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EDS cuts losses

Services giant EDS has lost a mere $12m in the first quarter, versus a $1.4bn loss for the same period last year. It claimed losses would have been as low as $3m excluding a one-off restructuring charge and gains from a divestiture.
John Oates, 27 Apr 2004

Sun rallies J2EE faithful

Long-time industry rivals rallied together in San Francisco today to salute a Java enterprise milestone, J2EE 1.4. The launch had actually come and gone recently, but without the required degree of unanimity. You could tell what the theme of the day was when an open source representative described IBM's recent call to open source Java as "opportunistic."
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Apr 2004

Xbox 2 innards laid bare on web

Microsoft's Xbox 2 architecture has been exposed for all to see - if a posting on a Chinese bulletin board is to be believed.
Tony Smith, 27 Apr 2004

Intel's deskbook CPU platform merger plan

When exactly does Intel plan to align its desktop and notebook processor families around the same architecture?
Tony Smith, 27 Apr 2004

HP touts blade PC

It's a few weeks late, but HP's Blade PC has arrived, bringing with it the same thin-client computing fluff that has existed for what feels like ages.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2004

ATI kicks off Radeon X800 promo plan

The anticipated 26 April launch of ATI's next-generation graphics chip, the R420, failed to materialise yesterday, lending weight to our conclusion that the part will ship later: sometime during the next few weeks.
Tony Smith, 27 Apr 2004

Europe drags heels in war on spam

Infosecurity Europe 2004The shortcomings of Europe's war against spam are highlighted in a study of anti-spam legislation published today.
John Leyden, 27 Apr 2004

Small.biz fails to tackle spam

Small businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to spam, with over a third of firms still without a junk email policy, new research has found.
Lester Haines, 27 Apr 2004

BOFH: The enemy at the gate

Episode 13
Simon Travaglia, 27 Apr 2004

Japanese CE firms launch Any Music

If music devices are going to have to become intelligent in order to run a DRM protection scheme, then they might just as well run a communications stack and browser and communicate directly with music web sites. Why put music through a PC every time?
Faultline, 27 Apr 2004

Novell channel man speaks

Ben Bulpett, enterprise director at Novell UK, is looking to recruit new resellers in the middle ground between its traditional high-end business from Novell resellers and lower-end deals from SUSE partners. He said the company had "taken a battering, but we're back and better for it."
John Oates, 27 Apr 2004

BT joins WiMAX standards group

British Telecom yesterday announced its has joined the WiMAX Forum, the industry body promoting the would-be wireless broadband standard.
Tony Smith, 27 Apr 2004

IBM makes late DRM bid

IBM has thrown its hat into the ring as a late entrant into efforts to build sane and effective digital rights management. This week the company announced xCP - its eXtensible Content Protection system - at the US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event in Las Vegas.
Faultline, 27 Apr 2004

Navman preps PocketPC with GPS

Reg Kit WatchGPS specialist Navman has pitched itself against the likes of German electronics company Medion and UK PC vendor Evesham by launching its own low-cost PocketPC-based personal GPS system.
Tony Smith, 27 Apr 2004

VAT man claims five fraud scalps

Customs and Excise today secured a seven-year prison sentence for a mobile phone salesman convicted of a £16m VAT fraud.
John Oates, 27 Apr 2004

Spanish judge rules X-Box mods 'legal'

A Spanish judge has ruled that modifications to games consoles to allow them to play DVDs and games from other countries "are not illegal".
Lester Haines, 27 Apr 2004

BT moves to 'universal availability' of broadband

BT is scrapping its broadband pre-registration scheme after realising at last that there is sufficient interest in broadband after all.
Tim Richardson, 27 Apr 2004

Say 'Yes' after the tone

Speech recognition that actually works, Star-Trek style, is a genuinely tough computing problem. So, when the HomeTalk consortium said it was to start European trials of its vision of voice-activated domestic bliss, we wanted to find out some more.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Apr 2004

Korean Air gives nod to Boeing's in-flight broadband

Korean Air is the latest bird to sign up for Boeing's pricey in-flight high speed Internet access service.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2004

IBM and Stanford's spintronics revolution

IBM and Stanford University have announced a major research drive in the field of Spintronics, a new field of nanotechnology that researchers hope will turn electronics on its head, in the same way the invention of the transistor did, 50 years ago.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Apr 2004

US music swappers change their tune

Some US music swappers have heeded industry warnings regarding potential legal action over downloads. According to a survey of 1,371 Internet users by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the ongoing recording industry campaign against Web users who download and swap music online has made an impact. However, the overall number of people in the United States downloading music and sharing files online has increased in tandem.
ElectricNews.net, 27 Apr 2004

Freeserve morphs into Wanadoo

Freeserve finally completes its month-long corporate makeover tomorrow as it ditches its well-known brand and swaps it for Wanadoo instead.
Tim Richardson, 27 Apr 2004

Brits are text maniacs

Mobile phone users in the UK sent a whopping 2.1bn text messages in March this year, or an average of 69m texts per day.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Apr 2004

IBM workers call for shareholders to 'Offshore the CEO'

A group of IBM employees protested the company's annual shareholder meeting held today in Providence, Rhode Island, taking shots at the outsourcing of jobs and executive compensation packages.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2004

Patriots praise Bush's 'Null Provider' plan

LettersPatriots throughout The Reg kingdom have celebrated President Bush's call for the US to become "the null provider" of broadband Internet access.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2004

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