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Microsoft's Q3 hurt by settlement costs

Microsoft celebrated solid revenue growth in its third quarter but felt the pains of recent legal settlements with net income falling year-over-year.
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TIBCO swoops on Staffware

Staffware shareholders are due for a nice windfall, following its agreed takeover by TIBCO.

Nvidia acquires network processor maker

Nvidia took a step to broaden its product line beyond its traditional graphics offerings by acquiring the technology assets of networking and storage processor developer iReady.

Will Opteron's first birthday be its most memorable?

Analysis AMD's Opteron processor has enjoyed more success in one year than most thought possible, but any notion of a guaranteed, glorious future should be dismissed.
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VIA NET.WORKS UK to axe 40 staff

Around 40 staff are facing redundancy at business-focused ISP VIA NET.WORKS UK after the company announced plans to restructure the organisation.
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Consumer grade *nix: powder keg

Is "Ship it then fix it" a good business model? It is likely an approach to get a product to market early, or perhaps more honestly, to market on time. But after an experience I had on the weekend, I wonder about the sense of this approach and worry that the push to get Linux and Unix adopted on the desktop, through low cost outlets such as Wal-Mart , will depend on this strategy. The consequence will be a rash of viruses written for these platforms, and the reputation of Unix and Linux will take an equivalent hit.
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ATI R420 slips from April to May

ATI is unlikely to release its next-generation R420 chip until May and not 26 April, as previously thought, The Register has learned.
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Toshiba debuts dinky 100GB disk

Toshiba's storage division yesterday introduced a 2.5in hard drive offering up to 100GB of storage capacity thanks to an "industry leading" density of 80Gb per square inch.
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419er Struck By American Headline Disorder

An interesting addition to the 419 email genre has just dropped onto the Vulture Central doormat - apparently written by someone who once trained in the US news industry.
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What has IT ever done for business?

IT may not be as isolated from the decision-making process in the UK as is commonly believed, according to research by the Help Desk Institute (HDI).
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Amazon opens online bijouterie

Amazon continues to prove that punters love shopping online as the Internet giant reported increased sales and profit for the first three months of the year.
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Laptop + bath = death?

Letters Oh boy - the letters on the Creative advert just keep coming. For those just joining us, this is the debate over the question of whether you could drop a laptop (battery-powered) into a bath occupied by a person without killing said person.
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Network Associates sells Sniffer

Network Associates (NAI) is selling off its Sniffer networking tools division to private investors, and will now concentrate solely on the security market. NAI will rechristen itself as McAfee on completion of the sale, due to close in Q3.
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Firms prep Wi-Fi Internet radio tuners

Reg Kit Watch Wi-Fi is not only freeing up notebook and PDA users to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the home, it's also making Internet radio work (almost) like the real thing.
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German postie punts pilfered parcels on eBay

A German postman who failed to deliver parcels to his punters has coughed to flogging the items on eBay instead.

LINX links smaller ISPs

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) this week launched a service to allow smaller ISPs across the world easier access to Europe’s largest Internet exchange point.
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Open Sourcerers get UK trade body

The open source movement now has its own UK trade association, Zope UK, launched this week in London. Like all trade bodies, its primary purpose will be to represent the open source community to the outside world, and provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas.
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Swazi King gives PM SMS order of boot

The former Prime Minister of Swaziland was sacked by text message last September following a political reshuffle by the southern African nation's King.
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Spiders inspire eight-legged Post-it notes

Scientists have discovered that spider on a ceiling could hold 170 times its own bodyweight before gravity would pull it from its perch.
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Telescopes at the ready, it's Astronomy Day

Tomorrow is Astronomy Day 2004, which the organisers say is all about sharing the joy of astronomy with the general population.
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Boffins test voice-activated secure credit card

Boffins have developed a credit card that works only when it hears its owner's voice.
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JPEG patent holder renews royalty offensive

Forgent Networks, which two years ago said it would pursue royalties on its JPEG patent, has renewed its offensive.
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US trade pressure kills China's home-grown tech

Protectionist US technology companies won a significant lobbying victory through the US Trade Department this week, as the Chinese government pledged not to promote its home-grown TD-SCDMA technology for 3G and not to interfere with royalty negotiations between Chinese carriers and foreign interests.

IBM infiltrates EMC's storage systems

After years of trying, IBM has finally found a way for its own storage boxes to tap into those of EMC.