18th May 2004 Archive

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  • Motorola taps Big Blue talent for chip biz

    My Michel

    CIO 18 May 00:00

  • Camera added to USB Flash drive

    A spy cam for your key ring

    Peripherals 18 May 09:15

  • Flying car less likely than flying pig

    It's a scam!

    Letters 18 May 09:15

  • BT man coughs to Google share scam

    The mind Boogles

    Financial News 18 May 09:19

  • One Macromedia Studio fits all

    30% off a suite of titles

    Site News 18 May 09:21

  • UK fraud laws to get millennium facelift

    Closing loopholes for Net age

    Government 18 May 09:29

  • DCC ups profits

    IT wot did it

    Financial News 18 May 09:31

  • IBM, Logica spar for £80m MoD deal

    Military digital medical record contract up for grabs

    Government 18 May 09:34

  • ISPA: users should report dodgy content...

    ...but not to ISPs

    Media 18 May 09:42

  • Bull boss flees

    Insists his job is done

    CIO 18 May 09:45

  • AMD restates dual-core CPU scheme

    Double-die Opterons, Athlons in 2005

    Channel 18 May 10:04

  • Yahoo! and Google escalate portal wars

    Fierce competition for eyeballs

    Media 18 May 10:19

  • Lycos cuts ribbon on 1GB email service

    Snook cocked at Yahoo! and Google

    Broadband 18 May 10:20

  • ARM unveils multi-core chip design

    License now, punch out silicon in Q2 2005

    Mobile 18 May 10:37

  • O2 rings up first profit

    Jolly good...

    Financial News 18 May 10:39

  • AMD launches x50 Opterons

    Last 130nm server chips?

    Servers 18 May 10:58

  • Congress hears DMCA testimony

    Compromise amendments likely

    Media 18 May 11:19

  • Music biz waves axe at goose that laid golden egg

    iTunes price hike a big, big mistake

    Media 18 May 11:24

  • US gov helps CSC to profit

    Two thirds of sales go to Uncle Sam

    Financial News 18 May 11:25

  • University gets £1m complex systems grant

    Boost for UK research

    Science 18 May 11:27

  • Opera settles legal claims

    'Too much information' not a danger here

    Financial News 18 May 11:28

  • AMD narrows 90nm ship window

    Q3 availability

    Servers 18 May 11:31

  • BT, Voda confirm mobile link-up

    Fixed-mobile convergence now 'reality'

    Broadband 18 May 11:48

  • Police probe Sasser informant

    Reward booty under threat

    Security 18 May 11:52

  • Dell readies 624MHz Wi-Fi PocketPC

    Axim x30 due today

    Mobile 18 May 12:00

  • MS Office virus could infect...

    18 May 1999

    Security 18 May 12:15

  • Dolphin skin key to subaquatic speed

    Flipper fights 'form drag'

    Science 18 May 12:30

  • Work induces catatonia: official

    Wake up and read this...

    Bootnotes 18 May 13:24

  • UK terminally unready for Chip and PIN

    Not ringing the changes

    Business 18 May 13:58

  • UK forensic scientists to strike over pay

    Q-tips in pockets on 2 June

    Science 18 May 14:21

  • US rocket pioneers hit 100km

    First space flight for privately-built GoFast

    Science 18 May 15:16

  • UK.biz must address broadband

    IT depts left to decide company strategy

    Broadband 18 May 15:19

  • IBM and Cisco team up for VoIP

    Backing 'the next big thing'

    Data Networking 18 May 15:21

  • Microsoft UK plans 'open and honest' Linux debates

    Says here, anyway...

    Software 18 May 15:25

  • Ministers thwart MEPs, OK EU-US airline data deal

    CAPPS II, here we come...

    Media 18 May 15:41

  • London sees red as Orange service goes crash

    Software update blamed

    Mobile 18 May 15:48

  • US, Belgian biometric passports give lie to UK ID scheme

    There goes the tech leadership...

    Media 18 May 16:01

  • UK police lack e-crime savvy officers

    No-one to slap on the e-cuffs

    Government 18 May 16:20

  • Symbian hands out certificates

    Symbian Signed rewards good little applications

    Applications 18 May 16:31

  • Thus ADSL - the price cuts with a funny echo

    Making broadband affordable. Later.

    Broadband 18 May 19:01

  • HP sets revenue record in Q2

    More than just a printing face

    Financial News 18 May 23:01