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US.biz practicing Homeland inSecurity

US businesses are failing to support safe computing advice from the Department of Homeland Security.
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Europe space shuttle passes first test

The European Space Agency (ESA) has succesfully landed its prototype unmanned shuttle, Phoenix. The ESA hopes Phoenix will halve the cost of commercial satellite launches, and prove a useful money spinner for the agency.
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Sun saves $315m by not expensing options

Sun Microsystems has long opposed expensing stock options and a recent regulatory filing shows one reason why.
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Intel smiles on Dothan

The first iteration of the Centrino processor will continue to be manufactured and supported, Intel said at the launch of its speed-bumped successor Dothan in San Francisco today.
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China snubs US with 3G phone 'wonderchip'

When China signed an agreement with the US Trade Department to drop two important home-grown wireless technologies last month, cynics wondered how long the agreement would last.
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Infineon hires CEO from tyre maker

Infineon has confirmed that it has chosen one Wolfgang Ziebart to run the company in place of ex-CEO Ulrich Schumacher, who quit the memory maker abruptly last March.
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AMD sneaks out 90nm core in 130nm chip

AMD's 'Odessa' chip, originally planned to be the company's first 90nm mobile part, has come to market early, it has emerged.
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European Council snubs software patent vote

The EU software patents directive is back, with all of the parliamentary amendments stripped out, provoking speculation that Europe will soon find itself in a US-style patenting arms race.
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EA and MS deal for online gaming

Microsoft and Electronic Arts are patching up their differences through a deal which will see EA games played online through the XBox Live service.
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Lottery scams new flavour of the month

Lottery scam emails are increasing at an alarming rate, according to Fraudwatch International, the Australian website that protects consumers from identify theft. Last month FraudWatch International received over 1000 variations, double the number of phishing email scams.
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Linux Programming by Example

Site Offer Programmers know that the best way to learn about programming is to study well-written programs. Linux Programming by Example introduces new Linux programmers to the core Linux programming interfaces in a gradual, consistent fashion, progressing intuitively from the basic to the more complex. Written by the best-selling author of UNIX in a Nutshell, this book is the perfect introduction to Linux programming fundamentals for developers new to Linux and is ideal for Windows programmers making the switch!
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Nvidia brings hardware firewall to Athlon XP rigs

Nvidia has upgraded its AMD Athlon XP-oriented chipset, the nForce 2, to add a Gigabit Ethernet interface to the product, RAID and a TCP/IP packet processing core the company is pitching as a "hardware-optimised firewall security solution".
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Rambus offers DDR controller cores

Rambus yesterday began shipping a series of DDR SDRAM memory controller designs pitched a chip designers who want to build the technology into their own processor cores.
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Vodafone looks beyond 3G

Vodafone chief executive Arun Sarin has called on the mobile industry to come together and build standards to take it beyond 3G.
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Openwave buys Magic4

Mobile data company Openwave has acquired UK messaging specialist Magic4 for $82.6m. The company will buy all outstanding shares in the private business and integrate its product into its client software.
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MCI to axe 7,500 jobs

MCI - formerly known as WorldCom - is to axe 7,500 jobs as it struggles to make its way in an "adverse industry environment". This latest round of job losses comes just six weeks after the global communications outfit revealed plans to erase 4,000 jobs from its operation.
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Sage results solid

Newcastle-based accounts giant Sage increased profits by 17 per cent in the first half of the year. Pre-tax profits were £86.7m for the six months ended 31 March, up from £51.2m for the same period last year. Turnover grew by 23 per cent from £270m to £332.5m.
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NHS rolls out digital X-rays

NHS staff will soon be able to email patient scans and X-rays between departments and institutions. As part of the £6bn National Programme for IT (NPfIT), the NHS is rolling out a digital picture archiving and communications system (PACS). The goal is to cut waiting time between scans and diagnosis, helping medical staff treat patients more quickly.
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Sasser copycats get busy

Copycat virus authors have released a pair of worms targeted at the same vulnerability in Microsoft's operating system exploited by the infamous Sasser worm.
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Erkki speaks on mobile regulations

Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society, spoke about the European Union's plans for mobile regulation at the IFT World Mobile Communications Conference in London.
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Gateway loss widens as patent lawsuit fund grows

