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Intel launches Dothan with Pentium M price cuts

Intel today knocked up to 30.5 per cent off the prices of its 130nm Pentium M processors to make way for the 90nm version of the chip, codenamed 'Dothan'.
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

German police arrest Sasser worm suspect

UpdatedAn 18-year-old German student has admitted writing the infamous Sasser worm, following his arrest by local police on Friday.
John Leyden, 10 May 2004

(Almost) everything may go, as Longhorn rushes to release

If Microsoft had counted on this week's WinHEC hardware conference to raise enthusiasm for the next release on Windows, then the event can certainly be judged a success. The build that found its way into developers' hands isn't the leviathan some feared: it purrs along happily with 512MB and a modest 16MB graphics card, although a 64MB card will be needed to take full advantage of the new compositor.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 May 2004

AMD to parade Socket 939 at Computex

AMD looks set to launch its Socket 939 Athlon 64 and 64 FX processors early next month at the Computex show in Taipei.
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

Sony unveils tiny wireless pen PC

Reg Kit WatchSony will ship a keyboardless PC in Japan later this month. But it's no Tablet PC - instead, this pen-operated, wireless-enabled Windows XP machine will be pitched at mobile media consumers.
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

Sony US music service an 'embarrassment'

Sony's US online music service, Connect, has been slammed as an "embarrassment" by the Washington Post.
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

PalmOne Zire 31

Reg ReviewPalmOne Zire 31
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

Dollar decline stunts Symbian growth

The strength of the pound against the dollar left Symbian's Q1 results looking less impressive than would be justified. However, the company is still losing money and may need to raise more capital. This could prove a crucial point in the company's relationship with leading shareholder Nokia.
Datamonitor, 10 May 2004

Oops! BT bills man £25,000 for cut cable

BT is looking to recoup more than £25,000 from a Cambridgeshire man after he severed a fibre optic cable while putting up a new fence in his garden.
Tim Richardson, 10 May 2004

Ebookers sales up but jobs down

Ebookers increased sales for the first quarter by 47 per cent and is confident about the year ahead. Despite the positive results the company is cutting 270 jobs, 200 in the UK and 70 in India, as business processes are increasingly automated. The cuts should save ebookers £2.5m this year.
John Oates, 10 May 2004

Cisco offers WLAN switching

After a year of talk, Cisco has finally released long awaited wired/wireless switch capabilities and taken a major step towards an integrated enterprise network.
Wireless Watch, 10 May 2004

New version of Sasser undermines lone coder theory

The appearance of a new version of the infamous Sasser worm shortly after the arrest of its admitted author has fuelled speculation that its creator worked with other virus writers.
John Leyden, 10 May 2004

E-voting promises US election tragicomedy

New DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) voting machines came under fire in Washington this week, with expert witnesses giving contradictory testimony to the US Election Assistance Commission on the perennially entertaining and confusing topic of touch screen balloting.
Thomas C Greene, 10 May 2004

Royal Bank of Canada dumps SCO Group shares

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has washed its hands of SCO Group (SCOX), dumping all 30,000 recently-acquired shares into the lap of BayStar Capital. The venture capital firm, which considered walking away last month, is now in a powerful position to influence SCO's future direction.
Datamonitor, 10 May 2004

Sun and Veritas bury the hatchet

Server maker Sun Microsystems and clustered file systems maker Veritas Software have something of a love-hate relationship, but the two buried the hatchet this week. While Sun cannot afford to buy Veritas, attempting to license its technologies may be an idea worth looking into.
Datamonitor, 10 May 2004

Nokia quits WiMAX Forum

In a shock move, Nokia has left the WiMAX Forum, indicating a U-turn on the technology it once promoted enthusiastically. Nokia was a founding member of the Forum, before Intel joined and raised 802.16's profile beyond recognition, and during 2003 was bullish about the technology, with development projects surrounding base stations for rural regions and 802.16e handsets.
Wireless Watch, 10 May 2004

BT in broadband free flight promo

BT is giving away free flights as part of time-limited promo to plug its broadband service. Any new punters signing up to BT's consumer broadband products within the next six weeks can get a return flight to a string of destinations in Europe and the US including Barcelona, Boston and New York.
Tim Richardson, 10 May 2004

FTC fines porn spammers $112k

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has settled charges with Brian Westby and Dutch citizen Martijn Bevelander, who employed spam that used deceptively bland subject lines, false return addresses, and empty reply-to links to expose unsuspecting consumers, including children, to sexually explicit material.
Jan Libbenga, 10 May 2004

Japanese P2P founder arrested

Japanese police have arrested the developer of the popular Winny P2P application for breaking the country's copyright laws.
John Leyden, 10 May 2004

Hate websites continue to flourish

A new report from UK-based e-mail filtering company SurfControl says that the number of hate and violence websites has grown by nearly 300 per cent since 2000. The company said that in 2000, it was monitoring about 2,756 websites that were categorised as hate and violence sites. By April 2004, that figure had risen to 10,926.
ElectricNews.net, 10 May 2004

321 lookalike punts DVD copy software

A new company trading as the ironically-named "123" appears to be doing exactly what 321 Studios has been stopped from doing by the US courts - offering software for making personal copies of DVDs.
Faultline, 10 May 2004

BBC develops 'alternative' codec

Just when we think that the codec wars are just about over, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released a codec that works differently from other existing systems. In March it issued it to the open source community through Sourceforge under the name of Dirac, named after the eccentric and brilliant British physicist.
Faultline, 10 May 2004

Intel pumps VC cash into JBoss

Java application specialist JBoss today received a vote of confidence from Intel - in the shape of a big investment. Intel Capital joined Accel Partners and Matrix Partners in raising $10m venture capital for the firm. The money will go on product development and marketing.
John Oates, 10 May 2004

IBM bangs drum for client middleware

IBM is banging the drum for a new desktop software bundle, centred around Lotus WorkPlace and OpenOffice. The pitch is simple: it's cheaper and more secure than a Microsoft-only technology, or as IBM puts it: "Customers will no longer have to deal with separate and distinct applications on the Web and their desktop PCs - receiving the benefits of a single model of client computing".
John Oates, 10 May 2004

BT will compensate customers for Manchester blaze

BT has agreed to pay compensation to homes and businesses following an underground fire in March that wiped out more than 130,000 phone lines in Manchester as well as disrupting emergency services.
Tim Richardson, 10 May 2004

EC opens ears on e-money directive

The European Commission has opened a consultation period on its controversial "e-money" directive. The EC wants businesses to tell it how the directive could be improved to "avoid unnecessary burdens for industry".
John Oates, 10 May 2004

T-Mobile wins Heathrow hotspot siting

BAA, the owner of the UK's key airports, today agreed to let T-Mobile install Wi-Fi hotspots in international departure lounges at London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and at Glasgow. At Heathrow, the deal covers Terminals 3 and 4, and includes American Airlines' and United Airlines' business class lounges.
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

PalmOne preps Treo 600 code update

PalmOne will align the software it ships with its PDAs and smart phones, the head of the company's wireless division, Ed Colligan, pledged today.
Tony Smith, 10 May 2004

Orange UK sorts German roaming snag

Orange UK punters are now able to make and receive calls while travelling in Germany after the mobilephoneco was hit by technical problems over the weekend.
Tim Richardson, 10 May 2004

Topspin hopes to hit winner with VFrame

Topspin Communications has boosted the software part of its product lineup with the release last week of the VFrame suite.
Ashlee Vance, 10 May 2004

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