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CA makes nine workers remedial

Computer Associates canned nine workers on Monday, as a result of an ongoing internal probe into the company's past financial practices.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Apr 2004

Sun slashes Solaris x86 price for big buyers

Sun Microsystems has taken another step toward turning the once forgotten Solaris x86 operating system into a money making venture with a new pricing scheme designed to attract Opteron and Xeon server customers to the software.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Apr 2004

Digital River buys Element 5

Digital River is taking out European rival Element 5 in the nicest possible way. It is buying the privately-held German firm for $120m and may shell out another $2.5m for performance over two years. Funding for the deal is underpinned by a $45m secured credit line with Harris Trust and Savings Bank.
Drew Cullen, 20 Apr 2004

Microsoft smokes peace pipe with Minnesota plaintiffs

Microsoft has settled a class action suit filed by a group of seven Minnesota people and businesses. Lawyers are thrashing out terms, so there are no details of the settlement yet. Microsoft expects to make the detail public in early summer when the settlement is presented to the court for preliminary approval.
Drew Cullen, 20 Apr 2004

PDA, smartphone sales rocket in Europe

Europeans spent rather more on handheld mobile devices during the first three months of 2004 than they did in the same period a year ago. But while traditional PDAs - even those with wireless functionality - saw double-figure big year-on-year growth, it failed to match the increased interest buyers saw in smartphones, the latest market data from Canalys reveals.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

AMD, Intel to meet in court — again

Intel and AMD will face each other in the US Supreme Court today. AMD wants the court to force its arch-rival to hand over documentary evidence it considers vital for the European Commission's anti-trust investigation into the chip giant's behaviour.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

RIAA withdraws prosecution amnesty

The Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) will no longer offer an amnesty to online music sharers who confess to their crimes.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

Remote-access networks for small.biz

The last thing that most small businesses want to spend time worrying about is IT, writes Bloor analyst Rob Bamforth. One area where complexity increases rapidly is networking, and remote-access networks only add further challenges. In larger companies it might be acceptable to find the right specialist, integrate the right software and hardware together, and off you go. All-in-one appliance-type solutions can provide valuable complexity reduction, with the caveat of a reduction in variety.
IT-Analysis, 20 Apr 2004

AMD to offer strained silicon chips

AMD has begun punching out 90nm Opterons from its Dresden fab, a company executive revealed this week. And it plans to introduce Intel-style strained silicon materials to its processors in due course.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

Tesco.com racks up increased profit

Tesco.com, the ecommerce operation of the humongous UK supermarket chain, more than doubled its profit over the last year.
Tim Richardson, 20 Apr 2004

Intel bins 'Extreme' graphics name

Ever wondered why Intel refuses to discuss the name of the third-generation of its Extreme family of integrated graphics engines, even though 'Extreme Graphics 3' is such an obvious candidate? Because it's dropping the name in favour of the more humdrum 'Graphics Media Accelerator', sources close to the company claim.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

AMD Opteron 150, 250, 850 out in June

AMD will roll out Opteron 150, 250 and 850 chips running at 2.4GHz in June.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

IBM seeks pot of gold in rainbow ThinkPads

IBM is to move away from its trademark black and offer ThinkPad notebook PCs in a variety of hues later this year.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

BOFH: Stuck on the 6.01999th floor

Episode 12
Simon Travaglia, 20 Apr 2004

Surrey Police raid child porn suspects

Police searched 27 addresses in Surrey over the weekend as officers targeted people suspected of downloading child abuse images from the Net.
Tim Richardson, 20 Apr 2004

Europe demands open-to-all DRM tech

The European Commission this week said the market for digital content distribution will not amount to much until the multitude of DRM systems become interoperable and content licensing takes place on a Europe-wide basis.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

Business needs guidance on desktop Linux

Businesses are asking the wrong questions when it comes to putting Linux on the desktop, according to Adam Jollans, Linux software marketing manager at IBM.
John Oates, 20 Apr 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Plasmon buys Raidtec

Plasmon, the UK data storage firm is buying its technology partner, Cork-based Raidtec Corporation. Plasmon is paying €2.25m along with covering loan repayments of €2.86m. Eighty per cent of shareholders in Raidtec, which was founded in Cork in 1991 by Chairman Noel May, have undertaken to accept Plasmon's offer.
ElectricNews.net, 20 Apr 2004

