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The future of Weblogging

The rise of Weblogging has been a cold shower for the complacent mass communication industries. Although the Weblogging pioneers are due much praise, their own rhetoric deserves examination, and they could also raise their sights higher. Nico Macdonald reports, and concludes with a radical proposal for the future of Weblogging.
Nico Macdonald, 18 Apr 2004

Extortionists attack iBetX.com

iBetX, the UK-based online betting exchange, has become the latest online bookmaker to be targeted by cyber extortionists.
John Leyden, 18 Apr 2004

All hail the new TLD - .ax

The tiny province of the Aland Islands - located between old rivals Sweden and Finland - has become an official country with no fanfare whatsoever and is now entitled to its own, new, top-level Internet domain, .ax.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Apr 2004

Myzones dies

The death of MyZones means that the "hotspot" way of providing wireless Internet for mobile users will be under some scrutiny over the next few months - but pessimism may be premature.
Guy Kewney, 18 Apr 2004

Former anti-piracy 'bag man' turns on DirecTV

A one-time enforcer in DirecTV's anti-piracy campaign is suing his ex-employer for wrongful discharge, after he allegedly resigned rather than continue to prosecute the company's controversial war against buyers of hacker-friendly smart card equipment.
Kevin Poulsen, 18 Apr 2004

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