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Broadcom simplifies Wi-Fi security set-up

Wi-Fi chip maker Broadcom today unveiled software that it says will make setting up secure WLANs significantly easier.
Tony Smith, 03 May 2004

Mitnick busts bomb hoaxer

Ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick is a hero to the small town of River Rouge, Michigan, after using his tech skills to help officials nab the culprit behind a harrowing series of bomb threats.
Kevin Poulsen, 03 May 2004

Terrorism at all-time low, US gov says

The forces of righteousness are winning the war on terror, if not the war on violence and mayhem. Still, the security outlook has rarely been brighter: terrorist activity worldwide is at a low point not seen since 1969, according to the US State Department.
Thomas C Greene, 03 May 2004

3G will 'be the norm' in 2009

Seven out of ten Western European mobile users will have a 3G-enabled device within five years.
ElectricNews.net, 03 May 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Storage software may become another commodity

As technology sectors develop, advanced products carrying premium prices become commodities. For high-end storage hardware suppliers such as EMC, IBM and Hitachi, this has already been happening. Now the same may happen with some of the storage software too...
Datamonitor, 03 May 2004

California decertifies Diebold bugware

In a move anticipated for several months, the state of California has decertified all touch-screen voting machines due to security snafus and vendor stonewalling.
Thomas C Greene, 03 May 2004

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