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Brussels to charge Vodafone and O2 over roaming

The European Commission is set to file formal charges against both Vodafone and O2 for over-charging mobile phone companies using their British networks.
John Oates, 19 Apr 2004

Apple updates PowerBooks

Apple will today announce revisions across its PowerBook and iBook laptop ranges, according to a variety of sources cited by Mac-oriented websites.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Apple iTunes Europe debut 'may be delayed'

Apple is still on course to launch its iTunes Music Store in Europe, but right now it just can't say when.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

WiMedia directors back MBOA UWB spec

The WiMedia Alliance has given its thumbs-up to the Multiband-OFDM Alliance's rogue ultrawideband MAC and PHY specifications.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Intel Dothan to debut on 10 May

Intel's 90nm Pentium M chips, codenamed 'Dothan', will at long last ship on 10 May, clocked at up to 2GHz - higher than originally planned when Intel was still considering a 15 February debut.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Apple touts low-cost SAN software

Apple has extended its enterprise pitch with a play for the Storage Area Network (SAN) market. The Mac maker yesterday announced Xsan, software which adds a 64-bit cluster file system to Mac OS X.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Morpheus company takes a punt on VoIP

What do you do if you're a popular P2P service desperate to prove the ad hoc connections your software enables aren't only useful for stealing music? You scout around for new, more legitimate applications - ideally ones that might actually bring you some money into the bargain.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Tech recovery on horizon

The technology recovery is underway despite recent negative market reaction to financial results from big technology players. Investors believe the upturn is solid but that some have unrealistic expectations of what companies can achieve.
John Oates, 19 Apr 2004

Only Danes more 'e-ready' than UK

The UK has the world's second most favourable environment for technology, bettered only by that of Denmark.
John Oates, 19 Apr 2004

Broadband rocks for 68m US Net users

More than half of US Net users have access to a broadband connection, according to the latest snapshot of e-life from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
Tim Richardson, 19 Apr 2004

3 debuts Nokia 7600

Mobile operator 3 has begun selling its first Nokia handset. The Nokia 7600 will be available on the 3 Network from over 3,200 outlets across the UK from today.
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2004

BT to stretch DSL to absolute limit

BT is looking to recruit 1,000 Net users in Milton Keynes to test whether it can stretch the reach of its ADSL service.
Tim Richardson, 19 Apr 2004

eMachines M5116 budget notebook

Review eMachines is a brand associated with budget desktops, but it also offer a range of laptops. The M5116 is a very affordable desktop replacement that can handle most applications barring 3D gaming. The M5116 is like a budget version of the HP nx7000. This is not saying that the M5116 is a bad laptop in any way - rather the contrary, writes Lars-Göran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 19 Apr 2004

Aussie überLuddite safely contained

Those Australians who value their telecommunications infrastructure will be delighted to hear that former federal communications minister Richard Alston has ruled himself out of the running for the vacant Telstra chair.
Lester Haines, 19 Apr 2004

Sony Ericsson rings in record Q1 shipments

Sony Ericsson enthusiastically announced its Q1 2004 results today, headlining the report with a 66 per cent year-on-year jump in sales and 63 per cent annual growth in handset shipments.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Most firms cannot count cost of IT downtime

A majority of firms have little or no idea how much IT downtime could cost their business, according to a survey out today. Of those able to provide an estimate, almost half reckoned it to be $100,000 per hour - or more.
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2004

Apple to bundle Wi-Fi with all PowerBooks

Apple has confirmed across-the-range upgrades to its PowerBook and iBook laptop lines, as anticipated this morning.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

SurfControl secures MessageSoft

UK-based censorware outfit SurfControl today acquired anti-spam and filtering appliance vendor MessageSoft. The deal is valued at up to $14.7m, depending on sales, with an initial $9.69m in cash up front and the remainder by the end of the year.
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2004

Forget dogging, here comes toothing

Bored UK commuters are arranging impromtu rumpy-pumpy via their Bluetooth phones and PDAs.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Apr 2004

NTL confirms price hike

NTL has confirmed that it is to up the cost of its 1Mb broadband service as part of sweeping price changes at the cableco.
Tim Richardson, 19 Apr 2004

Nvidia green lights Quadro FX 4000 chip

Nvidia has introduced its latest workstation-class graphics chip, the Quadro FX 4000.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Apple UK store to open 'Autumn 2004'

Apple's European flagship store on London's Regent Street will open this Autumn, the Mac maker's recruitment web site has revealed.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2004

Software AG sells SAP SI stake to SAP

In brief Software AG has sold its stake in SAP System Integration AG to SAP. SAP is paying €l20.40 per share, a total of €26m. The deal means that SAP now owns 74 per cent of SAPSI, which it wants to merge with its own consultancy business. It will offer to buy the remaining shares in the next few weeks. According to SAP 60 per cent of remaining shareholders are private investors and 40 per cent are institutions. ®
John Oates, 19 Apr 2004

Fingerprints as ID - good, bad, ugly?

LettersMy piece on biometrics and compulsory ID earlier this month produced a substantial mailbag, most of it - even the couple of rude ones - constructive. Several of you provided links to useful research in the area, and the follow-up piece drawing attention to doubts about the infallibility of fingerprinting produced some more. As this will be a key factor in the mass rollout of biometric ID systems, it makes sense to start here.
John Lettice, 19 Apr 2004

BT to trial 250K, 2Mb DSL services

BT is to trial a 2Mb DSL broadband service, BT IPStream Home 2000, in the autumn. At the moment, the wholesale cost of the service has been set at £38 a month, which suggests that end users could expect to pay somewhere between £50 and £60 a month, if the product becomes available commercially.
Tim Richardson, 19 Apr 2004

Perfect balls and rubber sheets

Boffins are set to discover if the Earth distorts space-time as it spins, as the Gravity-B probe is scheduled to launch today at 18:01 GMT.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Apr 2004
DVD it in many colours

HP goes to Hollywood

HP is breaking into the movies through deals with Dreamworks and Warner Bros.
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2004

Siebel cautious despite profits jump

CRM vendor Siebel's Q1 results had some positive aspects, including successful cost-cutting initiatives and higher license revenues. Although lower service revenues could be a bad sign, the company generally looks well positioned for the future.
Datamonitor, 19 Apr 2004

Nextel debuts wireless broadband in North Carolina

US Cellco Nextel has launched a full scale mobile wireless broadband service for North Carolina's Research Triangle offering a 1.5 Mbps service, bursting to 3 Mbps, for prices ranging between $34.99 to $74.99 a month.
Wireless Watch, 19 Apr 2004

Music biz appeals Canada file sharing-is-legal ruling

As expected, the decision by a Canadian Appeals Court, to refuse legal help in identifying file sharers which appear to be swapping copyrighted works, is being challenged by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. The CRIA filed an appeal last week.
Faultline, 19 Apr 2004

Virtual machines come to Opteron, 64-bit Xeon

VMware - EMC's partitioning division - has announced that its server slicing products will work with AMD's Opteron and Intel's Xeon Extender processors and the 64-bit operating systems available for the chips.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Apr 2004

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