Legal costs knocked a further $6m off Gateway's bottom line, widening its Q1 loss to $172m (51 cents a share), the PC maker announced today.
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Porn scamster jailed for 11 years

The man behind what has been described as the largest Internet fraud ever has finally been sentenced to more than 11 years behind bars. Kenneth Taves, 52 - who ran a porno website - netted a whopping $38m (£21m) in unauthorised credit card charges after "signing up" some 900,000 punters to his XXXX service.
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Infinium to launch $199 Athlon XP console 18 Nov

Infinium Labs will finally launch its long-awaited broadband-based online gaming service on 18 November, the company said today.
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Sony unveils colour 'iPod killer'

Reg Kit Watch Declaring the barrier between the PC and the AV worlds officially broken, Sony yesterday extended its Vaio brand of computers to include a digital music player.
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European workers take to the streets

Traditional office hours are becoming irrelevant, as European execs adopt a more mobile work culture. A study conducted for Intel by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that the vast majority (74 per cent) think the nine-to-five-routine is no longer relevant, and are as productive working outside the office as they are in it. Mike Bonello, Intel's mobile marketing manager, said the results of the study reflect the fundamental shift in the mindset of business workers.
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DHS and UK ID card biometric vendor in false ID lawsuit

At San Jose Superior Court today (11 May) biometrics company Identix will seek to have a product liability and slander lawsuit against it and the States of California and Oregon dismissed. Plaintiffs Roger Benson and Miguel Espinoza are seeking restitution for the damage inflicted on them by duplication in police records which gave them other people's criminal records.
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Official Nintendo DS console pic appears on Web

Nintendo's new handheld games console will ship in the Autumn, the company will announce today.
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Nvidia ships TV, PVR cards to US, Europe

Nvidia has launched its latest alternative to arch-rival ATI's All-in-Wonder series of graphics cards, this one based on its GeForce FX 5700 graphics chip.
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IT suppliers survey - your votes count

Reg Reader Studies is once again asking for readers' help in taking the pulse of the IT barometer, and this time it's all about suppliers.
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Dream Direct warns on profits

Mail-order software firm Dream Direct Group saw its shares fall 18 per cent this morning on news that it will miss profit targets.
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Talking capacitors could blab to code breakers

Crypto Boffins - led by Adi Shamir of RSA fame - are investigating whether it might be possible to gain valuable clues about private encryption keys simply by listening to a targeted computer.
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MS spells it out: pirates can, can't install WinXP Sp2

Fresh from killing off, then swiftly reviving, NGSCB/Palladium, Microsoft appears to be going for the double with an about-face on WinXP SP2 for pirates. Last week the company seemed to be giving the impression that altruism had triumphed over righteous indignation, today, it is denying it.
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Chinese make beautiful spam music

We are delighted to announce this afternoon that after around four years of trying, we have finally managed to get the word "perlite" onto El Reg - no mean feat, to be sure.
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EU broadband growth outpaces US

The growth of broadband in Europe is outpacing the take-up of high-speed Net access in the US, according to report out by the EU. In the year to January the number of people and businesses accessing the Internet at high speed grew by more than 80 per cent.
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Brocade burrows into IBM blades

Starting next month, Brocade switches will sit alongside those of Cisco as networking options for IBM's blade servers.
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UK gov planning switch to e-voting for 2007?

Despite a fairly wide-ranging 'not ready for prime-time' verdict on electronic voting pilots last year, the UK Government looks set to press ahead with plans for its general introduction in elections from 2007 on. A report over the weekend claimed that e-voting would be part of a "wide-ranging electoral reform bill" to be put forward this autumn, and quotes a Whitehall source as saying "E-voting is a key measure to tackle so-called disengagement among young people. Given the rapidly increasing use of text messages it is crucial that this is properly developed as a method of voting."

Steady Cisco posts strong Q3 results

Cisco Systems enjoyed strong sales across the board in its third quarter, as it churned out a 22 percent year-over-year revenue gain.

Novell opens GPL bridge to MS Exchange

Novell has open sourced Ximian's Connector product which allows Linux clients to access some features of Microsoft's Exchange Server. Ximian had previously sold the software under a closed, pay-for license. As of Friday, it will be downloadable under the GPL, and Novell says it will integrate the Connector into version 2.0 of its Outlook clone Evolution, out later this year. Novell acquired Ximian in August and added Exchange 2003 support to Connector in November.