' Napster to UK

    Worried? Us? Oh no... er...

    Financial News 20 13:26

  • Where'd we put 'em? US to buy Stealth bomber detecting radar

    Stymies sale to China

    Bootnotes 20 13:30

  • I Know You Have Porn on your PC

    The return of ITMugs

    Site News 20 13:33

  • BT signs global network deal with Manpower

    Just the job

    Data Networking 20 13:35

  • US lubes passports with RFID snake oil

    Mark of the Beast

    Security 20 13:36

  • We see no mobile data killer app: IDC

    Don't believe the hype

    Mobile 20 13:57

  • Italy approves 'jail for P2P users' law

    Download songs and spend up to three years in prison

    Media 20 14:10

  • Jail terms for tourists buying pirate CDs in Greece?

    Crackdown on the low tech stuff

    Media 20 14:24

  • USAF in secret garage door jamming trials

    Motorola RF madness

    Bootnotes 20 14:29

  • EMC goes low with new NAS head

    Cheap path to Windows

    Storage 20 14:52

  • Wanadoo UK offshore threatens 200 jobs

    Tech support off to Mumbai

    Broadband 20 15:56

  • Universe very big: official

    78bn light years and growing

    Science 20 16:29

  • 'Not the sharpest of knives' - praise heaped on Linux study author

    Tanenbaum speaks

    Operating Systems 20 17:11

  • Can Sun mature from Xeon boy to x86 man?

    Fowler struts his stuff

    Servers 20 18:22

  • US airport fake ID study 'was found in al-Qaida cave'

    Mica wants biometrics, fast

    Media 20 21:47