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13th May 2004 Archive

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  • Lawyers claim earth, sky and moon from Microsoft

    That will be $258m, please. Oops, we forgot the expenses

    Operating Systems 13 08:50

  • Europe slips behind on nano technology

    Big rewards hang in the balance

    Science 13 09:30

  • Capgemini succumbs to rebranding madness

    Whalesong, joss-sticks, synergy, thrust

    Bootnotes 13 09:32

  • DiData back in the black

    South African reseller scrapes into profit

    Channel 13 10:00

  • BT to slash LLU costs

    Claims it will lead to greater competition

    Broadband 13 10:04

  • Telewest cuts losses

    Half a million broadband customers..

    Financial News 13 10:25

  • Child porn case highlights browser hijack risks

    Cautionary tales

    Security 13 10:28

  • Official secure music scheme to kill all non-compliant formats

    13 May 1999

    Media 13 10:29

  • Exam cheats reveal MMS killer app

    Similar to 'phone a friend'

    Mobile 13 10:31

  • IBM throws weight behind server-managed clients

    Thick client bad, thin client bad?

    Applications 13 10:34

  • Sage: more acquisitions ahead

    Must buy to maintain growth

    Financial News 13 10:44

  • US to ban up-skirt voyeur photos

    Stealth porn clampdown protects privacy

    Mobile 13 11:13

  • Lastminute losses lessen

    Confident on year...

    Financial News 13 11:44

  • German police raid five homes in Sasser case

    Dragnet widens

    Security 13 11:46

  • BT cleared for line rental hike

    No immediate action from Ofcom

    Broadband 13 12:07

  • BT wins interconnect appeal

    Vodafone out of pocket

    Broadband 13 12:09

  • Student uncovers US military secrets

    'Felt-tip pen' censorship cracked

    Science 13 12:14

  • FBI anti-terror network scares experts

    'Not on a path to success'

    Policy 13 13:39

  • Data transfer without tears

    Or cheese. Of any description

    Bootnotes 13 14:31

  • Ofcom hails BT wholesale price cuts

    Adjudicator hired to bang heads

    Broadband 13 14:32

  • SpamCop gets gagging order lifted

    Twist in SpamCop versus Spam King lawsuit

    Security 13 14:55

  • Business slow to embrace wireless

    Confusion, fear, security concerns

    Broadband 13 15:36

  • Industry warms to BT's LLU price cuts

    Room for further reductions, though

    Broadband 13 15:54

  • Good for you, good for Microsoft - here comes WinXP SP2

    You know it makes sense...

    Business 13 16:02

  • MS roadmaps Longhorn Server and beyond to 2/4 year beat

    Now predictable - but only as a prediction

    Servers 13 16:56

  • Red alert over Symantec firewall flaw

    Four bugs rated as 'potentially devastating'

    Security 13 21:04

  • Survey finds most professional geeks are men

    Shock results stun world

    Management 13 21:09

  • McDonald's breaks IT barriers with McAsian web site

    Asians love green tea and fries

    Bootnotes 13 21:10

  • New flaw takes Wi-Fi off the air

    Jam today and jam tomorrow

    Broadband 13 21:29

  • Dell beat itself in the first quarter

    We'll print HP into submission

    Financial News 13 23:11