Accessibility, jihad, spoofing

LettersWebsite accessiblity has proven a contentious issue. El Reg's postbag has been straining under the load of your comments after we reported on the DRC study that gave Net-bank Egg the thumbs up.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Apr 2004

Grand Unification Theory

For those of you not up to speed with your physics, the grand unification theory is the idea that the four forces of nature - the weak and strong nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity - can all be explained by a single theory. To date, the set of equations that combines all of these (if it exists) has eluded scientists. However, partial unifications have been achieved: for example, the weak and strong nuclear forces can now both be explained as different aspects of a greater whole.
Philip Howard, 20 Apr 2004

One third of email now spam

The volume of spam received by business has doubled over the last two years and it's going to get worse.
John Leyden, 20 Apr 2004

Xerox moots roll-your-own monitor

Roll-up televisions and computer displays could soon be possible using new materials developed by Xerox. The company's Canadian research division says it can now create plastic circuits, using inkjet printing technology and semi-conductive ink.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Apr 2004

Napster's music licensing frustration

Different content licensing regimes in different European countries is hampering Napster's attempts to set up over here, the company's parent confirmed today.
Tony Smith, 20 Apr 2004

Einstein probe launch delayed

The launch of the Gravity Probe B has been delayed for 24 hours because of concerns about the accuracy of the weather profile uploaded to the onboard computers.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Apr 2004

Brits are crap at password security

The British are blasé about keeping sensitive personal data confidential. More than 60 per cent of 100 people approached in the street by researchers were happy to give clues about the type of password they used (such as date of birth or family names) on online banking or ecommerce sites. Combine this with other information, obtained through various social engineering tricks, and it is fairly easy to piece together a potential victim's online identity.
John Leyden, 20 Apr 2004

MCI breaks free from Chapter 11

MCI/WorldCom has formally emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today after spending the last two years clearing up the mess left behind from a damaging accounting scandal.
Tim Richardson, 20 Apr 2004

Novell eats own dog food, moves to Linux on desktop

IT departments need to be looking seriously at Linux for desktops now - or risk problems within two years.
John Oates, 20 Apr 2004

Meet NetSky-X, the Babel Fish worm

NetSky-X, the latest in the ever-expanding series of pesky computer worms, displays a dalliance with foreign languages previously unknown among virus writers.
John Leyden, 20 Apr 2004

Amazon.com tiptoes into search arena

Online retailer Amazon.com is the latest company to join the crowded ranks of the web search engine market dominated by the likes of Google and Yahoo. The company is gradually changing from an online retailer to a web technology vendor, but its ambitions on the wider search market remain to be seen.
Datamonitor, 20 Apr 2004

Pipex pipes-up with 150k DSL

UK ISP Pipex has cut the ribbon on a new entry-level ADSL service that costs about the same as many dial-up services. The PIPEX Xtreme Solo 150k service costs £15.99 a month and has no bandwidth restrictions. It also includes a free ADSL modem and free line set up.
Tim Richardson, 20 Apr 2004

Birth of the Evil Empire? Snapshots from billg's early days

Microsoft's settlement (on terms which have yet to be specified) of the Minnesota overcharging lawsuit means that some very interesting evidence that was to be presented at the trial will now, as we say in the Wonderful World of Disney, go back into the vaults for another generation. We'd be the last to suggest that Microsoft is the kind of company that would cut a deal simply to avoid having its senior execs forced to take the stand and have embarrassing emails waved at them, but a deal has, provisionally, been cut, and Hennepin County District Court tells us: "The trial exhibits will remain on the website until Monday, April 26, 2004."
John Lettice, 20 Apr 2004

Networks gang up on Nokia

As if Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila didn't have enough to worry about already, European networks are teaming up to design mobile phones. It's a challenge not just to Nokia, but to the current consensus-driven standards process.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Apr 2004

'Expect to be fired' says AT&T Wireless' Mr. Motivator

A botched software project cost AT&T Wireless $100m in lost business, according to a post mortem by CIO magazine. But the magazine also points to outsourcing as a factor: as IT staff struggled to fix the buggy software, the company's CIO - an offshoring evangelist - motivated them by telling them that their jobs were about to disappear.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Apr 2004

Sun has a 'depth charge' under every body

Sun Microsystems has turned to very drastic measures to inspire worker productivity at the company, according to a CRN interview.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Apr 2004

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