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Qualcomm hit with anti-trust suit

Maxim, a billion dollar a year supplier of analog integrated circuits and owner of Dallas Semiconductor, has filed an anti-trust suit against Qualcomm. In a terse statement, Maxim accuses the CDMA pioneer of misusing its patents in "maintaining dominance in the market for CDMA technology by improperly seeking to exclude competition".
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Apr 2004

PC makers win back right to sue Microsoft

PC manufacturers have regained the right to sue Microsoft for patent infringement, according to the latest report on Microsoft's compliance with the Antitrust settlement.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Apr 2004

Tech worker body count reaches 160,785

The number of IT jobs that moved offshore has reached 160,785, according to the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers. The organization claims to maintain the only web counter of job losses overseas from the United States. Almost 100,000 net jobs were lost to the US tech sector in this period.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Apr 2004

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